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X rock X

Let's play a game

23 posts in this topic

I don't know if anyone has done this,but I guess doing it again.

Paste whatever that is currently in your clipboard (the last thing that you have copied or ctrl+c'd) and let's see what crazy things you've last copied.

I'm starting,nothing crazy,a picture of a firearm for someone: http://www.guns.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/HK45-Tactical-GREEN-right-1.jpg

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comment "Exported from Arsenal by 13isLucky bis";

comment "Remove existing items";
removeAllWeapons this;
removeAllItems this;
removeAllAssignedItems this;
removeUniform this;
removeVest this;
removeBackpack this;
removeHeadgear this;
removeGoggles this;
comment "Add containers";
this forceAddUniform "TFA_fra_cce";
for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {this addItemToUniform "FirstAidKit";};
for "_i" from 1 to 5 do {this addItemToUniform "RH_17Rnd_9x19_g17";};
this addVest "TFAx_PlateCarrier_fol";
for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {this addItemToVest "HandGrenade";};
for "_i" from 1 to 12 do {this addItemToVest "hlc_30rnd_556x45_EPR";};
this addHeadgear "TFAX_H_HelmetIA_fra";
this addGoggles "G_Bandanna_beast";
comment "Add weapons";
this addWeapon "hlc_rifle_Colt727";
this addPrimaryWeaponItem "RH_compm4s";
this addWeapon "RH_g19t";
comment "Add items";
this linkItem "ItemMap";
this linkItem "ItemCompass";
this linkItem "ItemWatch";
this linkItem "ItemRadio";
comment "Set identity";
this setFace "WhiteHead_11";
this setSpeaker "Male11ENG";
[this,"francesub"] call bis_fnc_setUnitInsignia;

How's that?

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this video gave me:





Alcoholic hepatitis



Alzheimer's disease













Aseptic meningitis







Bacterial meningitis

Barack Obama syndrome


Black Death


Breast cancer



Bubonic plague


Bella killer


Campylobacter infection



Carbon monoxide poisoning

Celiacs disease

Cerebral palsy

Chagas disease






Child elongated penis syndrome


Chlamydia trachomatis




Chronic fatigue syndrome

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder



Common cold


Congestive heart disease

Coronary heart disease



Crohn's Disease


Diabetes mellitus



Ear infection





Erectile dysfunction

Foodborne illness



Genital herpes




Heart disease

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis D

Hepatitis E

Hepatitis F (Childhood Herpes)

Histiocytosis (Childhood Cancer)


Human papillomavirus

Huntington's disease










Interstitial cystitis



Irritable bowel syndrome

Ignious Syndrome






Lead poisoning

Leaking scrotum syndrome









Lung cancer

Lupus erythematosus

Lyme disease




Marburg fever




Metastatic cancer

Ménière's disease




Multiple myeloma

Multiple sclerosis


Muscular dystrophy

Myasthenia gravis





Morquio Syndrome

Mattticular syndrome



Non-gonococcal urethritis

Necrotizing Fasciitis

Night blindness





Palindromic rheumatism

Paratyphoid fever

Parkinson's disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease


Periodontal disease










Pubic lice

Pulmonary embolism


Q fever

Ques fever


Repetitive strain injury

Rheumatic fever

Rheumatic heart


Rheumatoid arthritis


Rift Valley fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever



Sandy vagina


Scarlet fever









Shin splints


Sickle-cell anemia






Stomach flu

Stomach ulcers


Strep throat

Streptococcal infection




Swine influenza



Tay-Sachs disease

Tennis elbow








Tooth decay

Toxic shock syndrome







Typhoid fever



Ulcerative colitis





Vaginal warts


Varicose veins

Vasovagal syncope


Von Hippel-Lindau disease

Viral fever

Viral meningitis

Warkany syndrome



Yellow fever



Yeah, remember that one youtube comment on that video we were watching?

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________________ (nothing, which I don't know how or when's the last time I shut down my computer). Well, thanks for posting. Amid of all my secret agents, don't think I'm going to paste everything I've got. I'm at war, and I can only hope X rock X being Arab isn't of the local ones I know, PART OF OTHER local ones who also like to play sserious secret agent, reconnoitering my demeanor and shit. At least it's evident he's sane and flexible with all of the sleep he gets. I'm gonna risk it and assume he understands a lot, instead of being Mr. Strict and apprehensive of who he talks to, regardless of the fact they can't track him.

Sorry, but ever since I saw The Siege, I realize you can never trust a best friend who is Arabic. They always seem like the deeply misunderstood guy until they go to an uncanny place with hidden items by them waiting for them to wear on, go out, and blow up a fiercely judicial crowd, as if he's truly tryana say, "your complaints aren't as big as mine, yet I still don't dance about it." Nigga® might as well broke a bone trying to learn big dance moves. You never know which suffix of negus or Niger fits his personality.

