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Darkening Demise (My Survival Horror Project)

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Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, open hand crafted world, survival horror, first person, hardcore simulation. If you're sick of the fast 'zombies', zombies using guns, special infected, and animals getting infected, along with the kill on sight (KOS) or be killed on sight gameplay of DayZ and its clones, not to mention hackers and terrible Minecraft gameplay. Then Darkening Demise is for YOU! :D

Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, survival horror, first person, zombie survival simulation exclusive to Windows PC.
In Darkening Demise you play as yourself, five years into the outbreak. In a hand crafted open world with no invisible walls.
Freely exlpore and do whatever that's possible to you. In this world where the dead rule, you have to think.
Thankfully society can no longer blind you of your instincts. With the time that went by, you're prepared.
Use stealth, action, strength, and smarts to survive as long as you can.
No second chances, no respawns, no hints, no tutorials, no PVP KOS or be KOS. This is where YOU survive.
The zombies are a major threat, they shamble as the classic horrors from our Godfather of Zombies himself Romero.
These Romero zombies don't give up, they'll follow you till you are dead or they are.
With many places to explore and a large ever expanding freely open world, you'll find yourself content.
But...how long will you last? No saves, no respawns, just a new game each time you perish.
Will you have the skills to survive as long as possible? Will you attempt what the majority of the world couldn't do?
Or will you end up bringing forth your own Darkening Demise?
Welcome to my game, my outbreak, my vision, and your fate.

Darkening Demise is for Windows and is attempting Steam. It is in alpha right now and is looking to join Early Access.
If you're looking for a hand crafted, slow zombie infested world where you have perma death and are put to the test 24/7.
If you're not fond of running or special or animal infected, if you prefer to play alone, if you prefer being challenged.
Then Darkening Demise is what you've been looking for.

As you can clearly see, this is different from all the others in its own special little way. In which many have been demanding for years. So I am here to deliver, I'm one of those many, and this is my heart going into this project and I won't go out without a fight. You can bet on it!

So follow me on Moddb, and Youtube to keep track of the game's development. I'm pouring my blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul into this. I no longer care if you don't like my work. I do not care if you think you can do better.

Moddb: Moddb.com
Youtube: Youtube.com

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Please dont take this the wrong way, but how do you plan to make this game fun and interesting?

There is no saving so if you only have an hour to play at a given time why even bother playing? Not everyone has many hours in a day to play a game about simulating survival when you have to restart from scratch every time. And in an open world how do you even plan to incorporate zombies as a challenge? Your game reminds me of 7 days to die, but at least in that there were other monsters and factors to have to deal with.

How is your game going to keep people playing? Look at other open world games like tgis already out. Just having slow zombies as your only real enemy is well, boring. The thing that gave dayz most of its intensity was that you WERE pitted in an open world with players as a form of threat. What kind of open world? Are we talking a big city? Or a lame open world with a ton of zombies (major snoozer, been done before)

And also, why are you focusing on getting greenlit when you dont have anything to show? Is this going to be free? Because if not it already sounds like a money grab, since you are already focusing on steam to get sales instead of passionately focusing on the game foundation first. Something to think about

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Did you make the music, art, and motion grass by yourself? In a way it's interesting. I hope I always just click "join" and enter some random spot instead of picking through a server. I don't know how the levels will turn out to look like though. That's half the battle; the entire half.

The whole idea and lack of visual display gives me the impression of very old games I played before ever looking at the back of a video card box at CompUSA, seeing a dark and scary game, and wishing we could get it. There was a mystery game where you didn't walk, but roamed around a house, searching for clues, or to play some mini-game. I watched my sister or someone else playing it like they could b/c their older and smarter. The problems kind of looked difficult, too. I'd also be playing a game where you collect jewels and this was sometime after playing Sega games, yet still feeling like I hadn't got enough of games or as if games still never existed. Then, came along Tanarus when I saw my uncle playing it, looking massively interesting as he fired shells with cameras attached to them; something I never found in the years since I downloaded onto my computer. Now that I think of it, I think he told me it was a hack, something I had no idea what it was or what it could mean.

Darkening Demise is kind of an innovatively interesting way of exercising how we expect the unexpected so much games aren't what they used to be. Perhaps it would be more fun if your achievements are saved. It may sound futile, but slapping a zombie all over the head + a pushing them like some combo in the first person sounds fun. However, there's got to be limits in that, if you end up finding an M16 with 5 clips. With zombies so slow, it would be so easy to shoot each one in the head.

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