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1.09 expected on Halloween (Ongoing changelog included for nerds/server owners)

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1.09 is planned to come out around during Halloween, an ongoing changelog is listed below



  • Merged in latest SDK2013 code.
  • Fixed VR mode, and is now a video option.
  • Added in custom shell ejections for firearms.
  • Added Dedicated Server AppID.
  • Medkit, pills, and bandages are now equippable items with all new unique animations.
  • Added Gene Therapy item, this rare medical item has the chance of either permanently stopping infection, or inflicting unwanted side effects (premature death, loss of vision, etc.)
  • Added nms_arpley.
  • Added nms_laundry.
  • Added nmo_fema.
  • Team still hasn't bothered to regularly use comments in their svn commits so I have to manually force everyone to detail their shit.
  • Added Depth of Field Shader. (Disabled by default, you can turn it on in Multiplayer Advanced Options)
  • Added Film Grain Shader. (Disabled by default, you can turn it on in Multiplayer Advanced Options)
  • Added Lens Flare Shader. (Disabled by default, you can turn it on in Multiplayer Advanced Options)
  • Added HBAO shader. (Disabled by default, you can turn it on in Multiplayer Advanced Options)
  • Added 3 new zombie walk animations.
  • Added National Guard zombies. These things are generally more resistant to low caliber rounds, and have a chance of dropping some supplies on death.
  • Add functionality for TF2 style voting menus. These are on by default, and you can vote to change the map, set the next map, restart the round, or kick griefers (Server Owners can disable this, cvars are similar to TF2)
  • Enabled "radio-style" menus for 3rd party plugins
  • Fixed various bugs submitted via email or GitHub.
  • Physclips for blow up warehouse door objective and pry manhole objective
  • Physclips for turntable
  • Increased train trigger_hurt damage to 1,000,000,000 ;p
  • Fixed door clipping out
  • Made brush ladders model
  • Removed checkpoint 2 (train platform)
  • Fixed idiotproof trigger from activating beforehand and after the fact.
  • Loudened chopper rotor sound
  • fixed two of the "any" spawners in the beginning from spawning items IN the table.
  • Changed crowbar model from hl2 to fubar worldmodel, the objective item turns into a free fubar after the objective ends
  • Changed wall textures in bathroom adjacent to the parking lot since old textures seem to be missing
  • Changed some trim textures inside widmore warehouse loading area, also seem to be missing
  • Added more clips to the warehouse area just before the platforms as well as the loading area
  • Removed motion disabled flag for some random_spawners
  • Nodrawed more hidden faces (the number of hidden faces in this map is nothing short of appaling)
  • Clipped generator next to engineshed
  • Changed all ladders in the map to func_brush with tools/ladder
  • Reduced ammo spawn proportion in gunstore
  • Added clip to van near gunstore
  • Made barricade break only by trigger
  • Made key spawn behind barricades 50% of the time
  • Made propane tank fuel "debris"
  • Added a small playerclip "step" to stopoff windows for smoother transition
  • Clipped cars on the map and removed buggy navjumps
  • Fixed zombies piling up behind the green boxcar
  • Added one more health station location in each zone
  • Now have 3 healthcrates; one on the *redacted*, one in the *redacted*, and one on the *redacted*
  • Reduced zombie numbers, modified runner and children spawning times, runners at wave 2 and children at wave 3 now.
  • Made stopoff darker, and added lantern for light source.
  • Changed how gunstore stash doors behave, they are now non-colliding and cannot be toggled more than once.
  • Added clips to gunstore shelves
  • Removed motion disable flag from some item random_spawners
  • changed nodraw stairs on train and courtyard truck to func_brush with tools/ladder


  • Added a lot of detail to sewers, and also refined gameplay in there.
  • Improved sewer objective.
  • Improved lighting in the sewer once again.
  • Improved various lights around the level.
  • Made objective item propane tank non solid.


  • Reverted snow setting back to grass setting.
nmo_brooklyn update
  • items blocking the cart
  • re-spawning problems
  • a clip brush killing people
  • zombie balance in finale area
  • invisible wall left over from objective teardown


  • Added glows to where the pliers will spawn.
  • Fixed the wooden boards objective props shooting up
  • Fixed collision on one of the gates being solid when welded
  • Clipped off a few areas that aren't supposed to be accessible
  • Whiteboard items and pilers appear on map spawn, rather than spawning on objective start


  • Map is now daytime
  • FPS should be substantially improved
  • Supply waves should appear once every 3 waves
  • Added support for LDR lighting


The beta branch for the game is live as well, if you want to test it out for us follow the directions in this link, but use wombat4554wombat for the beta password

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