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I'm working on something special

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I'm working on something special right now, so I want all the cool people to help me out.

In this thread post about what kind of weapon(s) you would use and any specific gear or clothing or even your favorite shirt that you would wear if an outbreak of the undead were to occur right now.

I don't want any stupid responses like "OH I'D USE A MINIGUN" or some stupid nonsensical bullshit. So drop a line here and let me know what you'd use.

Also, it would be helpful if I had your real name to go along with said infos.

Thanks a type!

Jeremy "Infr4mer" Ferretti


Jon "jason" Lunsford


Matt "Maxx" James Tiberius Kazan


Cory "GameGus" Beeman


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Hockey Gear, with a vintage goalie mask. And a band shirt over that, most likely Pantera or Slayer.


Oh yeah, my Iron Maiden shoes of course.


And as for a weapon, I'd probably take my two butterfly knives and my guitar


And of course a shotgun, but who wouldn't have one?

EDIT- I would definitely have a flask, definitely.

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Ok heres the English aka "automatyically screwed" response. I would grab one my housemate's replica LOTR swords, load a backpack with lots of soup and canned goods, grab my weed and then assess the situation. As for clothes, I would go with my leather jacket and some combats. Not very exciting but thats all I got.

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My Name: Jon Lunsford


I'm the one on the left, and no, I NEVER have my hair like that.

My Clothing of Choice:

Airsoft Tactical Vest


Woodland Camo Jacket


Black T-Shirt


Blue Jeans




Tennis Shoes


Glasses and Back-up Glasses

(See Picture of Me)



Ski Mask (Possibly worn as a tuque/stocking cap)


My Weapons of Choice:

Makarov 9mm Pistol (Extra Ammo)


.22 Caliber Revolver (Extra Ammo) MagCarry_right_Eagle0001.JPG

Metal Baseball Bat




Several Kitchen Knives



Duffel Bag or Backpack Filled w/ Food and Bottled Water





Binoculars in Pouch on my Belt


Cell Phone


(Looks like that, only it's dark blue)

MP3 Player


Is that satisfactory?

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My .22 and a simple, no +10 to undead slaying or anything like that, baseball bat. For gear? Again, nothing too fancy since, you know, I don't have anything like that so whatever seems comfortable and a bagpack for whatever supplies I might find later on.

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For a weapon, I would use my .22 at first, lots of ammo, very light, very reliable, although I wouldn't keep it long at all. Maybe my stratocaster, yes. I'd be dressed the same way I am now I'd imagine, jeans and a band shirt that no one knows about. I'd ditch my Etnies and get some real shoes though, maybe some boots or a nice pair of running shoes.



The band shirt would vary a lot but I have mostly Hendrix and Pink Floyd shirts, so it'd be one of those probably.

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Old tennis shoes w/ new ones in backpack


Camo jeans




Long-sleeve underarmor shirt, covered with long-sleeve sweatshirt, covered with sleeveless vest


Sunglasses and normal glasses







MP3 player


Deck of cards


2 fully loaded 70-round 8mm rifle bandoleros w/ stripper clips


Box of 20-round 8mm rifle ammunition


Box of 200-round .22 ammunition


2 clips of .22 pistol ammo holding 10 rounds each


6 inch black maglite flashlight


Head-mounted LED flashlight


Hand-crank powered LED flashlight


Hand-crank powered AM/FM radio


Non perishable canned goods


As many water bottles as I could carry


1 small first-aid kit



2.75 inch pocket knife (couldn't find the correct picture, but it's close)


2 foot long spiked club


2.5 foot long wooden baseball bat


3 foot long machette


(2) - 16 inch bayonettes, one attached to rifle, one in pocket


6-piece stainless steel multi-tool


8 mm Mauser rifle with leather strap


.22 Mark III Ruger pistol


I know I'm missing something, but that's all I can think of right now.

Edit: Added pics.

Only pic of me that I have in digital form is this one.


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I forgot to mention, if you list something specific please include a picture!!

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id wear whatever i had on at the time that i realized all of this shit was going down. (jeans and a tee shirt most likely)


in the house now i know there is a 20 gauge break-action shotgun

9mm glock with a bit of ammo

22 rifle

i would probly take all of that or what i could of that and what food/water was in the house and haul ass to a friends house, then decide what to do from there.

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I honestly would wear some soccer shorts and a t-shirt. I only really feel comfortable running/exercising in those types of clothes. For a weapon, I'd use my nun chucks that my bro got me last Christmas, or maybe this big wooden spear I got at a renaissance festival when I was a kid. If I could get to my grandpa's house, he has a shotgun and a .22, though I don't know if he has ammo for them anymore, and they haven't been used forever.



Exact ones I have






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I'd grab a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, my Nomex (ski) mask, .45c semi automatic pistol, and my skateboard.

Thats about it, I like to keep things simple.







Well here is a head shot of me. Lol my brother is in the bottom corner.


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I'd pack a backpack with non-perishables like canned soup and water. I'd also bring a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

I'd be wearing a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and some running shoes. Nothing fancy.

In terms of weapons I'd empty some liquor bottles and make Molotov cocktails with the gasoline in my garage. Then grab my hatchet and baseball bat. After that I'd take a five minute drive to my grandpa's place and chill out there with a 12 gauge semi-automatic hunting shotty. He'd take the other one and a .300 caliber rifle and .22.

So to sum it all up the weapons for me are:

-12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun (slugs, buckshot, birdshot)

-Molotov cocktails

-baseball bat








-Long sleave shirt.


