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Found 8 results

  1. You know, I'm a huge fan of this game, but playing with same weapons, same maps over and over is getting me bored. I play this game since 2012 i think, and thru all this time i was collecting weapon addons and other fixes for this game. Some of this were made myself, some of them i downloaded here, on this forum, some of them were requested by me, and only I have it. And today, I'm going to share all addons i have for this game. The impulse to this was the fact, that my friend Templar recently made 5 more models for me, then i polished them, and ready to upload. But i also have some old addons, such as AK47, p345, silenced mac10. I had them for a while, they were made by local nmrih community member - Demo aka CougarMagnum. He allowed me to upload them to public, but i did not then, it was almost 1 year ago. Now when i got even more skins, and probably I'm not going to make or request more, here it is. The biggest addon pack for nmrih of all time. But not to waste your time, just see this video demonstation i'v done for you today: https://youtu.be/uAO5VaKl0Iw most of, and best of addons I have is shown here. Link to download bellow. Have a good time "mowing em down" with brand new weapons, if I ever have more good stuff to upload I will do so in this thread. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zwcekak4ro83wec/Flammable+NMRiH+Addon+pack+2018.rar
  2. Hello everyone! I'm pretty new to the community but not very new to modding this game. I've done quite a bit of unreleased, Weapon reskining, Adding various new guns to my No More Room in Hell experience. My latest, Big project Im taking on is Chiki Briki'ing(If thats a thing?) or rather Gopnikify my No More Room in Hell. I've started with some weapons and 3 playermodels. 2 of which have been completely redone. The other just replaces Badass's Old outfit with sexy Tracksuit.. Mmm.. Adidas.. My goal is to not only make a Gopnik Zombie Apocalypse but also a ridiculous Zombie Apocalypse. Later on you'll know what I mean. Anyways Im sure after reading all this text you probably want a reward like some screenshots. So I'll hold off for a bit and let you all have a look. {3DS Max Renders} {In game} [OTs-33 - M92fs Replacement] [bateman Replacement] [Molotov Replacement] [badass Replacement] [Fists Replacement] [Glock 80 - Glock17 Replacement] Sorry if the lighting is terrible, I still need to do the shaders and what not and fix a few issues. Also reskining more of the weapons and melee. I plan on covering the 4 major subjects; Playermodels Weapons(Including melee, and items.) Sounds(Weapons generally, but Voice volunteers are welcome to contribute!) Zombies(Who wouldnt want to see a couple of nicely dressed Zombie Gopniks and Policemen, as well as Russian Soldiers!) Hopefully this has been an interesting read and I appreciate your support! upon completion and release I will provide a full list of credits for that the original authors/creators deserve! More WiP Images will be uploaded as the progress of this Reskin pack moves along. Total Percentage(Estimated/Guessing really..): 10-25% Planned Reskins(Weapons for now.) Pistols: Glock17 - Glock 80 Bretta M92FS - OTs-33 M1911 - TT33 Tokarev(Much better. :3) SW686 - MR96(May change though, Doesnt look too good.) Ruger Mark III .22 - No change/Maybe become something ridiculous. Melee: Machete - Sickle Kitchen Knife - AKM/AK74 6x4 Bayonet SludgeHammer - ??? Chainsaw - ??? Saw - ??? Fireaxe - ??? Crowbar - ??? Fists - Fists ofcourse. :3 Shovel - ??? Baseball bat - ??? FUBAR - Hmm? ;3 Lead Piper - ??? Pipe Wrench - ??? E-Tool - ??? Tools: Welder - ??? Barricade hammer - Hammer. ._. Maglite - Maglite ofcourse, With some sleeves. :3 Lighter - Same thing above. Fire Extinguisher - ??? Flare Gun - ??? Explosives: Grenade - F1 Grenade Molotov - Vodka Molotov TNT - ??? I'll add more planned weapons/items list as the mod pack progresses. "A nu chiki briki iv damke" - A very wise man!
