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"Contamination" A free updateable novel

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I'm an belgian, 18 years old Don't shoot me down for some gramatic mistakes please, enjoy!

====== Chapter one: Contained ======

So here I am, stuck in a place with 5 walls with 9 other guys and only 5 beds to sleep on, in the room. it look like some of these men will be placed to another room soon. Since where will the rest of us sleep anyhow? There are no toilets here. Just a gross bucket in a corner with a hospital curtain to give you some privacy. but i'm sure the stench of piss and crap will soon dissuade the other guys to use it any time soon. Unless they clean the place up tomorrow. One guy already puked in the damn thing and by the looks of it, 2 others were almost following him aswel. I have no clue what they did to my wife, or my daughter Jennifer. Or what they'll do with us. The military aint fond with sharing information; "You'll be able to see your family soon sir, please remain calm. A doctor will check you up in the next 24 hours, and when he says you're not in danger for spreading the decease, you may see them" Some CDC official that wasn't really into stepping in the room and nearly shouted it out the gap in the metal door. It feels like i'm in prison. There's a small TV on, protected by a metal casing with a window for us to watch through. Like they think we're going to steal a TV while we're locked in a room! On the TV, we see normal broadcasting. Some crappy shows are on the tube. And suddenly i realise that these are replays from earlier this week. Why would they want to do that? Suddenly i hear the heavy, screetching noise of the door opening up with 2 armed soldiers and 3 CDC doctors stepping inside soon after.

They start pointing toward us. I'm picked! My relief of getting out of this stinkhole is soon replaced by the smell of the other rooms that are opened when i walk past them. Some of these people are in such a bad state. They're skinny, fragile. Some of these men look older than they really are. One of the men escorting me tells me "Move up, quickly!".In the distance i hear shouting. while door after door opens and shuts by an automated system when we get through them. The sound of screaming gets replaced by a single gunshot, soon followed by 2 more.

I can't think of anything else about who that person was, and after all what happened already, makes me wonder why i'm still asking why he was shot when i already knew the answer. "The decease is spreading" one of the soldiers looks concerned to one of the CDC doctors. "I know, that's why we're doing these tests".

"There must be alternatives, putting the sick with the healthy really isn't the best idea of containing it" The soldier knew more then we did since his face turned red.

"And you think that discussing it right next to these people will help to contain it?", the CDC doctor farmost right of me with a concerned tone.

We step into a large medical warden with atleast 15 soldiers. I see a nurse with a tribal tattoo on her neck writing documents when one of the doctors calls her for something.

The doctor then turns his attention toward us, " are these the men from 89"? 89 was the "cell" we've been in for the past 5-9 hours, can't remember anymore really. The CDC official nods to him and he responds in an enthusiastic manner "Ah excelent, kind gentlemen. Would you please undress?" They stripped me and 2 others of my room and gave us these robes, white with blue. I felt discomforted already, but with these robes where my ass is almost wide naked i felt like i was getting a cold through my ass. Please, it's bad enough i'm in here and i know nothing about my family! The doctor starts examing me, a whole body check-up. Lungs, heart, reflexes and sight. "Do you have any complaints?" Said he doctor who seems like to be awake for atleast 40 hours now. his tie is tainted with red. I'm pretty sure that's blood, and it's already dry. So it isn't recent. "Yes, the room service is terrible" I said in a very discomfored tone. He smiles, "atleast some have their humor not shoved right up their arse" his accent made me think he's british. "But let's be serious, you have any complaints? pain? dizzyness? I can't tell everything by looking at your heart and lungs. I don't know how you feel."

"You want to know how i feel? My freedom is stripped away, You've all taken my family away and after that i'm put in a room with 9 others with only 5 beds and a public bucket for us to shit in. You clearly have no idea how i feel. Now you know", The soldier guarding me didn't like my attitude and made me know he has a gun and spontanously shoved it in my face. When i recovered i see the doctor taking his notepad, and starts writing down information. He drops his pen on the medical table on my left and looks me straight in the eye. "Your family is safe, believe me. none of the females and children i checked so far have shown any symptoms, and by the looks of it. You neither. I do have to take a blood sample to prove my theory, now may I?"

