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Paintball Zombie Apocalypse

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In a remote park of my area there are two fields divided by what they called a crevice in the ground, leading to the creek. This all is located behind the woods in front of the park and baseball area. It is all where we played paintball years ago, and I still obsess with its future. Not just a future of buying a machete and making the woods the once-beautiful place it was before the hurricanes hit, but an organization of paint ball with zombies, hidden audio-ware for all means of horror, BBQ, food, and simply the ultimate paintball getaway. If that ever ends up not being fun to me, it should provide fun to anyone in my city. A lonely walk through that park helped me cook up one story on how it will go without it being stupid...

"OMFgosh this sounds a little retarded: paintball with zombies? Who's going to be the zombies?"

"I know I'm not going to be a zombie. What do you have to do; try to tag players out while being shot all over your mask?"

"Whatever dude, it's going to have food. Plus, I have work at 6. So I can't stay long anyways."

The group of boys driving in the vehicle are just miles away from Cedar Park, a baron place recently rennovated after years of people having to look at the old playground; the largest place missing the largest slide. It is their first time heading this way to a place long loved by Joe Mendoza. For what they see in the park is among far more of what Joe once saw there in a period of 20 years of well-adjusting memory.

They are friends of friends of Joe. He'd be intrigued, but truly indifferent with new players, as they all come and go with their own fucking important likes and dislikes. There were many times Joe has seen people leave and never come back to such a great place for paintballing. This time, his exposition will get your time's worth whether you hate the guy or not. Give a dog a stick to chew, hate him, take away the stick, but the dog loves to growl.

All for now. Ideas to come and clarify what is to be posted. Jeez, I really wish I had shit my way for a good long while now. People hate me, as they still think I should learn to hate, but I provide. I provide, because I know what hatred is. It takes perfection to appeal to haters. Therefore, a perfectionist feeeds from hatred. *Sigh* So many haters, but no money. I'm totally worth that money... I really hope to make that money. It's all about ideas, not doubt; it's sniffing around!

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*Listening to "Still Alive" and kind of whimpers at my next message* I need help, StukaAce.

I need ideas on socializing people based on numbers 1-10. There tends to be the greatest of the group, but of 10 numbers, that's hard to find within people, since they break into groups or remain with their friends. Then again, as long as someone is overlooking their pleasurability, it's easy to find. Friendship and blessings to guests will encourage dependance on strangers in search for riches. These "riches" of any kind are difficulty to create. Within riches, players are willing to be zombies, leaving other players willing to remain with their paintball gun.

-Paintball guns owned by Staff can be borrowed, if superior to inferior player's guns for encouraged play, but must be scripted according to the zombie story. The more scripts, the better coordinance with scrapping for food snacks. Perhaps a cook chilling in the woods could be like going to a store in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. that way, fish is always ready. Then again, every script is based on how tired the players get. So after the first round, players are introduced into novelties in the loom.

I'm afraid to type anymore of this story, because I don't want people to expect anything if I ever do this in the future. Perhaps, by putting it out now, I won't have to remember. However, Lil Wayne is from the city next door to me, and I've been wanting to be so clutch that I could come up with it and more ideas anyday. I technically can, but I'm so afraid. So I'll just sing like a canary...

I need help... Give me some ideas for these sketches below...

Zombies + paintball

-Dead players to become zombies in later game. People think they left, but are obligated to stay, right when they want to leave while trying to pack up.

-"Actor players" like Joe will act as if truly bitten by the zombie. Padded player is lit up by everyone.

-BBQ and expensive non-alcoholic drinks

-Portable speakers & Cameras hidden. Players to not know these things

-Woods spoofed in favor for zombies and horror. Trails are cleansed of hurricane damages. Some trails aren't completely cleaned, but are spotless for a desired extent. Ear pieces are given to zombies so they can gather discretely for quality play. This simulates a canine hunger of zombies.

a. Different zombies; different regions.

b. Environmental changes done by Staff/players.

i. torches, fires, and maybe orange leaves. Fires are created from bags full of leaves and twigs previously put together. When observer sees no one is in the near area, undercover staff sets everything up within 1 minute: Bags full of gased leaves emptied, match/lighter litten, and twigs/sticks are thrown.

Food and condiments to lure players around as rewards and objectives. Energy drinks are given as one of the best "upgrades". Fish is cooked for its omega 3. These are all snacks. Green goods for general snacking. Chips of specific types. Fruits: Watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, and other delicious fruits. Cooked veggies otherwise.

Left field decoration: Blue. Blue tiki torches, water-region, much like Zelda. This is where awesome drinks are provided, like black mineral water, energy drinks, and other shit. It mustb e unlocked.

Bushes swinging like monkies. Boards are built and ropes are tied to reach high branches.

Monster on a bike. Completely covered like full-body camouflage. Death is self-chosen. Falls and wheels are still covered.

a. large black hairs, brown hairs, giant snake.

