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NMRiH Roleplay Character

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Name: Samson Daedrian

Age: 17 years old

PBs: Colin Ford



Inventory: Leather Jacket, T-shirt, Blue Jeans, Skate Sneakers

History: Samson lived a very normal life, raised in Rochester NY, his parents raised him right. However, towards sophomore year Samson started to lose focus in school which his parents weren't happy about. They constantly came down on him about his grades which only made him stressed, angry, and resent his parents until he became a little bit of a troublemaker. Girls thought he was odd, guys thought he was a freak. One day he got jumped by a couple of goons from school. This is when he decided to run away from his problems by never going home again. So he became a drifter, and a thief. That all changed when there was No More Room in Hell. When the outbreak initially started, he had ran away to the Big Apple to live a life on his own at such a young age. When chaos unveiled itself and zombies walked the streets, Samson escaped into a nearby abandoned building and this is where he resides now.

Personality: Samson never had a real relationship and is very serious as well as mature than most seventeen year olds. In a way, this zombie apocalypse life suits him. His entire life was full of rage, hatred and shame because of so many people and now he feels relieved as all those people have died and civilization slowly falls apart as he hides in recluse. He can lose his temper sometimes but can hide his fear very well. After a couple deep breaths, Samson can let go of his worries and put his brain into a different mindset. He's made for persistence. Samson is determined to take advantage of this ruined world and to escape his dangerous position as of where he is now.

Goals: To take advantage of this ruined world and enjoy life as it is now that his chains of grief and hatred are gone

NPCs: Kylie Recker, A fellow survivor hiding with Samson. 17 years old

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