I nods, and while he takes his clean syringe, i look to the soldier who gave me a date with his stock and asks "was that really neccesary?"

He turns a blind eye and ignores the question like a true scumbag.

I feel the presure of the needle and i hear the doctor say "all done, now excuse me. I'm back in a minute or 5."

He doctor leaves and i'm looking to the other 2 next to me. They seem to be sick. Perhaps infected. The nurse attends to the most sick and when she does the man pukes in her face and The nurse yells " CODE 6! CODE 6!". The soldier guarding me put his attention to the 2 guys and I soon see the guy falling of the examining table with what looks like he's having a seizure. One of the CDC officials pulls me off the table and puts me in the far most corner of the room. With the nurse cleaning off her face, she's grabbed by one of the soldiers and nearly dragged out the warden in which she's barely able to remain on her feet. I hear her screaming until i hear 2 gunshots in the room. The CDC official looks me in the eye and checks for any splatters of blood or any other fluids. "Are you okay?" he says to me in a calm manner and those brownish eyes makes me remember about that one time i nearly broke my leg in summer school. "No, no i'm fine", I'm just shocked.

The doctor returns and sees what happened. "Oh shite, Alright that's it. Warden lockdown, everybody in here leaves, This room becomes a yellow zone until all subjects have been retested."

I turn to him and release myself from the CDC official and yell "What just happened! I want answers!".

The official i declared my freedom to grabs a syringe and the last thing i feel is a pinch in my neck and the pain i feel from my face falling to the ground.

====== Chapter two : escape =======

I wake up from what seems to be a bad dream. However, when the blurred sight fades and my eyes turn sharp i notice i'm still in the nightmare i fell asleep to.

Next to me is the nurse who was puked on by that guy, she's already awake from what seems like a bad hangover. Her face looks beaten up, bloody, her wrists are blue and she has a very pale skin. " Are you, eh okay ma'am?"

At first she doesn't respond to me. But when i poke her she suddenly jumps up and screams. When she sees me she becomes quiet.

"Sorry, i thought i was getting jumped by them" she seems like she's been wrangled through a meat grinder and survived to tell the tale.

"Who's them?" I asked her. "The infected, wait. Weren't you in the warden when that code 6 happened?

"Yeah, right next to him. What's a code 6?" i wondered.

"Code 6 is basicly that there has been a reported infected in the area. I'm glad none of the fluids made contact with my eyes or mouth. That would have been bad"

"How so?" I was getting more information from a nurse then i got from the mayor when they first picked me up in the city.

"If you're infected, you will die. there's nothing that we can do about it so far. People starting puking, seizing, their heart stops and soon after..."

before she could finish their sentence the door opens, the doctor who had examined me earlier rushed in and tells me to get up and follow. When i get out of the door i see armed men surrounding the guy, with one of the soldiers yelling "We aint got no time sir, we have to move". the doctor grabs my arm and gives me a jacket.

"What's happening" i asked him. "No time to explain, just hurry up and keep quiet"

I notice the radio chatter coming out of that radio strapped on one of the officers vest talking about the entire left wing being compromised and that they had to fall back. soon followed by more radio chatter that i couldn't understand.

We keep moving, another level upstairs soon followed by another and then another one. The higher we go, the louder those screams, shouts, gunshots are.

"Oh no not again", the nurse with a traumatized voice.

"Hurry up, our helicopter is leaving soon", said the doctor with his most dramatic accent. we move further up to the top of the compound and suddenly i see a man who came out of a door jumping on one of the soldiers protecting us. He trips and tumbles down the stairwell alongside the guy. "Leave him, there is no time to save him" yell the doctor to the remainings. We are at the end of the stairwell, and the soldier opens the door. For the first time i see natural light. It looks like it's dawn, the warm feeling of the sun in my neck is a pleasant change after all those hours inside. A final staircase leads to the door accessing the roof. In which i see atleast 50 armed men waiting for us in helicopters. he drops me, alongside the nurse next on what looks like a high grade military chopper.