Home Team, Away Team, zombie team, Umbrella team. Color tags are worn. Umbrella team wear suits. Zombies can wear anything fearfull. I should have invited many players, getting names at that rave with neat costumes. Participants exist in Baton Rouge.

Game must last less than an hour. So suave and well-kept, players aren't bored/intimidated/scoffed/grunged by so many hardships provided by myself and others. Therefore, organization is an absolute commitment.

Best players are united within a few games to take on all players and zombies.

How do the good players unite? What unites them? Players with good guns & athletic players. Many players are needed. 3-5 good players (8) + 8 semi-good = 16 players. Zombies are needed. Guest players may participate if staff players are awesome. Guest players are besieged to be zombies. The guest players who remain human are lucky.

"Wouldn't it be great, if Joe were more active this time around? I haven't seen in him in years. This kind of gig would be a hit or miss."

"Years change everything. It's gotta be interesting being called out like this like some VIP."

By uniting all of these qualities, players enjoy a perverted rituals of the system, just as video games do. All qualities must be logically connected.

Since I can't take the time to paste this in Microsoft word, you have my sketches here. You may elaborate what you see to help me draw out a story. I've grown tired, as I've always been. So I am desperate for help in every way to always think clearly in a timeless perspective.

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Paintball zombie events are fairly common, though they require extremely dedicated zombie players and a ton of referees to make things go smoothly.

One big problem tends to be regulating the amount of ammunition that people have - this usually involves mandating field paint, which you buy in bulk in preparation of the event. Also without a respawn mechanic the earlier people get tagged the worse fatigue is going to get chasing down guys with fast-firing paint markers. On that last note I am a fan of zombie games run with 'rock n' cock' stockguns rather than the semi-automatics that have become the norm, or even paint pistols.

One potential issue I see with the reward system is that leaving drinks and food is going to create the situation of players eating while in play, potentially removing their mask and getting shot in the face. You can't have players simply drop from dehydration either, so the answer is not totally clear to me - maybe advise all players to bring camelbaks, zombie or human. They're not as common in paintball as airsoft but given paintball games only run 10-15 minutes generally, they're not usually needed... so your players might not have camelbaks or hydration equipment to begin with.

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No one is going ot get shot in the face unless they are playing against other people with paintball guns. That's a good point though. Perhaps there could be a better way of arranging the story according to the arrangement of the woodland area I am thinking about. Masks should be off for the zombie part, but if there were to be separate teams, I'd like it to have a story. Perhaps one like Half Life would be cool, because it feels like you are there for days, then you end up outside the place with soldiers still going at it against aliens. It's crazy, because in real-life, we people would be sleeping at night, but since the Black Mesa Research Facility is a working place, it called for full-time soldiers for help and containment. Therefore, I have new ideas for the plot.

The zombie portion would restrict players to choose whether they wear a mask, as it will be held in the woods for close quarters purposes. The woods should be raked and trimmed up selectively to make sure there's not much visibility for zombies to be shot easily. I can't imagine a lot of people willing to be a zombie with a mask on. We''d get shot a lot, while trying to lend entertainment. I guess if the players agree to shoot us freely, they agree we can put our hands on them and just consider it tackle football.

Since it seems like a lot of work for zombie arranged games, it actually is inspiring to have less players. The more players, the more scripts and volunteering. If there were to be fewer referees, everyone would have to obey. Just like how I am about Friendly Fire being on, obedience requires quality and imagination. So if a player is tackled by zombies, the player has to know that he's done without much abstain to agree. So if less players are to use paintball guns, that means way more volunteers will play as freaks, zombies, and monsters if smart enough with the art and act. Seriously, it also depends onf WHO can act like a monster, if it were to not be a zombie, because just making up a monster doesn't really cut it. It has to relate to YOU, for how serious I am about trying to make something like this work and maybe turn into a business or travelling entertainment, observing great woodlands. If that won't be my life's work, then I would neeed really good money to make sure it's not too much of my time and nothing but fun. Of course, I don't give a shit about anywhere else unless if I am lucky. So screw travelling until I got this shit here down now.

As far as the field, I can see how ridiculous it would be to play zombies with paintball guns. It would be very painful, but there are many crazy people who are like the medics of life: They fill in the blank of needs, because they are intelligent enough to give up. So if I can find enough of these people, I can make things happen. So let's say if I had 30 of them for one park that stretches up to far less than a mile, 4 people can have fun amid them scattered around. Imagine all of the scenes prepared for them! Overan hasting into the woods. It's silent, but not too silent, but then comes a moment where zombies come up from under piles of leaves and more form the distance! Immediately they are wanting to find an escape route. It could be backwards or forwards. Maybe there's a fork in the woods, but one thing is left surely an option: escaping through tight brush of bushes and sticky thorn plants. Sure, it would be unfair to be "eaten" while caught up, but that just makes you part of the story! This gives me more insight on how the Zombie Game would run.