  3. Hi everyone. I have a survival server with unlimited waves and I need help to improving the !guns plugin on this server. Can someone make this plugin to spend respawn tokens for some items like a currency points? With fixing values if it's possible? Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I wish to inform you about a content pack I have been working on this month, and was just finished up yesterday. It is an arguably realistic sound pack, which in my humble opinion, makes the weapons sound a little better. Adds some boom and extra grittiness to go in line with the absolutely beautiful animation. I mixed and matched, and eventually found things working correctly. As a lover of this game for so long, it was about time I contributed. Disclaimer: These are not by any means labelled "100% Realistic omg real life sounds" No. I just tried to find some high quality sources, and mix and match them to the appropriate gun. Some gun sounds aren't from the gun it is matched to. For example, the Beretta92 has sounds from a Sig P228. I threw together a preview video, as it was made at 2 in the morning, i apologize for the overall meh-ness, and some frame drops. Please enjoy, and any feedback is welcomed openly. Download Here (Instructions on how to install and Changelog included)
  5. -A steam workshop to push mods maps guns for nmrih. -More character models such as wemon and costum chracters mod implemnted. -A map creator for nmrih. -Solid textures so when throw a grenade u can hide behind a wall and be safe. -Zombies should be able to grab u through the doors or walls. -free or easy server creation. -Basic Ui with health bar stamina bar and infection level bar no black white health system or being able to switch between them. -thirdperson should match up with firstperson animations so it dosent look wierd. -Walking and running animation should be more realistic instead of grandma shuffling when walking or running. -should be a wall animation when comeing in contact with it such as the gun or melee wepone going off screen and hand animations if no gun or melee there. -taking cover on a wall. -zombies should just stand still if they cannot reach such as a ledge or table if there near u. -the looking animation should match up where you are looking like when your looking straight the charecter is looking down. -Zombies should be able to get knocked down. -Zombies should be able to get cut up shuch as cutting an arm off or taking a leg out. -Zombies should be able to continue fighting without a head and where the lines are for the zombie decpation on the head should not be seen. -Many more zombies models such as leapers,runners that can crawl on walls,dogs,brutes. -More guns>rocket launcher,M14 grenade launcher,mini nuke launcher,bb gun AA12-12 Guage A91-7.62x39mm L96A1-7.62mm Ak-47-7.62x39 AMT AutoMag v- .50 Caliber Apache Reevolver- .7mm Aps-5.66x29mm Fn Fal-7.62x51mm Thompson Autorifle-7.62x54mm Thompson Submachine gun- .45 Barrett M82- .50 BMG>12.7x99mm Beretta M1951- .380 Acp Beretta Model 12- 9x19mm M1911- .45 Acp Desert Eagle- .357 Magnum Alien Pistol-Energy Cells Dual Pistols< -More melee wepons>kuni knifes,energy sword,slingshot,ninja throwing stars,Sword< -More Grenades> trip mine, mines, dynimate, smoke grenade, poision grande< >Plz feal free to a more ideas to the list<
  6. Hi I'm new to NMRIH and like a normal player I was having fun. and after a few waves I came along a problem when I wanted to pickup an item I could not soo I let my character die and respawn again and that did not help so then I rejoined the game and that did nothing I haven't tried restarting my computer yet but I'll get to it, But overall I know its "e" to use an item and someone said on the forum that you may have to try clicking "e" on an item at distances or at weird angles but that doesn't work either so please fix this bug soon or I'll stop playing no more room in hell... not saying thats going to do anything. But thanks in advance.
  7. Hey there! I've been playing NMRiH for quite awhile now and seen there are quite a few weapons but not enough types of weapons i had some ideas for weapons to be put in: -=(Melee)=- Frying Pan 2x4 Wood Stick Police Baton Spike Knuckles -=(SMG)=- MP7 UMP .45 UZI Victor -=(Shotgun)=- Sawn-off double Barrel Shotgun XM1014 Jackhammer AA-12 -=(Rifle)=- M16 Barrett 50cal M4A1 FAMAS L86 LSW -=(LMG)=- M429 SAW
  8. Dear NMRIH development team, At first should I present myself, my name is Marc-Antoine Lortie, 20 years old, and I am here because I would like to apply as a programmer. Having worked with Valve's award winning Source Engine for quite a while in terms of programming, I do believe I could make good use of my programming skills for the purpose of this modification. I am about to go study in field related to programming, after having already completed college once ( three years ago ). I currently have what I would be able to enumerate, very good programming capabilities in c++ ( Own person opinion ). I have started programming at the age of 17 and spent most of these moments on the Source Engine. Regardless of these skills, I do believe I have a decent amount of mathematics in Vectors and linear algebra, ( at least for vectors ). Experience: 2.5+ years C++ 1+ years C# 1+ years Java (Short knowledge Javascript) As of the time being, here are a few videos showcasing what I recently achieved with my programming skills. (Source engine related.) AI Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSGgTKKxRVg Vehicle Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMkDYeUdhMQ General programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sg1bmNAQbQ In addition to this, I am also part of an other team. Possibly a certain ( tripmine studios ) which are working on several greenlit games such as Operation Black Mesa / Guard Duty. I am the main AI Programmer and responsible implementing advanced behavior on enemies that were both in original games. To resume everything, I am interested in taking part of the development team and help with programming skills related to weapons, vehicles, AI, and possibly game modes. ( Of course, if the team is still looking for programmers. ) I can be contacted at malortie@outlook.com Steam profile page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/interglyph?l=english Thank you for your time, and I look forward to our next conversation. Sincerely, interglyph.