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Found 1 result

  1. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cloudrisee/deathland-an-open-world-zombie-survival-game-for-i?ref=live DEATHLAND -Open World Zombie Survival Game for iOS + Android by Mariam Conte Inspired by the console game DEAD ISLAND, Deathland is a first-person perspective survival horror game for iOS devices & android. What's it about? Deathland is heavily inspired by the console title DEAD ISLAND and the award winning TV show THE WALKING DEAD. Deathland is a massive 3D open world game for iOS devices. Players will take the role of Max, an ambitious man trying to survive in a decaying world. The outbreak occurred when he was a teenager. Along the way, he has lost his family and friends. Surviving is a key factor in the gameplay. The game will be in first-person perspective giving players a more immersive experience. Most weapons you find scattered around the world will be hand-to-hand combat weapons such as crowbars/knives/swords. In Deathland, bullets can only slow down zombies. The only way to kill the infected is bodily dismemberment. This is why using melee weapons are heavily encouraged! (Slice em' dead!) However, there are many usable guns you can scavenge. The main storyline is intense & heartwarming. The side quests are exciting and fun. Exploring the vast open world of Deathland will surely have you playing for hours! You don't have to go from one main quest to the next. You can do a main quest, then go out and explore, level up, do an optional side quest, then come back and do another main quest. You are in control. Now I don't see anything great here but others may actually like it.