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[New Map] Releasing this as is...

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It's a claustrophobic experience.

It has 2 main zones and 3 "dummy" zones.

There are consequences for losing zones (3 dummy zones are the same but with each one lost it will make things a little more hectic)

You can hold off the dummy zones for as long as you can but the odds are against you.

There's 9 waves.

There's a thunderstorm with refractive rain drops, lighting and thunder.

An explosive fire extinguisher on a wall you can shoot (or melee) when zombies are in front of it.

A red/orange canister lying on the floor that you can launch into a zone (unless something gets in its way) when it gets over-run by melee-ing the nozzle.

Destructive cubicles.

A "working" refrigerator that holds more than just food.

A couple cupboards you can open to get things.

An overgrown bathroom.

There's double doors in the lobby that zombies bust through at the beginning of the map. It looks pretty cool.

It's well detailed. I spent alot of time making this map look good.

This is in a stable, playable state.

Map file name is nms_wip. The name I decided on was nms_desolate but since it is an "as is" release it's nms_wip.

I may revist it, fix small issues and name it properly.

Screenshots; Imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/m1kil

The map has been worked on more after these screenshots were taken. Mostly detailing.

Oh. The Zone lettering is differnt than what's noted in the screenshot album.



What you think about ithis map matters.

So let me know what you think. : )

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Best looking nmrih map I've played, excellent job. Found a missing decal though, 0/10


lol Wow. That's hillarious.

That's one hell of a find.

I didn't know about that one. I think there's another upstairs behind the computer desk thing. Edit: posted this before reading Vampirs comment.

You should be a Detective.

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Great map man, loving all the details and the lighting is great.

Found another missing decal though -1/10


Just ignore it.

If you don't give it any attention it''l get bored and go away.

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Wow. Looks great ;)

Thanks, Steep.

Sorry. I can't help you out with the lock.

I haven't messed around with damage filters too much.

I'm sure you'll figure something out.

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Zombie often stack.


When most low, 10fps.

I want to sound of thunderstorm.

I played this map with 3 players. It was easy game. We not enough enemy. So I want to more zombie horde.

I could finish with 1 player when first play. Easy escape. I want to more difficult escape. For example, If many runner spawn from elevator when player escape, it's more good. I think that If this map changed to more difficult, it will be long life.

Very very good atomosphere and lighting ^_^ This is dark map for atomosphere. But not too dark for playing. Props has help for good atmosphere too.

Sorry for my poor english.

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When there is no more room in hell, props will walk the earth.

Amazing map. My visual is constantly occupied by prop detail while playing this map. Kinda giving me feel of playing portal 2 where everything has gone decayed and you wander around to find the way out.

Good job.

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Visually, this map is the most attractive map there is for NMRiH. Better than all Official maps for sure. Like the details for everything because I am a nut for details in video games and such. Excellent job on that and I salute you for it.

Gameplay-wise, it's quite "too friendly". Office suite suffers from this problem as well. There is a firearm with plentiful amount of ammo right beside it on every corner of this map. This being on the WIP and Office suite maps has really bothered me a lot. Don't get me wrong, the map is really really fun to play and the gameplay flow works. But I always wish for much less supplies around the map because odds are really less against me and more with me on that situation. Might also need to fix the zombies stacking up on those stairs that yomox mentioned. I like the idea of how the zones are handled, this is something I like with survival maps and I'd wish I see it more commonly. Growing tired of playing a multiple zone map and find out that I can just hold one zone and call it a day. Hope to see more of this.

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