"That's all of us, nobody else will come. Issue the broken arrow" yells the officer in his radio. All the men on the roof board their vehicles and we lift off. I look at the officer and asks " What's a broken arrow, what's going on for christ sake!", i'm not only confused but i feel disorriented when the pilot banks the chopper to the left, making me feel like i'm falling out. Good thing there are straps. the officer replies; "You'll see, and everything will be explained to you very soon"

The complex, i've resorted in looks like a big grey concrete bulding with barely any windows on the lower floors. I hear distant jet engines roaring as i see 2 jets dropping of a payload. the majority of the complex collides and falls apart. From all the questions i had, i had one dominating me the most. "What about those still inside? You killed them all!".

"That's the plan" The officers sniffs to me. When i'm about to get insane to the remarks and the stress becomes to much the nurse grabs me by the shoulders and whispers "Relax... I know this is all confusing to you. But please remain calm"

I look to her and i realize whatever happened had a good reason. Now the only question i had was where my family is. But on the otherside, looking the destruction and chaos that ensued there.Made me feel that I really don't want to know and the emotions takes too much on me. I began to cry.

The doctor who looked concerned to me unstraps himself and tells to pilot to fly steady. He comes over to me and asks how i'm doing.

"I've had better days..." I answer with a sad, deep voice.

"well, then i have good news for you..." I look him in the eyes and smiles.

"Your family is in that other chopper. They were in the green zone and we were able to get out most of them in time."

I looked through the open door and as closer the helicopter came to me, the more i began to recognise her face.

"She's alive". I said with a great relieve.

"Yes, she is. Please relax now my friend" He sits down again and looks to him in a gratefull way.

When i start to turn my notice away from him. I notice one of the soldiers began to sweat, his eyes turned redish and he began to vomit.

"Oh shit" The officer attends to the soldier and he's getting a seizure. "Crap, Put a bullet in his head now" Yells the doctor. One of the soldiers yells we can't because a bad shot could hit a system and we would crash.

The officer rants about not giving a shit and suddenly the seizing stops. Before the officer could take actions himself he reawakens in a fit rage and bites the officer in the arm. The officer pulls his arm out of his teeth and puts a bullet in his head. The officer yells out of pain "shit shit shit" and drops down to what appears to be shock. The doctor aparently knew what's next and told us to shoot him next. The soldier who argued before kept quiet and when he was about to pull his pistol out, the body reawakens and jumps on him. Several shots are fired in which another occupant gets hit accidently. He takes a bite out of him aswel and the officers takes a bullet in his face.

His lifeless body drops down. And when i notice the strapless body starts falling out of the helicopter i noticed the bloodied cockpit. I unstrap myself and i see both pilots lifeless in their seats.

We hear another gunshot. This time the soldier bitten taking his own life with a bullet in his head.

"The pilots are dead" I yelled. We lose more and more altitude and i try to move the stick. I get knocked back by the doctor who seemed to have unstrapped himself aswel and pushes me in my seat and straps me. "We're crashing, hang on", as he barely makes it back to his seat aswel.

I hear radio chatter "what's going on Victor 3-9, come on Victor 3-9. You're losing altitude, pull up!"

What happens next is something i can't explain. The noise, the screams, the nurse holding my hand tightly. My thoughts about my wife, about my kid, about myself.

And before i knew it, we hit the ground....

====== Chapter 3: Crash & answers =======

Screens flash, I pop in and out of consciousness. I hear the nurse yelling at me that we have to go. I didn't have the strength to get up on my own. suddenly a fire blaze shakes me back to life. I grab the nurses hand while she drags me out of the burning wreckage. It takes me a second or 10 to realise but most of the people were still alive. I see 2 dead bodies outside. The soldier who offed himself, and the one who got shot.

"This is Victor 3-9, i repeat this is the surviving element of victor 3-9 to Remaining airborne units. We need immediate Casevac out of hostile territory, i repea-" It seems like the survivors, a handfull of soldiers are trying to communicate to the rest. The doctor, although wounded tends to see if i'm right. "I'm fine" i hastely respond. "Are we back into the city?

"Yes, and that aint good news." said the panicking soldier sitting on the ground, trying to find his weapon.

"Well, how come" Like i had a feeling that question would get me plenty of bad eyes after all what's happened in the past 10 minutes...

"Alright, There is a national pandemic going on. As you already know. The only thing what's so different is that once the person is infected, it dies. And when he does, he returns back to the living and tries to infect others in their path." Said the radio guy who threw his broken radio to the ground.

