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My Newbie Nmrih IK rig

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Well since I had nothing better to do I decided I'd brush up on my 3dsmax skills (and by that I mean non existent) and give Ik rigging a shot. So I went over to cdg.net and downloaded some VTM's made by some of the coolguys over there and started studying up on it. I had been trying to import the pre-existing rig through decompiling models already in the game, however most .smd importers would break the bone structure or mess something up once it got into 3dsmax. So after hours and hours and me constantly messing up I have a rough draft of my very first rig using the Nmrih hands\textures.


It's not the best thing ever by far but i'll keep working on it and maybe I'll get something that's workable for getting some custom animations rolling out here eventually. No matter what its been a great learning experience as I've never even messed with bone structures before,and really made me appreciate how much time people put into this kind of stuff.

Btw if anybody wants to mess around with it i'll go ahead and post a link for the Max scene, and the textures of course the mesh and texture credit goes the to Nmrih guys.


Please bear in mind this is not 100% perfect.

Please feel free to leave any comments or constructive criticism it would be greatly appreciated!

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