BTW what are you working on?

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i'd pickup myself one of these :>


Straight leg Carpenter Pants


Buck Knife


Benelli Nova


Steel Toe Boots (I couldn't find mine but they look like these and are made by Redhead)




and always



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I don't have a whole lot on hand, but here goes.


13" claw hammer, dirty black metal hammer end, wood handle w/worn off white paint.


~13" Small curved-handled hatchet exactly like below, except black dull metal and a wooden handle.


1' worn black pry bar, "WONDER BAR" sticker still partially legible on one side. Same shape as below.


20oz black Pure Energy CO2 tank (heavy and sturdy, suitable for bashing if swung fast enough) that could see limited use if swung like a bludgeon. Potential use, attached to electrical fishing wire and swung, but this would require an open area to use well.


12.5" Rubber mallet (head 3" diam, 4.5" long) with railroad spike driven into the head.


Slew of household cleaners/chemicals that could be mixed with explosive results, and a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, though any viable brews would take precious time and electricity to make.

Two paintball guns with semi-filled 20oz CO2 tank and filled 9oz CO2 tank, though some form of lethal ammo would have to be improvised.

Kitchen knives including approx. 1' unserrated chef's knife. The rest of the knifes are mainly 7" serrated knives, but there are at least 12 of them. Essentially the pictures below, but the second picture should have a deep serrated edge to the blade.


Metal Louisville Slugger baseball bat.




Camouflage Long-sleeve shirt w/inordinate amount of random pockets and tie-spots with matching super-pocketed pants, both have a kind of ghetto-Marpat which is a little heavy on the brown.

-Time permitting, jacket/pants could be lined on the inside with duct tape to increase bite-protection, but this also increases heat.

Also, slew of random hoodies/shirts/jeans/etc. My favorite of which would be a Children of Bodom shirt as seen here.

Winter gear, season permitting.

Extreme Rage paintball mask, though I doubt their possible usefulness.

V-Force Vantage paintball mask with very nice ghillie covering. (Action Ghillie Mark II from SpecOps Paintball). Again, without the full suit I can't imagine much possible use.

Sheriff's Hat. Infinite usefulness. See below.


Mike R. McMann


Edited to include pictures.

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A m1a1 carbine, like the ones the 101st used back in world war 2. Quite accurate but still semi so when i get good enough i can rack up multipile headshots. (Sounds gay sorry!) A fire ax and a strong crow bar. For clothes i'd wear socks, skate shoes, many layers of pants including 2 pairs of jeans and some water proof pants. A lot of shirts and at least two sweaters too. Plus a hat to keep the sun out of my face. The reason for all the clothes is that the thicker it is the harder it is to bite through so I have more time to shrug them off and not get infected. Try to bite through like 6 layers of thick fabric. Ohh and my steel pot helmet.

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I'll try to keep this simple.

Weapon of Choice: COLT .45----Colt-45.jpg

Shirt: White T---- protwhite.jpg

Shorts: Cargo pants----0131_4089_872.jpg

Socks: Falke Men's RU4 Short Socks ----25171101_main_m.jpg

Shoes: Adidas Samba Black Indoor Soccer Shoes----adisambaclassicblk.jpg

Knife: Modern Machete----2ih9iy9.jpg

Only real reference I can give you is my profile pic. 2en2n8k.jpg

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I've got

1 Hockey stick

1 Domo Kun shirt

1 *Domo Kun sweat shirt

1 Pair of sheers

1 Kitchen Knife (*with sheath)

1 Long sleeve jacket

2 Mag lites both with holsters (brand new)

1 lamp/light/radio/siren/fan multi thing with charger (to be ditched once power dies also its a bit big and could slow me down)

1 *Small first aid kit

1 *Various food stuffs/water (3-5 days 1 person rationed)

2 *Pairs of pants (blue jeans) (wearing one pair)

1 *Pair of shorts (black)

2 *Pairs of socks (white)

1 *Extra shirt

1 *Swiss army knife

1 *Black running shoes

1 Large shoulder bag for holding all of this (yes I tested to see if it could fit all this comfortably and still run)

(Not pictured = *)


And the first place I would head would be about 30 minutes by car where my crazy rich friend has a stock pile of weapons and ammunition (where I would switch out the hockey stick for a shotgun)

Umm heres a picture of me... (wearing the jacket)


Edited by dman757

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White T-Shirt, Jeans, Timberland boots.

20071114931773499.jpg + chef-knife-big.jpg

A plastic broom with a kitchen knife melted into it. Light weight and effective for distance. (take off the brushy part of the broom. haha)

A back pack full of essentials like food, water, flashlights, that stuff.

Honestly, how the hell are you guys going to run away from a pack of zombies holding a friggin electric guitar? I'm pretty sure you'll be tired by the 3rd swing.

I seriously don't have much to beat up zombies with but I'm sure as hell going to out run them.


Me = the handsome guy standing

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Robert Reed

My Respirator(just in case the virus is airborne, or other general containments)


White Shirt


Black Jacket (sleeves rolled up naturally)


Shorts(for comfort and ease of movement)


Shoes(preferably black and laceless for ease of use)


Messanger bag(light utilitarian)


A .45






Edited by Mute

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Nice ones!

I also ask that you guys post picture(s) of yourself to make this easier for me. I don't want to search through 40,000,000,000 pages of Beautiful Mug to find your face.

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Hope you can see this, I don't have many pictures with my body in them, so if you must, just find some muscular Caucasian.


Exact ones I have





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