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This the first part of serial I'm doing based on a zombie apocalypse rpg we ran about a year ago

She had come much to far to die now.

But, the further she went into downtown Atlanta, the more she was surrounded by death itself. Bodies lined the road in all sorts of conditions; mostly torn apart. Others, the heads taken off or shot through. Grizzly to say the least. She had heard the stories; seen the television reports. That is before the networks stopped broadcasting.

Her husband had seen this coming somehow. He was always the fatalist; always the doomsday survivalist sort. She never took it seriously, but she loved him and thought surely it wouldn't hurt anything to be prepared. It set his mind at ease. And, considering how things turned out, she was the better because of it. Too bad she couldn't say the same for him.

“My bo!” She caught herself sobbing suddenly in her broken Louisiana Cajun.

She stifled that thought; that emotion. Shoved it back down deep inside; far enough to keep her composure and, maybe her sanity. She had to keep her head about her. These streets were dangerous even though she hadn't seen anything move since arriving.

No, her and her love had a place by the lake out in the middle of nowhere just for this kind of occasion. A place prepared for the apocalypse. She always thought of it as her vacation home; a place to go to relax and gather thoughts while Bo made preparations. Rachel had no idea, at the time, that they would need this place and its provisions. But they did.

The Wave hit hard in downtown Atlanta. It was a contagion without remorse, sympathy or prejudice. They had headed out to the lake house at the first sign of epidemic. You see, the WAVE was a virus that struck down young and old alike. It ravaged the body and created a mass run on every hospital in the region. Suddenly, the tent cities appeared and the Government stepped in. When the Center for Disease Control took over, that's when Bo made the decision to move. They had only come to Atlanta to deliver some canned goods. They had no idea that they would never leave together.

Tears began to roll down Rachel's face as she toured the body littered streets. It was as if some war had broken out and nobody won. She shouldn't have come here, but she had no choice. She had family still in Atlanta. They had refused to listen; refused to come with them to safety. SAFETY, that was a laugh. Nowhere was safe for long; not in this horrible new world.

She knew her sister and cousins, Jack and Hyde, were here when the bomb hit. At least, that's what she was told by the people on the HAM radio. She had seen the flash over Atlanta. Felt the wave of warmth and energy pulsate through the air. She knew something happened, but it sure didn't look like anybody had dropped a bomb here. There were no buildings destroyed; nothing burned. She had thought radiation, but one of the guys on the radio had said that his Geiger counter registered nothing. No, this was all just too odd for words.

It was almost dusk. Best find somewhere to spend the night. She looked up and saw a hotel towering to the sky.

“The higher; the better..” She muttered as she pushed her motorcycle on.

She was navigating the streets well when, suddenly, she turned the wrong corner. It was getting dark fast, but she could see a group of shadows moving in the street ahead.

“Best to go around...” Rachel told herself as she turned to see a mass of shadows moving down the other street as well. “Damn!”

She gunned the engine and raced straight down the side street. Before she encountered the silent mob ahead, she slid to turn into an alleyway. Racing the engine, she was going much too fast down this narrow access way, but she knew she had to move.

“You not gonna get me like you got BO!” She whispered to herself.

Follow the links to the rest and follow the story weekly.

Also go read about the gaming experience at my blog!

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