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Hahaha,that was awesome Joe,who knows maybe I'm some terrorist wanting info from dem AMERIKANSKIS!

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There's a lot of confusing contrasts going on with the FBI and military in that movie. The FBI guy was against the act prohibiting people from exchanging national information regarding their country, making the military sound responsible for being a police force against imposing your freedom. That's some twisted stuff going on the movie. With cell phones, you probably are a friend of people I once knew, and you probably give em all the gossip your other cousins want to know in another country, and it's cool because of how you know what your people would kill about being so religious. I've written about gossip being a tool of sacrifice, esp. when done so in proclaiming principles against or obstructing my will. That's something serious being done to me these days, and I don't really take your sense of humor lightly. So if you understand me and support me as a fellow member and merely conformation to this community unbiased towards my city's community and the staff of this community, you will not partake acts that ultimately make me an old shit in my thirties, destructing everything I wanted for my own life.

I don't want my old friends. Their Arab ethnicity fucking scares me. I can't believe how serious religious people are. It's like those rooms you see in the basement of a Catholic church, full of people just writing, transcribing, and analyzing shit like they're the FBI. I just wanted to have a good time, learn new things, and not be fucked with for the things I've said or done. I knew my limits. I understand realities, but what really takes everything to the next level is taking me seriously esp. when I'm not prepared for it. Do you understand?

Just yesterday, I was at Dollar General and I saw an Arab who gave me that striking impression like he knows me. Of course, it may be a riposte, utilizing something I've written here or somewhere on the internet. So all of your black people of any race and cops: "Whenever you're done!" ;) Whenever you're finished with shoving my fucking stories back in my face, ignoring all my disclaimers and other things I've written in my defense, we can go back to our normal lives without putting my one fucking conscience and life at risk to being full of your shit.

IT SERIOUSLY feels like being a babe on stage where an audience is bidding for; ONLY THAT I'M NOT RECEIVING ANY MONEY! I'm just a dumb schmuck who's now being chained upon every fault and mistake I make to appeal one step closer to the balls of a bigger black person than I am! I want power and independence. I want to be an American, not a god damn slave. So if I have to die in that process, since sometimes my parents, people, or family sometimes give me a very fucking dark impression as if I'm a really horrible person, then I might as well die painlessly. I'm not going to have y'all's serious religious and moral-almighty feelings gathered upon me for serious intervention.

You're there in Zombie Panic, you'd be there in NMRiH, if I ever played the game. BTW, I NEVER REALLY played NMRiH, don't you know? I'm too stressed like just a few years back, you see? Nobody's going to take action regressing their principles for handling me and coaxing me at your side and your will. That's slavery indoctrination. That's a book of war without the bible. I'm an alien too good to be true, or just a retard. So take your pick: I'm a retard or an alien, but know one thing: I'm not going to have this. I'd rather be dead than exist at the hands of ungrateful people.

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Just to note,I'm not religious,I've left long long ago,I found it dumb before just never dared to leave and anyone who is religious usually is a freak to me,I'm not used here at all,I actually want to leave somewhere else,was thinking of Canada at first cause it seemed the best place to stay out of all places,and I hope to accomplish that without my family going all crazy about it,and I'm nothing like my Arabic community,they're all retarded in my opinion.

Some of them actually are racist around here which sucks balls,some of them are real assholes you've never seen before,the only thing bringing my country up is oil,otherwise it isn't anything special,currently to me it's just a bunch of rich shitstains flapping their money onto your face thinking they got bigger balls than you do,and I hate how the place is strict hard to islamic beliefs,they see anyone other than a muslim as someone on a low standard,and it pisses me off (by the way the islamic religion doesn't even encourage that shit,strange how they go over some of those religion limits).

Over here nobody knows yet that I'm not religious,I'm just hiding that shit,otherwise I'd see trouble,so I'm keeping it this way till something shifts.

Don't look at me like the rest of those Arabs,I hate them just as much as you do,not everyone is born his own way after all,I guess I had to get stuck in this shithole.

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Yeah, anyone involved with a video game's artistic perspectives really comes off as open-minded. I can see that. I said if you weren't like the way I said, then it doesn't apply to you. So re-read that part about that and you should trust me. I'm always going to be nice either way. I'm just tired of being stalked in the midst of needing solitude. I don't mind the attention. I just am not prepared for the respect asserted without money and free stuff.

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Oh I bet you were pasting and spamming that constantly in the chat in some game like Insurgency.

