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New Fresh Weapon Sounds for NMRIH?

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Hi guys!

Always loved NMRIH since early beta, but not so long ago noticed how plain sounds weapons...
This was sad, but anyway i re-created them!
Each weapon now fells like weapon, not that "Poof" which was before.

So what i've done?
Each firearms sounds EXACTLY like a real one (mag out, mag in, etc)
Some sounds were mixed with the original NMRIH sounds, i think it's not criminal :)

I think the comparisons betwen old and new are not needed. You all know old sounds.

So, here's the video!


Enjoy the new weapon sounds!

What do you think?

Download link later! Edited by Point

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Not too shabby. Some of the reloading sounds are quite decent. I'd like to point out that the CZ reloading sounds are VERY good. Same thing with the JAE-700.

Although, a lot of the firing noises and reloading noises (if not all, including the firearms mentioned above) sound too crunchy and harsh. As someone who knows (and used) firearms, this is not how firearms sound like and I do disagree with you on stating that these sounds are exactly like the real thing. I might be misjudging you on this because I've judged so from the video itself instead of listening to them in-game. I do not have the game installed so I apologize. I also noticed some of them sound a bit 'fake' and that might be due to inaccurate sources. I'd like to be corrected for anything I say though. :)

I do agree with you that the current firearm noises in No More Room in Hell do sound very unrealistic. That has been one of the many annoying things I disliked. I'm glad you took it upon yourself to attempt to change it into something better, and I can definitely tell you that I personally think you've done a better job for *some* of the sets you've made. I like how loud the firearms sound.

I'd like to mention that firearms sound different according to the frequencies, source and environment. Firearms shot from far away are different from ones shot close. Even angles sometimes matter. The same principle applies to firearms shot indoors being different to ones shot outdoors, although this will not matter to you because you are going to focus on how firearms sound outdoors as many sound designers do so.

If you're using videos from the internet as base to construct your sounds, I'd advise that you select videos with proper qualities, environments and so. It's obviously better to have you base your sounds by actually trying firearms yourself, but I think that's asking too much and who knows where you live or how restricted firearms are over there.

If you want examples, I recommend checking out 'Squad'. Specially since the team has military advisors and they advise them on realistic details and information. They base out a lot of their weapon design, sound, feel and performance off of reality. An alternative would be Insurgency since they get most (if not all) firearm noises to sound as real and authentic as possible. It's obviously not 100% accurate but close enough and it sounds excellent.

Good job and good luck. :D

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I don't know any guns sounds. But these sounds is good! and fresh.

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Nice man, I've been looking into doing this lately actually, got a few sounds replaced already.

Definitely interested to see more and hopefully a link.

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