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Single-Player Mission ! (Semi Tutorial )

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I've have a suggestion for a Singeplayer mission with a little bit of story that which will teach new players how to play the game and at the same time give a feeling of "The end of times" when you struggle to survive the apocalypse. So I have a basic script for the mission and I thought that I'd like to see what the community thinks about it, enjoy ! :)

You are a unnamed main-character who's at your friend Matt's BBQ party at his backyard.

You'll be introduced in that safe enviroment with basic Movement mechanics such has jumping , sprinting and such, your friend Matt will also ask you to light the grill with your Lighter so the player learns how to equip it. After a while It's time have fun by destroying an piƱata which introduces the player to melee mechanics. After the basic tutorials, Matt wants you to follow him and get some beer to your friends in the backyard.

You walk down to the basement with Matt and he grabs some drinks, but one your way up you hear a screams from the backyard and Matt drops the beer due to the suprise. You and Matt run to the backyard and to your fear you see people feeding on your friends. You and Matt hides upstairs and see other people at the street get attacked by the zombies and the TV's broadcasting a repeated message to warn the public about the Zombies.

You and Matt decides to leave his place and head out of the city via the cannal where the evacuation is held . You attempt to get there throught the street but realise that the city has been turned into a death-trap so you and Matt have to get there by going throught the Metro leading to China Town (The Map). On the way you'll require a firearm from at deadpolice officer and you'll learn how to check the amount of ammo you have.

When you finally have come to the end of the metro, Matt reveals that he's been biten and he tells you to shoot him and you'll learn that if teammates are infected you can kill them before they turn.

When you shoot him the screen turns black and you hear the echo of your gun shot slowly fade away...

So what do you think, does this sound good :) ?

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