The event would start off with people against people. Perhaps we'd actually want up to 40 people playing, and maybe not at once, since I remember playing 20 people in those woods was plenty for a day I didn't go. As the rules breakdown, players will remain dead until called by undead leaders who will instruct them of the scenes they will partake to make the woods and story come alive against the living players. Everything about each player will be used for the story, as there is no other way involving this kind of entertainment, unless professionals are everywhere, with professional information, as if they are Hollywood with Hollywood-grade writers who'd spend months perfecting how things run. So if players died, that was their fault. However, the range of their pissings can be compensated with refreshments and MCs (zombie leaders who entertain the game until they are called upon. This is probably the toughest part, since not many poeople have leadership values to use at the ready).

I'd prefer players not use camelbacks, unless they wanted to. Like No More Room in Hell, it would be realistic to the player's original personality. So if someone wants to bring special materials, I'd want to arrange professional scripting to accomodate or fight against players spoofing their game. I can call it a golf club, a good paintball gun, or a chess piece to a board. You can best call it coding programmers use for player choices. So if any change is made, the game is changed. This is actually advanced like the Heavy Rain video game where the story changes according to your choices and failures. While eating and drinking may seem dangerous or unconventional for paintball, this can add on to the world-changing event if players are willing to play for a long time. So let's say if I was professionally creepy. Players could be playing at night. My staff would set up fires and color-flamed torches (which are neat and work). I would either be making noises and harassing them from the woods, or it could come from speakers. However which way, I need to make sure that I have great sounds to utilize.

- Players would be watched and remembered to be considered for story writing WHILE the event is occurring. This way, stronger, intermediate, or weaker players can either be accountable for surviving or becoming the undead. However, the right one must be selected. So let's say a sweep team is expelled without the player's knowledge. They all are indicated by wearing black. In order for the players to reconcile they are being shot at, one of them has to be at risk of being shot at. This person may or may not be selected. Selection is provided by luxury: If players are able to snipe. If there isn't luxury, the scripts will fall through as planned. Selection merely makes things feel more evolutionary. Revolutionary changes occur with passion and team work, but evolutionary involves compensation for loss of team members. To make sure nobody wusses out, they have to agree to play for the remainder of the period. One easier way to be sure no one leaves is reducing the story line to a minimum of an hour of staff-working against players and keeping them occupied. This makes it very difficult to allow night play among mosquitoes and severely demented witchy behaviors. After all, human cranial parameters are far greater than animals. So if one is intelligent enough, it's possible to be scarier than actually having to face a bear or dangerous large wild animal, especially at night. This sadly calls for talent, but sadness calls for talent. Good for the sad!

My paintball games I used to play could run for 30 minutes. When they do, we'd obviously be playing what we called "scenario game," where we'd use the entire back park region, and not just woods or the unload field where we leave our stuff. We'd use the creek to sneak, the woods to sneak, or go in between through the crevice in between the two fields where one team hides and the other seeks. Believe me, great games, even if it was within 15 minutes, there was a lot of drama-action that took place at least once. It kind of seemed scripted deceitfully upon me, but that also inspires me to do that to others on a greater level. It would be really fun to make sure it's as fun as it can be for however long it takes. Of course, the longer it takes, the more money will be involved, since some people work often and their free time is precious. For people really lookin for something new, ideas I am capable of would make this wonderful for their critique.

However, I've always needed feedback or arguing to get more ideas, because right now I feel a lot of guilt. Mom makes me feel like I should sleep, because she threw up. She seems to know I've been playing video games, so she could have been acting according to a possible illness she has at her ready. That sounds weird, but true. There's so much for me to deal with that I can't really come up with ideas without having a good reason to weigh out the good and bad. It's stupid I should focus on one thing when I needed a lot of other things to inspire me. Like the time people were trying to lure me away form video games to getting a girlfriend or something. They must really think I am just a smart person who needs other things in my life, not video games, but it was video games that helped inspire me to learn to read better and write better. Therefore, I need a WAY better computer and possibly internet for higher output speed of my mind. This all takes money. I wish I made like $5k like 4 years ago. If miraculously given the freedom to do wtf I wanted to do, I'd be a freak for sure, but I would still be what people need to be at the ready, but I HAVE to be a freak to have great output. This isn't easy so I need help. Your feedback helped me make this post, Sushi.

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A good place to go to with relatively complex and large games is airsoft LARPS. I know there's a successful Fallout-themed one in Florida that has a lot of those elements you discuss like characterization, your background, belongings and such factoring in and whatnot.

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Yeah maybe the xperience there would help me know what to do for my paintball zombie idea.

"No hate, only love." If that implies any unknown and distinct hatred for specific people, that's not what I do. Maybe you have informants who would say so, but they are the ones I talk about who never talked to me in person about my specific thoughts. How the hell does someone like me so rare have the audacity to question your intelligence?

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JUST LIKE THAT. I accidentally click something and EVERYTHING I TYPED WENT AWAY! Okay, with accidents bad shit can happen, but what if it's because of aggravation that I even allow my mind to latch onto ideas? That's another reason why I want to sue these secret agent niggas. They thought they were doing justice, but were merely hurting a nigga. They heaven isn't on Earth, but why do "good" people damn me so?

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