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  • 20 waves , 25+15 each wave ~ so it's hard
  • 3 zones *ABC
  • runners comming from wave #3
  • childs comming from wave #2
  • foggy
  • rain with sound (set to 1)
  • thunder lightning with realistic sound (hits in one spot from 20s and so on)
  • supply drop in 2 waves + 2 (you need ammo to survive)
  • a lot of spots that can help you survive,but not keeping the zone clear
  • a lot of weapons (fire and melee)
  • a lot of items
  • a lot of random spawning
  • a lot of sprays
  • IN THIS VERSION, just 1 welding door
  • IN THIS VERSION, just 1 barricading door
  • IN THIS VERSION, just one crow flying around


  • more welding spots
  • more flying birds
  • more barricading doors
  • improving the ambience with wind
  • improving the map with other features
  • adding grass and corect the walkable space
  • adding traps and others
  • fixing the enviroment walls
  • more thunder lightnings
  • creating a story!
  • and more











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Cool map!

How do you add weather in a map? (eg. rain, snow)

You make a brush, texture it with the "trigger" texture, and make it a func_precipitation. There should be an option for snow or ash or something in the property menu.

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I just solo'd this map waves 1-10 (I do survival maps up to wave 10 with no deaths as a kind of feat of strength) and this was definitely a fun and hard map. I loved it :D

I have a few suggestions:

  • I noticed that the zombies get stuck behind the fences at zone A sometimes, perhaps you could fix this.
  • I think you should expand the region for Zone A a little bit because it doesn't quite reach the area enclosed by the fences/trash cans which is a bit misleading.
  • The picnic area with tents outside is a bit broken as far as the player being able to walk next to the tents/table, there's an invisible glitchy wall/model there.
  • One of the air supply drops hits a tree while falling to the ground which causes it to have a wonky position (the one next to the lightning).

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