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[Plugin] Ammo unload

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This sourcemod plugin allows you to unload ammo from your guns. Thanks goes to ssba and sourcemod folks whose helpful tips allowed me to dump virtual offsets for ammo box!

Usage: type sm_unload in console (preferably bind that command to a key)

Download (source code included): http://cactuspie.eu/pliki/unloader.zip

Please note that the plugin wasn't thoroughly tested, so if you notice any bugs, please report them in this topic!

Also, for anyone who would like to modify the plugin, here are offsets for ammo box in current nmrih build, they might come in handy: http://pastebin.com/R15HzWdF

Edited by CactusPie

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I got this plugin for my server and it works amazingly!! Only problem is that the plugin doesn't seem to recognize the AK-47 using the 7.62 ammo. Also, there's problems with the SKS (also using 7.62 ammo) where it eats the magazine and it doesn't drop it on the floor.

Could you please update the plugin? :D

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Sweet. Thanks for the quick update. :D

I just went through the weapons list again to double check that they're all working and it seems that the "fa_1022" (the rifle that uses .22 ammo) isn't unloading. All other weapons are fine now though.

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Now it seems that the "fa_glock17" (using 9mm ammo) isn't unloading.

Also, could you add "tool_flare_gun" and "me_chainsaw" to the unload table too please?

Edited by Stings2pee

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