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Updated FGD for NMRIH Hammer??

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When I use hammer, I am missing tons of entities. first it was a few firearms and all ammo, but I fixed that. But now I am missing some cruacial stuff like func_safe_zone. Can't finish my survival map without it. Why is stuff like these missing? It's unacceptable. Hope someone can send me an FGD or whatever that has ALL the entities and dosn't miss any.

Thank you!

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The fgd I posted in the other thread was only missing the fae700 afaik. You're not supposed to spawn the ammo entities themselfes. Use the random_spawner.

And you do realize func_safe_zone is a brush entity, right?

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Took me a while do figure out how the ammo spawning worked.

The fgd I posted in the other thread was only missing the fae700 afaik.

The link to the FGD is dead unfortunately.

Use the random_spawner.

Just to add more detail for anybody else out there trying to get this working, there's a few things to note that aren't explained clearly in the wiki.

  1. Make sure you turn off Smart Edit on the random_spawner properties window
  2. If you want to spawn just 1 type of ammo get the class name from the wiki http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Item_Spawning_Setup
  3. In the properties window put the class name in the key field and set the value to 100 if you only want that particular ammo spawned
  4. Click Apply
  5. You will now notice that the class name has been added to the list of properties on the left. (Smart Edit will hide this)
  6. Now your done. Complie and run!

Hope this helps others spawning ammo...

Note: this was correct as of v1.08

Edited by ~Floating Fish~ -=DU=-

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