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M1 Garand replacing SKS

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Just as a disclaimer, I don't do model replacements cuz "lol ur modls suk teh dick :^]" so if anyone from the dev team is looking at this, I don't want you guys to get that impression.

No More Room in Hell does in fact, have fantastic models, but sometimes I like to change it up for something visually new and refreshing, and modding allows me to do that. K, now that that's over with, look at this shit.


The tiniest amount of clipping on the left thumb, but oh well.


Iron sights that actually work and are lined up properly! I had to sacrifice many virgins in order to get that working.


Bullets still in the chamber


World model.

I also made a version that replaces the bayonet version of the SKS, but take my word on this, it just look like the model I just showed you, but with a bayonet at the end. Too lazy to get screenshots. I might make it do that PING! sound whenever you reload, but I'd need to see which sound would be suitable for replacing that, since the reload sequence uses and re-uses some of the same sounds, so it'd be weird to hear the ping 2-3 times during one reload.

No idea who made the model, I just took it off the gmod workshop.

Download link here:


For those of you who don't know how to install custom stuff, follow these steps

1) Download the M1 Garand folder from the link

2) Extract its contents (Materials, Models, Sound) to desktop for convenience

3) Go to Program Files (x86 if that's what you have) > Steam > steamapps > common > nmrih > sdk > hl2mp > custom > my_custom_stuff.

If you don't have the folder "custom" or "my_custom_stuff" then make them

4) Drag and drop the materials, models, and sounds folders you extracted to desktop into the "my_custom_stuff" folder

5) Launch NMRiH

6) Success

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That's some cool stuff, it's too bad you aren't making those yourself otherwise they'd be fun to throw in!

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That's some cool stuff, it's too bad you aren't making those yourself otherwise they'd be fun to throw in!

I know </3

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