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Rigor mortis - (Latin: rigor "stiffness", mortis "of death") is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate. In humans, it commences after about three to four hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates from approximately 24 hours after death.


Trapped in a local store, a group of survivors knows (somehow) there is a boat deep in the sewers, with exit to a river. Survivors must team up to scavenge enough fuel, while bearing a gruesome thought that there's only one seat on a boat...

A medium sized objective map with scavenge elements.

Objectives: 4

Zombie Spawn: up to 50

Runners Frequency: normal

Kids Frequency: normal

Weapons, Ammo: scarse


- alternative way

- more objectives

- custom textures

- color correction

- more gore and drama









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Have run through this map a few times now, very nice i must say.

By the time i finished the last objective i was getting a bit sick of the repition, but all in all would be a lot of fun in a big group.

It runs nicely on my server and took me about 30mins solo to walk through the first time.

All in all i give it a thumbs up.

The only out of place thing i found was the zombie bus surfer. although i just laughed and kille him too.


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Thanks for feed guys, i really appreciate that. So far i was bouncing from server to server to find out how it plays etc, and made a few notes for update

update coming soon:

- fuel canisters for final objective will be reduced to 3

- more health supplies

- will remove/greatly reduce zombies spawning at busses, cars etc.

- missing texture will be fixed as well, no worries ;)

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This is a pretty good map, I especially like the way the several of the buildings in the main street can be entered; there should be more goodies in those buildings in my opinion.

You did good with the skybox as well, its well detailed but not overboard :P

There are a few silly things like the aforementioned missing textures (pakratting is a pain i know) and a few repeated decals, in addition i appreciate how the final objective forces some backtracking, but having the canisters spawn one by one feels a bit unfair. (I'm sure you're looking for a way to have all of them out as you had posted the thread about highlights)

Overall, a good map, especially with more people, I tend to solo so it probably feels much harder than it should :P Look forward to updates and new objectives :D

In that case though, do you plan to expand the size of the map or just add obstacles onto the existing area?

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This is a pretty good map, I especially like the way the several of the buildings in the main street can be ente...

canisters actually spawn all at once, but only one gets lit

and yus, it's gona be a small alternative passage to sewers

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Nicely designed map, but it's little annoying that the welder spawns only after you reached the sewers entry.

At first I wondered where should this welder be, I checked every corner, every building... then I noticed it spawned on a table that I checked before :)

Also I noticed when playing this on a full server, most players decide they have to kill all zombies on the street, and at the end, while you unlock the welder, they pick it up just to never release it again. Or the ones who join after the map started, they still spawn even with realism mode enabled, then steal the welder with the same result...

Happened every time I played this map with people I didn't know. Asking, who took the welder, doesn't help ofc^^

Maybe you could spawn the welder in the corridor and not in the restaurant.

Another point, it seems a little unrealistic that, while there's just one route through the corridors, there spawn infinite zombies before and behind you on your trip from sewers to streets and back. After all you just cleared all this rooms 10s ago, then they are crowded with more zombies than before :)

A shortcut to the streets, maybe a door you can unblock, once you reached the sewers entry, would be nice :)

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Played it and finished it, pretty cool, very well desigend and made.

But, didn't like the fact you have to reach the cans one by one instead you can reach the 5 in the order you want.

Also, the whelder spawining always in the same place makes the map very easy to know it and boring in some way.

You can do a random spawn maybe.

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Hey man, have you updated this map at all?

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I played this map today and it was pretty fun. I liked how the second room is really dark and there isn't a torch to use. I haven't finished it but I manage to get out to the end of the street to the last building. Keep it up.

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