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Patch 1.09.1 is out!

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Patch 1.09.1 is now live on Steam, it should be a small download. Server owners should update their servers as well. It fixes and adds the following:

  • SSAO Shader disabled by default (should fix some FPS issues, sorry for that cockup)
  • ae_ssao is now nmrih_ssao
  • Fixed activity console spam
  • Add sv_allow_dead_votekick_alive (allows dead players from voting to kick off living players, disabled by default)
  • Tweaked voting system
  • Fixed D3DToGL: GLSL translation error for Linux
  • Fixed a specific server crash bug
  • Version number changed from 1.09 to 1.09.1
Server Owners please join this group for server specific announcements and help, click on this sentence to go there.

The new app ID for NMRiH dedicated server is: 317670

Starting with 1.09.0 you will need to use 317670 instead of 224260 to get the latest and greatest server files.

If your game crashes click on this link and follow the directions.

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