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Found 1 result

  1. I was playing all alone in server address I was sniping all the zombies from upstairs at the time. I saw one person run into the street and into a building so I sniped the zombies before they could attack him. Then he quit the room. Then I heard two children talking another language. I have no idea what it was but then they had me banned. I saw in the corner (name below) wants to ban me. This is a room 18+ (I'm 36) and I don't think children should be allowed to come in and block a person, nor should they be allowed to play. I played on this server before. So two kids, one adult, kids vote to ban me, for who knows what reason, but I think it's unfair. The server is also written in English. I guess they blocked me so they could come steal my gun? I had the big gun to snipe. I've heard of players killing other players over their guns, I guess this is a better way for them. They never even came upstairs to see me or help. Just started talking on voice chat in other language. One other person did pop in the room prior and then it said he killed himself. That's IF he really killed himself because the boys started talking on voice chat after. Do these children go around doing this to anyone that isn't them in any server? I have never been banned from anything in my life and knowing two children, the one who had me blocked, pottatokiller, had no right to do so. I might just have to delete this game if things like this are allowed. In a 18+ server of all. If they wanted the room alone, why didn't they just kill me? Thanks NRIH, maybe I will just ignore this discussion and never play it again because if you allow children to come into a room and decide they want it alone, I'm not taking part of such abuse. I hope NRIH is happy. Allow the children to play, get rid of the adults. Thanks a lot.