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What is all this about? Why can't I ever get to know?

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Are you using this topic as an opportunity to "not fish what I have to say about kids?" Tell me something. Whichever path I go, how am I supposed to "try," if your interventions destroyed my most delicate practices to be a happy person who can function within America or the world? Do you really think whatever great you see in me came from God's gift or genes? I practice everyday no longer on THEM, because I CAN'T and you don't understand, but on NOT feeling pain, shame, or guilt IF these spies ever have me into a full-blown illness that will forever have me institutionalized, killed, or disbarred. If you've read EVERYTHING I've typed about this, you know how I feel about dying. The rest is going to have to do with either being in jail or institutionalized. I'm not going to be nice to my family so far if I went to jail. They know their place against me, and I know you don't want to tell me WHAT REALLY went down these past years, because some of which is evident that I was perceived as an evil person. God knows how I killed in my head and wanted to kill. It's better to be untouchable as dead than in the hands of the greedy and grateful-for-less enemies.

You hear that, strangers of this? Maybe I'll be responsible for your suicide/murders, just like I'm responsible for James Holmes shooting up a theater. How about that? "HMMMM INSTIGATIVE PUNKS OR POLICE, I wonder what it would be like for a man to walk into the exit of a theater just to pop tear gas and shoot people." This was all about you seeing someone in me that I am not. Like Eminem, I wanted to hurt you just like you hurt me, but what power do I have against a lot of you together? I don't get understanding. I get another spy on Steam who subliminally says, "I'm notn the pedophile," and, "ask me for the fourth time that you want me to answer to you WHY my facebook pictures are peculiarly relevant to shit you said all over the internet?" This all had to do with people who instigate me here, and the truly fearsome atmosphere possible the police created; pigs with nothing to do and not a peak of talent in what they did, compared to what I was trying to do without words of violence.

If I could teleport guns tomorrow right now and automatically just kill people before I kill myself, I would. It wouldn't be my family, as a message that will never be understood by the REAL guilty ones: how skinny can you twist it? THEN, NOBODY will have their hands on me! If only... it could happen tomorrow. *nods* Yes indeed. I'd probably just terrorize with bullets hitting windows. HOW ABOUT THAT realism? How much more can my stories get? "I conceal the weapons under a jacket or a second one for nostalgic and sentimental self-value before my death, I pass by mom sitting next to the exit of the apartment. The loving mother and poor soul of all you fucks can see the amount of apparel, but not far enough to see what's about to happen and how horrible it would be to read my mind at the time, with X-ray vision to see the weapons! ... I... walk down 1, 2, 3 flights of stairs, and I wonder "do I ride my bike to the busy streets, or do I take a long, static, and emotional walk? I take the walk and think about just dying alone somewhere with no one around WITH lots of guns AND NO NOTE! Maybe it would be better to run for my life until I'm shot dead. I can vandalize and spray striking phrases that describe their brutalities, or wipe it with animal's blood of a couple pets I bought from the pound in the middle of the night when no one's looking. That's the point of no return like cuming for sure during a jacking-off, where they know they want to detain you, mandate drugs, or kill if they could, not have to. AFTER ALL...." It sounds sweet to simply start fresh by making it impossible for others desperate for sex to no longer be able to PANDER upon my faults with all their gossip collected from the latest shit-gasms I have on this world.

Well, that truth be told. What else can I say? It sucks to be me. I just needed a little more trust. Well, Baton Rouge is dominated by Catholicism, don't you know? They all play me by some book and I could bet on that. It starts with that shit I once heard from someone about, "you know exorcisms in real life aren't what they are in the movies, right?" As much as foreigners kill Christians who impose their religion, they also kill tigers with their ugliness. However, at least they could kill for playing hypocrite just because they believe in a religion that says one thing, and then says the opposite, as if they just need to believe in nothing to have all the power in the world.

... It's been a hard fucking time trying to have fun these months, yet I already can see how hard it will be trying to play some Christmas songs this month. It would've been nice if I had the time to develop bloody knuckles to apprehend anyone, even the police like armed bloods and crips, much less than the Mexican drug cartels flooding us with crack and heroin... and shit weed... SIMPLY: SHIT for MOST OF US, or YOU ALL who want marijuana legalization as part of your own mongering suffering, even though you already have yourselves. Someone like me can see how pathetic it really is. Well, it's the new age, right? Oh, you'll get what you want, because God has spoken: You will be slowly killed, or mediated, for maybe hundreds of years coming, but it's for your own good, and isn't noticeable.

