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nmo_smb (Super No More Room In Hell)

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Title: nmo_smb

Type: Objective

Genre: Toon

Release Date: This month

Players: 4 (recommended) 8 (max)

Plot: The survivors find themselves in an old school looking game and have to complete the level in order to make it out. Too bad the dead have also came into the game devouring all the poor Goombas and Toads. So your new enemy in the level is a generic zombie instead of a fungus that will make you trip like a poor fat Italian plumber bastard.

Music: Super Mario Bros./Nintendo

Textures: SMB/Nintendo



Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZaBatfk2CI&feature=youtu.be


NOTE: This is early work, everything is subject to change.

NOTE: I have no ****ing clue what I'm doing. If you want to make this see the light of day, do something.

NOTE: I don't know if I smoked/consumed/injected/snorted/breathed something or what, don't ask why I'm making a map like this.

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-Scale issues, never paid attention to that so I'm rescaling everything.

-Also have to adjust jump distances since NMRIH has people who are too out of shape eat mcdonalds all the time and smoke cigarettes while are also all white so yeah this map has problems right now. Can't jump far/much and can't run much, got to love the restrictions. So I have to redo the map's layout.

-Music is a problem too since they made it where the game has music in game no matter what and tell you to suck it. So you'll hear both SMB and NMRIH.

-Objective setup, don't get it, never will, this map won't make it unless someone is willing to set it up.

-The falling platforms from the underground part of the level won't function, anyone know how I should set it up?

-If this map does well in the end I'll do more based off SMB, even the Castle level

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