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Pavel Kovarik

New game mode

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Well, what i would say, we have only two modes. They are great, but they are boring for a long time replay. We need something different. Because more mods, more players...

This mod is good for 16 players, we have two player-controlled sides (8 players each) and NPC zombies (because it still apocalypse, where dead corpses still walk)... Relation and fighting betwwem sides or "fraction" is here:

1. Side: Survivors: A rest of survived group, trapped in sealed area, they have only one task, survive and reach the extraction zone.

2. Side: "Bad guys". Death squads (real USMC or fictional "FEMA Assault teams"). They have echo, that in sealed area was survivor group (potential danger for squad, when cleaning undead). So they have direct order, eliminate armed survivors to totall area secure.


-----------------Death squads:----------------

Meele: Combat knife (actually reskin (only usable in this mode) of basic fists with new one with knife, different stats, used for silent zombie killing)

Sidearms: Beretta 92FS or Glock 17

Main weapons: H&K MP5A3, Remington 870, Remington JAE 700

Explosives: Grenade M67

Team members have light bullet proof west, which protect against low penetration calibers (.22 LR, .45 ACP, buckshot), vest have worse protect against 9mm Luger and .357 and zero effect against rifles calibers 7.62x39, .308 WIN, or 5.56x45...

However, members of death squad dont use other meele weapons, than default "Fist with combat knife"... But they can find some ammo and guns in map, just like survivors.


Meele: Any

Sidearms: Any

Main weapons: Any, but mostly the civilian weapons, rare military grenade weapons, but they can use dropped weapons from fallen Dead squads members or survivors can simply finding some nice in map (ammo, next weapons)...

Explosives: Probably none


Maps are special designed for this mod (more open with paralel ways). Mpas contain two starting rooms with weapons for each side and one active extraction zone for survivors. After round started, both spawn rooms are locked for 20 seconds (equip weapons, talking about tactics), after 20 seconds, spawn rooms doors are opened and game begins...

Death squads win, if they kill all survivors, Survivors win, when reaching the extraction zone (at least one survivor, no matter that whole team of death squad is dead)... No time limit here in present time. Both sides must solve with zombies too... When one side win, teams are swapped and new game begins (including 20 seconds pause for prepar).

Same Map should be sligtly changed in every round (different ways by locking and opening some doors, closing and open some windows (good for snipers)). Various unpretictable ways in one same map brings more tactics, more fun...

Groups of survivors should solve one or two simply tasks to reach extract zone (blow up some barricade, open some doors). But this task is visible only for survivors, not for Death squad (they can hear sound of explosion or use some own tactics to finding a target)... Actuallly, extraction zone is randomized too and only survivors know, which is active and where actually is (because in different case just death squad can simply wait in extraction zone and kill all survivors, before reaching them) ...


This mode was based on campanign, but is taks are shorted and they are easier. But survivors have two enemies: NPC zombies and some enemy real players... This mod requires more complex maps, than campanign, but is very nice, when we have some clanwar or fight betwwem two player controlled teams, in horror, NMRIH world...

Your oppinion?

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How I see this game mode as:

God vs Tiny Ants...

Firt of all, it's already difficult enough for some players to struggle fighting against the zombies. When you add the deathsquad to thw equation, you get armored runner Zombies that shoot at you and probably be unstopable. The Deathsquad is just too OP for the survivors to win in every way especially when you get experience FPS players to join the Deathsquad team which will probably hive the Deathsquad team a 999-0 winstreak. Not to mention if the survivors have to scavenge for supplies while the Deathsquad team are prepared already. This game mode is basically a pvp but with only more weapons and supplies for one team.

So I would completely disagree with this game mode...

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You are quite right, K1lroy314, but you don't consider what's possibly tribunal to these ideas. For example, there are choices to be there will be zombies, and the mapper can choose how many come out, and the death squad and survivors are spawned in different parts of the map. The survivors are simply feeble and sensitive roamers who pick up guns. So they value running away more and using gorilla warfare against weapon-offenders. The deathsquad simply can have no backing lives if they were killed, and plus are more willing to chase a survivor. If NMRiH truly is a game of teamwork, the survivor side will have to learn of this soon. It's somewhat reminiscent of Half Life: Opposing Force at the end where on one hand you have aliens to kill, while on the other there are black-operatives attacking you. It was a beautiful play, and I miss those days already, because I love my parents, yet the years are going by so quickly.

I like the idea of real enemy players. Hopefully it adds up to 10 people playing, if there are two death squad members, emulating that they were paired to cover more ground. Hell, even 3, making it 11 people, 5 survivors, or 7 vs. 3. As long as there are more survivors, there is more realism to the idea automatic weapons and grenades don't come cheap, but by contract.

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