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Ideia to keep the forum clean

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This is a suggestion for the forum, as the title is saying :P Instead anybody start a new topic simply pressing the "start topic" button would greatly better if when someone tries start a topic, the forum automaticaly do a search (maybe by the tag or whatever), only if there's no results, then he/she can create the new topic. sorry if my english isn't clear, I hope you understand.

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Good idea!

What Estevoo is trying to say is having the forums do a search on your topic, keywords, and the main-idea of your body paragraphs(key wordS), you can minimize people creating threads that already have been made.

To add, I think the old topics can be organized better as well. For example, organizing ideas into large and small ideas would help people tell what ideas they are trying to look for in an organized format.

In other words, let zombie ideas have its own topic section full of ideas listed, and to break them down like a good outline has Roman Numerals, broken into numerals, which can be broken down into letters.


Zombie Ideas

I. Operating dismembered limbs via coagulated/activate blood.

1. Twitching hands, feet, or moving jaw of a decapitated zombie.

a. This idea may seem too much effort for one thing, but sure would be a surprise addition to a patch; thus minimizing download time. Any fan of melee weapon will have the chance to see a moving zombie face upon achieving a decaptitation.

II. Primitive resortment

1. Zombies may be sitting on the ground as a natural sense of supplementing its energy.

a. Zombie gets up willingly to take extra care in attacking the group's prey.

III. Gall Zombies

1. Will cough throw up as ranged attack for infection.

a. Gall zombies sustain confidence in creativity during its course in zombification, allowing it to spew bile, blood, and throw-up at its enemy.

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