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Zombie Spawning.

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I'm developing a simple map for NMRIH (Don't worry, it's quite fun). But i'm having trouble with the zombie spawning since there are no tutorials (that i've found yet) that demonstrates how to do it.

If anyone could help me out i would be very happy. ^_^

Thank you. ;)

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Yea the wiki would have the information, but zombies invaded it last week.

You need to create a brush called nav_3d, and set it to ground.

Compile the map, then while running it in game, use the command nav_generate (after enabling sv_cheats)

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Thanks ^^ I got a bit confused but i managed to create it.

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hey there first!

this is my first post on this forum and my first map i have ever created... or at least tried to.

having MAJOR problems with zombie spawning. I always get a crash to desktop while sampling walkable space (im on v 1.06)

my setup:

a three story building with a yard around it (my real life home)

zombies spawn on the top level, zombies spawn in the yard.

zones are on the second floor (for top level zombies) and on the first floor (for ground level zombies)

got zombies walking around on my map ONCE.

what i have tried yet (every step gives me a crash exept for the underlined ones):

- following the wiki step by step (works on a very simple map but not on the one im creating right now)

- every entity mentioned in the wiki is inside

- "no player-clips" got me crashes so i unchecked them

- "no player-clips" unchecked got me crashes so i removed them

- no "no player-clips" and i still get crashes

- found out that zombies cant walk up the second set of stairs to the top level of the building (even though the stair set is the same as the first)

- placed zombie spawners on the ground level only, one zone is on the second floor

- removed the zone on the second floor

- removed second zombie spawner

- moved zombie spawner right next to the zone (on an open field) WORKS!

- retried EVERYTHING again

- moved zombie spawner next to the zone and i get a crash to desktop once again

so is a map without zombies ok for this mod? :D

i dont know what to do anymore. really need help now!

would be great to play my first map ever properly =)



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lol i made that comment under that video xD

(was before i was trying all of that ^^)

[but you still helped me with a lot of other things]

uhm its a survival map.

it may have something to do with problems. i ckecked for problems and i have some unused values in ammo properties.

maybe it wont compile properly. i dont know.

i will try to take out those ammo boxes by tomorrow morning... in a few hours... and try it again.

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no. nothing works.

i had a WHOLE BUNCH of bugs and problems with hammer this past week and i mastered them all.

but this one makes my brain melt :unsure:

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Must be something brush wise causing it to crash, it does not like change in height and if it's not clean mapping this could be the problem, in my map it won't generate walkable areas after a certain point because of a small drop

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ok. ill check that, too.

the funny thing is, that it worked yesterday.

the zombies couldnt walk up to the last floor but it worked...

and i did not change the core map in anyway since.

except for no player clips and ammo but i removed them, too.


i reduced the map size to a minimum and it seems to work (zombie spawn right next to zone).

but when the zombies should spawn the game shuts down...

"a small step for a man..."


supply drop freq should not be 0 ;-)

now everything works i guess!


only have to make them use the stairs to the top level!

THX to all!

Edited by Beelzedude

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