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[SourceMod] Unacceptable UserName Auto-Kicker?

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Lately I've been finding lots of players setting their names to annoying unpronounceable shit like:



or my personal favorite:

"­" (an invisible character using Alt+0173)

I managed to find a SourceMod plugin that prevents users from connecting with specific pre-configured usernames that the server owner sets to be unallowed:


However, there's a couple fundamental flaws with this approach.

1) There's literally trillions of possible name combinations. It's impossible to list every single name combination using every single asian character, alt code, etc..

2) .txt does not recognize special characters or the notorious invisible character I mentioned above. So it's impossible to even begin listing these combinations.


Does anyone know of a plugin that can kick players whom attempt to connect WITHOUT having a minimum of three consecutive letters or numbers within their username (for example)? This would be a much easier way to solve the issue. Such a plugin would dramatically help the fight against troublesome players (especially on servers with friendlyfire enabled). Thanks!

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Its a known problem, but you can easily target those players.

You've got 2 ways to do this:

Via console: Get up your console ingame and type "status" hit enter. Now you can see all players on the server.

When you found the one you'd like to kick, look at the start of the line, you'll see his userid.

Now you can kick him by his userid:

  • sm_kick #<userid> [reason]

OR use the chat:

  • /kick #<userid> [reason]

Valid examples would be:

Console: sm_kick #123 "Don't break the rules, you've been warned"

Chat: /kick #512

Via menu: Type sm_admin into your console or /admin into the chat. Navigate to "Player Management", then to "Kick player" and select the player, you'd like to kick.

I hope that helps you. :-)

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Thanks for the reply, Chanz. This information should certainly be made better available to server owners/admins. I've seen countless server admins unable to do deal with invisible named users on a number of Source games (not just NMRiH). It's also a common mistake that many people think the "userid" refers to "SteamID" which obviously doesn't work for sm_kick or sm_ban. :P

I've posted a request on AlliedModders so if someone manages to make a plugin for this, I'll be sure to link it here. It'll be nice to have an automated system due to admins not always being online to manually deal with it. Surely I can't be the only server owner with this headache. Anyways, thanks again!

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