"What matters now is that we're still alive, and we need to contact CDC. We need to get out of here. We HAVE to get to Halleway station." the doctor who always seemed to have a joy, was dead serious this time.

"How, by foot? this whole city is infested. We need to get inside. find shelter, and survive this day. It's already getting dark"

Suddenly we hear moaning and screaming. The noise from the crash and us yelling atracted more infected.

I hear the nurse yell to us to run as fast as we can. I haste myself towards her and she grabs my hand. She's following the doctor who's escorted by the radioguy. We manage to get inside a house and manage to baricade it before we realise the infected rather take oponents with guns. I hear the 2 remaining soldiers firing their guns at the incoming horde in which they're able to outmanage for a while. Until one of them gets tackeled by an infected and gets eaten. The other barely manages to jump in a manhole and covers the lid. Assuming he survives the encounter.

"Well, that's that..." said the soldier, who's name i don't know.To be honest, I don't know no ones name anyhow. The nurse, the doctor, him. I don't know their names! i'm stuck in a building, with 3 people i don't know. and i don't know their names.

"Okay, i want answers. RIGHT HERE and right now." not a week ago, i was happily together with my wife, celebrating my daughters 12th aniversary. Now for some crazy pandemic me and my family were almost kidnapped by the military and put in a complex with total strangers. I demand answers"

The soldier looks grim to me, like he wants to get rid of me. I can't dissagree with him though, i'm in a situation and i don't even know the slightest about what's happened.

"It hasn't been a week..." The doctor turns to me with a serious face and his voice turned into a more authorative personality.

"You've been in a coma for 3 weeks after the accident in the warden. You came in contact with infected saliva after the guy next to you puked. Instead of turning, you showed minimal symptoms and remained stable.

The nurse panicks "Wait, what? He's infected?" she turns a bad eye towards me all of the sudden. Like she wants me killed.

"Ashley, don't freak out. You had your face covered with the stuff and you weren't showing any symptoms. You know why?" The more he said, the more confused i was.

"You both are immune to this, you're the cure. Why do you think I personally came to get you out of there?" The nurse stands up from the wobbling chair.

"I'm not immume!" I showed no infection, bloodwork proofs that.

"No, i made you think you were clear." Your anti bodies adapt to the virus, whatever it may be. normally, the antibodies starts attacking its own body, results in plenty of nasty side effect including vomiting, seizuring, brain control..." he explains it with such a passion, it explains why he was so joyfull at start...

"Wait, brain control?" I asked.

"Yes, People assumed once you're infected. You would die. What happens pretty much is that this virus takes control of the brain, most of the vitals are still functioning . We did several tests. Including liver and kidneys. all functioning like a normal people would. Some infected were even pissing when we did the tests..."

"So why do they suddenly become cannibals?" the nurse starts to believe the doctor.

"They're not, they're just spreading the decease. by biting, vomiting, spitting, scratching. Everything that makes contact to wounds or eyes, ears, nose,mouth will infect you."

"So, this immume thing. Is it in our brains?" i asked with doubt. The doctor looks at me and says yes.

"But because of your immume system adapted the virus, the virus is unable to complete the process" and he adds that he doesn't know why.

"And is this virus only in the US, or global?"

The doctor looks down and says; " The US military bombed most of the cities including Washington DC with napalm. Canada and Mexico closed their borders. they manages so far. Europe has some reports of the same virus, but it's contained for now i believe."

The soldier comes in the conversation

" look i don't give crap about what it is, where it is or what's it called. All i need to know is how i can kill the sons of bitches."

"The doctor turns his attention to him" Well, since all vitals are active. most shots would kill them in the long term. Head, heart, lungs. Those are the spots to go for." The doctor seems tired down at this point. And sits down on the same chair Ashley sat on.

"Look, i don't even know your names.I know the nurse is called Ashley. but that's it"

"I'm Doctor gregory Laurie. CDC hired me in the first week of outbreak"

"And i'm Sergeant J. Forge, US National garde."

Well, in case you didn't knew my name. I'm Ronald Fairwell. Friends call me Ron. But you will call me Mr. Fairwell. I ain't your stinking friends...

I'll update this novel every day if i can. Thank you for reading!

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