The fucking cops... ... you all take everything I say like Intel in Team Fortress 2. You just want one more fucking piece of information to hold against me... How skinny can you twist it? "DOES ANYONE HAVE AN ADDICTION... because it certainly AINT OUR GREAT INTERVENING imposition-team's fault... NOT AT ALL!" *Snipes like that black man with his son in the trunk of a car* YES INDEED. THAT"S a good thing! RIGHT?! I'm like ... the two boys of Columbine who start CALL?ING THEIR fate with a website based on the video game called Doom! JOE also likes Marilyn Manson, or just his covers, you know? "OH THAT'S ENOUGH. THAT'S A GREAT RESEMBLANCE TO A KILLER."

Just understand kids of every age, I'm not someone who said, "if I had a gun pointed at my head the moment he said that, I would have pulled the trigger," which indicates there are others like me, and those intelligent few loved me more than you can. She probably said that to centralize my suffering psyche with simple talking about a problem. DID I GET that kind of love from you guys? NO, you're just "powerful Catholics," or ... GOOD GUYS... tyou're good... "GOOOOOOOD" people who have ABSOLUTELY no involvement with WHAT THE FUCK they may ever cause on others. :/ I'm just still incoherent to you guys. What I see and believe in is simply out of your leagues, or you just don't want your guilt under the care of my wrath.

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SOMEONE, if you're an assassin with the fancy briefcase and beautiful sniper rifle. Please, just seriously do it. It would just be so fucking awesome they can't do anything about me AND NO ONE to go after! THE only thing that's left is the shit YOU STILL don't respond to HONESTLY, directly, and no digressing and changing the subject! There are many spots... even a drive-by. Just do it. You're greater than Dr. Kevorkian; greater! There's no shame in killing me; just do it! I promise you... there's nothing church, doughnuts, and coffee can't do for your problems, even if caffeine, sugar, and wheat are adverse to your health! Yeah, Schuyler, I supposed I know TOO MUCH truth, as you "knew a guy who knew too much truth," right? Maybe Joe needs more tactics to erase his memory like your MIB(Men in Black)! Well, At least here, before my death you read this: Like I told you, I was trying to fix myself, I was experimenting within my own head, esp. on important changes ALL revolving around security, God, and law, and all you guys did was just turn me into something else by simply acting against it. I guarantee if you questioned EVERY motive I had, you will know my malicious behavior only exists out of your own as defense for MY IMPORTANT future OF BEIGN SANE, FUNCTIONAL, AND MAKING MY OWN MONEY AS AN INDEPENDENT ADULT. You all fucked it up, and probably just part of a feudalistic organization involved in ridding the weak into death, insanity, or institutionalized, or imprisonment. That's sick no matter what religion you are. You might as well call yourselves the Satanic occult of the one-world-order.

You may be merciless and that power might feel good, but you will never be me. I'm thankful for that. You'll believe you're better someday, but you ... WILL NOT be. You can never be as good as me... years back. God knows it! :) ... "God knows it!" Look "Look at the insanity and delusion." I wish... *nods* I could kill insidious readers who enjoy reading my suffering and live in the same city as me. These words will follow me within their relentless initiated intrusions for a long time, if not my life, but it shouldn't have.

I bet Maxx has a good reason not to be in this. Thank you Maxx! Oh, I already understand: You agree I'm schizophrenic. ;) I understand. Yeah yea: I need help! Have a good one! No need to exclude yourself! I'm at the stake or beheaded. I screech to the crowd, and I WILL look at YOU and say "You can't lie to me, and I want you to know I see that. If only my spirit could transfer to your body after death, I wouldn't have to worry about heaven or hell. Better yet, not-existing is still a much more peaceful quiet the latter. I just wish I had a chance with my own life and choices, instead of all this indoctrination, conjuring, but 'never exorcizing' hegemony."

...Hmmm... A little further more... It's easier to look at someone and know you could be better than to be them. I wish me and my parents could switch places so I am the one who dies sooner and they can just enjoy their family purely without problems. I hate that they have to be around me in all this suffering.

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i honestly believe that was pasted

oh man

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IF you all had a good memory, you'd know exactly why that was typed. Read up about James Holmes. Someone here probably knows that that story was written here before released the morning of The Dark Knight Rises. It was merely to instigate the instigators here. This is the same thing. They say nothing. So if it's only wrong for me, I will remain here thinking it's wrong for you not to be frank with me.

Joe, so you'll go ahead and just say it was pasted, yet remain silent about whether or not I actually typed the shit up? You go, bitch!

God damnit, just stop being so fucking brutal on one person. The only thing you should be doing is leaving this situation alone or speaking the truth, or telling me exactly what's on your mind. If you can do so, you are ONLY STARTING to know what it is to be as strong as me.

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