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Mainly bad written

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Hello out there.

I play NMRIH now for a very long time and the way its coded has to be very bad I saw by playing it.

Is there any chance some things gets recoded, because now the game is in alot ways unplayable.

Mostly the NextBots are having problems. but even the Hitboxes and Hitbox detection and even the weapons are the pure chaos.

The only well made things are the maps in my opinion.

I love the game and it has so much potencial, but why the hell is it coded that bad?

Im for it to sell the game for maybe 10$ to invest more in development or start a kickstarter project.


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  • NMRiH doesn't have NextBot code (that isn't available in SDK2013 and below)
  • Most of the perceived complaints about our Zombie Behavior has less to do with how they're coded (code end they work as intended), and more to do with their animations. For example they can only move in one direction (forward walk), and that cripples how they're able to navigate through a level. Historically we always had an issue on the 3rd Person Animator end, but we should be able to finally remedy most of the animation quirks that prevent our Zombies from executing their full potential
  • Zombie hitboxes were fixed and updated in Patch 1.09 (the problem was mainly due to the fact that we had so many zombie models, the original hitboxes that we had back in prior versions weren't fully covering the newer models). Player hitboxes will be cleaned up prior to Patch 1.10. Any remaining complaints about our zombie hitboxes are usually related to the zombie walk animations (their heads constantly sway so you need to aim carefully), or if you're playing on a server with high ping/latency.
  • You need to elaborate further with the weapons, but for Patch 1.10 we're already revamping the weapon code to increase responsiveness and decrease perceived clumsiness on the Client End

Ultimately we are planning and already in the process of revisiting our old content and fixing it up but to remove any preconceptions, we're using the free SDK (which doesn't have full engine access)

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