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Car Bomb Trap Prefab

3 posts in this topic

This prefab consists of:
1 prop_physics_override

1 math_counter
1 phys_explosion entities
3 env_explosion
1 prop_physics_multiplayer (gascan)
2 env_sprites

2 ambient_generics
2 env_spark
1 env_fire
1 point_template
1 npc_bullseye

1 trigger_multiple




The prop_physics_override (car_civic_damaged.mdl) fires 4 Inputs from the OnTakeDamage Output

1 to PlaySound of an ambient_generic with the Sound Name of caralarm.wav

1 to env_sprite to ShowSprite (consists of 2 env_sprite ents)

1 to Enable trigger_multiple

1 to the point_template to ForceSpawn Template 1: npc_bullseye

This entity also fires 5 inputs on the OnMotionEnabled output
All 5 of these Kill all entities listed in the OnTakeDamage report EXCEPT for the trigger_multiple.

When the car takes damage it triggers the car alarm drawing zombies to it (via the npc_bullseye).

All Fire Once


The math_counter has an Initial Value and Minimum Legal Value of "0".
The Maximum Value is set to 5.

The math_counter fires 10 Inputs on the OnHitMax Output

1 StartSpark to an env_spark with a delay of 1.25. This is a representative.

4 to the ambient_generic caralarm.wav

* 1 Pitch of 130 with a delay of 1.50

* 1 Pitch of 85 with a delay of 2.25
* 1 Pitch of 60 with a delay of 3.00

* 1 FadeOut in 1 with a delay of 3.75

1 EnableMotion to prop_physics_override with a delay of 4.49

1 PlaySound to an ambient_generic Sound Name: explode_3.wav with a delay of 4.50

1 Explode to one env_explode and two env_physexplosion with a delay of 4.50

* These explosions ignite the gas-can under the car which is no easily visible

1 SparkOnce to an env_spark set to Large Spark with a Long Spark Trail. This is as an "additive".

1 StartFire to the env_fire with a delay of 4.52

All to Fire Once


Fires on OnStartTouch to Add 1 to the math_counter

Does not Fire Once

What it does:
When the vehicle is either hit or shot receiving any damage the car alarm goes off attracting zombies to it. Once enough zombies horde around the vehicle (attacking it) the car alarm will short out and the car will explode.

I got what I wanted out of making it.

The source of inspiration for this prefab is from the new walk-through for Dying Light.

Forward to 2:20




Made the physics more realistic.

Here it is in action (I fire an input from a func_button to add 5 to the math_counter):

If you want it you can get it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zydxekz20zx5lfw/exploding_car_trap.zip

Edited by CalebMichal

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Now this is what I call a quality prefab. Using the nature of a npc_bullseye as a means of replicating the tendency of zombies to be drawn towards sound. Genius! And here I was using it to attract zombies to dead corpses and lead them about like a a flock of pigeons following a trail of breadcrumbs. If only I wasn't so busy working on this here objective map, I would happily join you in exploring the true potential of what these entities have to offer NMRiH.

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