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Found 7 results

  1. Concept The concept of this map is based off older vmfs and has certain scrapped elements and areas from other maps including the earliest versions of Atex, Shelter and Copat, this map is supposed to be filled with leftovers from other maps but aspire a decent looking quality map that is supposed to be running smoothly. Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/S2PxI Download The download button can be found on the gamebanana page 7zipped, for every individual file you can always ask me on discord (Nmrih Discord, if you happened to download the bsp but not the nav nor obj) Download onto this site: https://gamebanana.com/maps/198207 Put it under Steam / Steamapps / Common / Nmrih / Nmrih / Maps Should have a bsp, nav and obj file in there in order to work properly Current version Current version is alpha version 2 , because i had put it first on "???" servers, but because of it had broken cubemaps i couldn't be forced to upload it onto gamebanana so i waited a while untill i was satisfied and certain that it would work, also i couldn't just keep it to a1, since some people don't know how to delete files :>. Known issues * Map does not have a proper ending yet and objectives aren't yet diversified as of today 23/12/2017, you can get extracted though
  2. Nmo_shelter_test_Versions I've been mapping for some time now, about 2 years i'd say which is mainly me just playing around with the tools in hammer. It was actually never my intention to submit a complete community map, as i just saw it as a tool to play around with. After some struggle of real life problems like school and other silly stuff, i've decided to get you guys updated upon my progress of my latest maps. I had played around with 5 other map kinda designs, but i wasn't really satisfied with any of them or how they would've turned out, which lead me to being stuck and not achieving any progress at all. So after 5 scraplings (copat, atex, shelter (first attempt), shelter (second attempt), shelter (final attempt) i hope i will finally be able to release this one as i really put a lot of time in it to get it done. A more detailled topic will follow soon i hope
  3. UPDATE: With the redesign of the map, I figured a new description was in order. The survivors hoped to find an active safezone with fresh food, walls or, at the very least, a place to sleep for a night without worrying about the undead. Instead, they found the safezone abandoned, its former inhabitants slaughtered by the undead. Now, with the horde that was drawn by the sound of their vehicles bearing down on them, the only thing to do is to hold out and hope the National Guard will evac them somewhere safer. V 0.1: - Initial version - Random Spawners Added Screenshots: V 0.5:
  4. This is my first map I have ever finished to a point of sharing, so I hope you guys like it. There are a few things I still want to work on, but right now they are little petty things. Story As the final survivors of the Ravenwood Survival Compound, it is your job to protect your last good radio from the zombies in order to contact the outside world. Info Initial Spawn Count: 20 (goes up by 10) Rounds: 12 Resupply Waves: Once every 3 waves Runners: 8 Children: 15 (or currently none) Map Link https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0zxcu6126qr5b/nms_ravenwood_v_1 Picture Link http://imgur.com/a/opBIK If something doesn't work, let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Optimization/map design/etc. Like I said, it's my first map Thanks for taking a look!!! Edit: I am aware that is a general, probably boring survival map. I don't want to make those kinds, but for this one I just wanted to make something to try out the process
  5. This map was an idea I had for the game, I must say this is my first map I have ever made for this game and I would really like to know what people think about the idea of the map. The name is pretty fast so if the map seems good enough to push further in development it is definitely going change! Screen Shots Right now it is pretty unfinished like there are currently no supply drops, and no extraction, I don't know how much having no extraction would break the map when you complete it. -To remedy no supply drops the map automatically supply's the player with unlimited ammo by engaging the "givecurrentammo" command every fraction of a millisecond! -There is only guns inside the spawn and no health or other supplies right now, so try to not get bit! There are blast doors in the map and they open when you get near them, so the first floor blast doors need to be opened in order to kill all the zombies to finish the rounds, but the second floor blast door doesn't really need to be opened till zones A and B are destroyed so I wouldn't go upstairs till you really need to, unless you don't care about zones C and D. Other then that remember this is pretty much a concept, I would like to know everyone's opinion about the design of the level and the idea of it. If you need help let me know and if you have any suggestions let me know. I do need help myself sense I don't have that much experience mapping for this game, so if there is any info about anything that would be nice to know I would much appreciate. Download
  6. Hello everyone I am working on a Evil Dead map for the survival mode. It still in a very early stage and lot of features are missing like the forest, fruit cellar and some props in the cabin. I still need to add more barricades, more weapons, fixing the A.I, working on the light and texturing the rest of the cabin. So i give you a little sneak peek of my work so far. Let me know what you think about. Update 1 : I made huge amount of progress since last time, the cabin is 90 % done and the forest is about 75 % done. Im still not sure if i will do the fruit cellar, ill keep thinking about it. I fixed the lightning to get close to the atmosphere of the first movie so moving in the forest will require a flashlight or a buddy with one. Here how the map look so far.
  7. Hi Guys, its me again. After my last failure at posting on the forums, I figured I'd start drawing out my ideas for maps. Fathomless suggested I try mapping indoor maps before going to outdoor. Since then, I've been looking for a real life location to map. My friend suggested I map his house, and I wanted to get your opinions on it. What this map will contain: -Radio with fully voiced radio station -15 rounds of steadily increasing difficulty -Possible secrets -Custom extraction Basic layout of his house: Ground Floor: http://imgur.com/hSb52N4'> Basement: http://imgur.com/OuUaKZW'> Rural setting, possibly large amounts of guns, little ammo. My friend has a few