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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! First of all, i am pretty new in the world of NMRIH since my experience is based on CS:GO SDK and SourceMod (more than 800 hours on that), but anyways let's introduce my map to you. - Story: You are isolated inside an abandoned and unknown school near a forest. Undead hordes can smell you from a distance and they are now approaching in order to rip your body apart, so your mission is to defend the school and survive until extraction arrives, use everything you can find to eliminate all threats that show up! Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Features: - Chopper extraction - Survive 9 waves while defending 3 zones (A / B / C) - Runners start at wave 3 / Kids at wave 2 - Supply after clearing wave 5 - Detailed props and obstacles - Different types of light - Dark rooms to explore - Breakable doors and windows - Tools to unlock different paths Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1591042168 Hope you enjoy it! Any suggestion, bug or feedback that you find to improve this map will be appreciated, Ulreth. Version G - 14/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added more roof obstacles + Added wood details to firecamps + Added some gascans + Added scream sounds + Added minor details in general + New locked storage + Increased amount of random items inside classrooms + Fixed minor clip bugs Version F - 16/04/2018 - Added loading screen - Added more props, debris & decals in general - Added missing light & sound for fire - Increased amount of mele weapons & items - Changed skybox texture & global lighting - Map reduced to 9 waves with more zombies in general - Fixed critical ending bug - Fixed stairs collision - Fixed burn damage - Fixed cubemaps error Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap
  2. I set up for step by step this video: But i not have zone when im loading the game, zombie spawning how many i want but zone not show up, no Wave starts, so if no safe zone i cant test chopper with supplies. How need to make than a safe zone if from this video not working. I maked steps exectly, dunno whats the problem. If anyone have idea or any link help me please, spent lot of hours to make zone problem but didn't fixed it till. Really need a helping hand . Thanks:. Steeldre Best Wishes
  3. - idk if its suppose to be like this but it seems as though that even tho the window in zone C in isolated (possibly other maps) is barricaded the zone still loses its health percentage (or whatever its called). - You can also still get hit standing close to the barricade while the zombie is on the other side attacking it, should atleast lower the hp lost/chance to get hit, while barricade should be protecting you, something like that.
  4. I would like to propose the idea of using objects to represent a zone instead of having zones only being defines by borders of rooms or the compass indicator. The idea came to me on nms_isolated where at zone c the zombies would regularly attack a metal bucket in the corner and also that zombies could destroy zones from the wrong floor. If each zone had an object to represent it such as that metal bucket or some form of FEMA paraphernalia that zombies would have to attack in order to destroy a zone would make defending zones easier and also make organizing zones easier. Take for example nms_northway zone A, Camilla's Diner where in order to protect the zone a player must essentially stop all access to the diner whereas using say for example the cash register as the zone representative zombies could enter the diner giving players the opportunity to not only attack through the barricade but use the tables and counters inside for defense. This idea i think would improve the feasibility of defending zones although it may slightly hinder the AI as they will be trying to destroy the objects instead of just trying to attack the survivors. Any feedback or additional suggestions would be awesome (great ideas are formed iteratively)