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Brain Bread 2

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It looks pretty exciting. It's gonna be free unlike Contagion. At least it had me excited. The game mode quarantine seems really cool, but that always depends. I mean the greatest RPG/UMS mappers from StarCraft: Brood War are an extreme rarety as well as very fast and efficient mappers. PLUS, all the rage in competition makes me weary of trying to help anybody anymore. I'm trying to say the quarantine game mode might blow if the mapping and storyline isn't good enough.

Overall, it has me thinking up new ideas for BB2 and NMRiH. Well, it kind of makes me more displeased about zombie games in general. The guns vs. zombie danger are simply out of range. Every zombie game might as well be as deadly as Mario in order to be realistic at all. I'm talking simply faster zombies, for Christ's sake. In BB2, it helped me notice something I already notice in zombie games including NMRiH: the zombies are just too slow and meek. There's a lot of shooting and a lot of slow-arse zombies. Fuck that. There needs to be a lot more. So from now on, I will overlook what could happen that will help these mods work better, though I REALLY can't believe my life REALLY is a whirlwind as a thorn bush amidst people with better lives working on a free mod.

Idea list:

NMRiH and/or BB2 needs ranking eligibility, where the usual players can be made outcasts by elite regulars of the mod. This can be done via extreme game modes. Kind of like BB2's Quarantine game mode, it sounds difficult. So if there are people who can master extremist game modes, they have a right to change the way things are hands-on without the "cheat-style" administrative abilities such as banning, gagging, and muting. Think of the popular phrases of a cop that kind of bind to the general ways people respond like, "not today." Sure as it sounds, it's a little kind, but is another way to say "absolutely not."

Let the regular game mode where you are allowed all kinds of spoils like lots of guns and ammo, and the god damn microphones that have people communicating like aliens, which hurt the shit out of people like me, be the land of chaos. So those who choose more difficult and realistic game modes to master earn rights and privileges to oppose those with friendly fire. They simply are allowed to turn it on, but under moral restrictions like warning others before getting gangster or hostile. Believe it or not, "going gangster," is the same fucking thing as a cop warning you before he fires. So imagine if I am ever "the outcast," don't expect me to believe I'm the bad guy, while someone who simply hates me AND "earned privileges" gets to shoot me. As soon as he permits FF to be on, I'm also allowed to retaliate. Why do this? That's LIFE in a zombie apocalypse. So get your "legitimate" bullshit you and your friends like my old friend Austin and his friends OUT of your FUCKING HEADS!


It's time to kick the games up to BIGGER and BETTER notches with an EVEN FRIENDLIER way of introducing friendly fire. So fuck you, stalker who recently told me, "Age 18 for you. Friendly Fire; believe it." We don't need that. You trust me. You all hate me, you don't have the right. You have to stop before sum1 gits hurt... IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN...

4 BB2 and/or NMRiH

1. Form more realistic ways of obtaining special guns.

A. Earn a gun from a line of "the elite players" you get involved with in a specialty map, where survivors meet soldiers, cops, or a militia family.

B. You are military, cops, or militia and you are told special weapons are located in the arms of men who are now undead. They were last known in a location. THERE is where you get your bad-arse guns, playas, YOU FUCKING... ZOMBIES who don't realize it. You need protection from BIG BROTHER. PROTECTION FROM YOURSELVES!

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