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play as a zombie gamemode?

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I would like a zombie gamemode, when you die from a ai zombie you become a zombie and you can control it and help to kill other humans. Playing as a zombie is realy fun so i hope it gets added. ;)

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...to answer the original question, at the moment there are no immediate plans for deceased players to control AI zombies; at least, not in a traditional sense. We'd have to develop new animation assets (both third and first person) since the zombie animations currently are optimized for NPC behavior and not player controlled behavior. Everyone can talk semantics about whether or not it's realistic, but when it comes down to it we'd like to focus primarily on Player vs Environment (NPC) combat, whilst allowing for human Player vs Player combat since that's what we're best at.

That isn't to say we're fully ruling out the possiblity of PvZ gameplay. It's just, we rather have it done in a separate gamemode instead of jamming it in pre-existing gamemodes and maps that weren't originally designed for it.

Third-person zombie control *might* be viable however (sharing the same animations and limitations as the NPCs), but it's something that needs further brainstorming (and even then it's kind of unlikely at a game in such a late development cycle)

Keeping the thread open for people to continue this discussion, please play nice!

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