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Found 46 results

  1. You are the sole survivor of a group of people in your apartment block, can you fight your way through hordes of undead to escape this claustrophobic environment? Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2051054423
  2. Is there a list of custom win conditions for the original survival maps? I heard you could play the piano in NotLD for example to escape manually but it's all hearsay, I see no discussions or a list of them. Namely the Ransack, Flooded, NotLD and the rest of "we got this!" achievement maps.
  3. Hello everyone! First of all, i am pretty new in the world of NMRIH since my experience is based on CS:GO SDK and SourceMod (more than 800 hours on that), but anyways let's introduce my map to you. - Story: You are isolated inside an abandoned and unknown school near a forest. Undead hordes can smell you from a distance and they are now approaching in order to rip your body apart, so your mission is to defend the school and survive until extraction arrives, use everything you can find to eliminate all threats that show up! Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Features: - Chopper extraction - Survive 9 waves while defending 3 zones (A / B / C) - Runners start at wave 3 / Kids at wave 2 - Supply after clearing wave 5 - Detailed props and obstacles - Different types of light - Dark rooms to explore - Breakable doors and windows - Tools to unlock different paths Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1591042168 Hope you enjoy it! Any suggestion, bug or feedback that you find to improve this map will be appreciated, Ulreth. Version G - 14/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added more roof obstacles + Added wood details to firecamps + Added some gascans + Added scream sounds + Added minor details in general + New locked storage + Increased amount of random items inside classrooms + Fixed minor clip bugs Version F - 16/04/2018 - Added loading screen - Added more props, debris & decals in general - Added missing light & sound for fire - Increased amount of mele weapons & items - Changed skybox texture & global lighting - Map reduced to 9 waves with more zombies in general - Fixed critical ending bug - Fixed stairs collision - Fixed burn damage - Fixed cubemaps error Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap
  4. Hey zombie lovers, ========================================================================================================= Here is a remade of Pork's nmo_verruckt to fit in some of the major Call-of-duty features: Money, wall-buy, perks and zombies! Enjoy it while you are still safe from zombie infection. =========================================================================================== Total waves: 25 Features: - Regenerative health. - Barricade points across the map. - Mystery box. - Electric Traps. - Separate player spawns. - A set of weapons different from galleria. - More perk machines. Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/199010 Credits: Porkchop4lunch: Author of the original map: "nmo_verruckt" RhymeOfRime: Lighting, redesign, color correction, ending cinematic vfx
  5. Hi there! Here is a my first map i'm a newbiе in mapping. So if you have any idea how to make the map better or w plz say me about that. Screenshots Here is a video about map: http://youtu.be/MVpmmIHmmWQ Features: Regular survival map 13 waves 2 supply drops Code locked door with different unlock combinations Designed for 8 players(i mean its difficult to beat it with less players) Download link: nms_house_of_forester_v_1_6
  6. Download V3 (OLD) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/n13d96gjjdisn0q/nms_unhealthy_v3.zip?dl=0 Download V3.1 (CURRENT) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdd1lghyf29pm2e/nms_unhealthy_v3.1.zip?dl=0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Info: Mapper(s) - Maybe & Coolz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update Notes: v3.1 - Removed tables that were blocking zombies, Fixed library doors to lock open, Minor Fixes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nms_unhealthy_v3 was a map that was originally meant to be for a mess around map with me and a few of my friends but then it turned into a lot more and I got more involved in the map. I had a few issues in the making as I am fairly new to mapping but people assisted me and I fixed the issues that I encountered. It is a survival map so you will need to survive the 10 rounds and protect the Restaurant. v3 is not the final release as I will always be fixing bugs that are found and will be building on feedback. There are screenshots below if you'd like to take a look. I also made some of the textures that are in the map; but I did add the textures to the .bsp so you should not get any missing errors, if you do please let me know and I will fix it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. UPDATED!! - TEXTURES NOW WORK - First realistic (In my opinion) map that I made for nmrih. Every 2 waves you'll gain a supply drop, because of how packed it can get after wave 3/4. This is my second map for nmrih, i'd love feedback! If anyone is going to do anything with the map, edit/modify/improve-upon/place onto a server or anything like that, please tell me first. For the server, please msg your server IP. Would love to play with other players on this =D! Hope you enjoy! ^-^ (IF THE MAP DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU OR CAUSES YOU TO CRASH, DELETE nms_foxstreet.bsp + nms_foxstreet.nav from your files and redownload the map) DOWNLOAD: http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/BaK1V9fA/file.html IMAGES: http://i.imgur.com/LaQfbIE.jpg
  8. nms_medication is my most favourite map so far, currently holds a secret room (which is where the supply drop is - good luck finding it). Also has a random gun spawner ( the creepy room with the doll). A safezone that requires you to keep it intact or you'll lose the power to the lights. (They are regain-able). Overall this is my most fun map to make. I was considering using this map as a objective map, but i ended up just having fun with it. Won't be a while till i make an objective map, untill i get a good idea of one. (currently thinking something around an evil character - i.e the weird creature in this map). Maybe i'll go on something with that idea for an objective map, but for now... I'm going to make a ton of survival maps for fun. Stay tuned! ^-^ Anyway I hope you like! - Love feedback too! If anyone is going to use/modify/edit/use my map on a server, please MSG me, I would love to see the version, as well as the server. DOWNLOAD: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/61IsEArn/file.html IMAGES:
  9. So, I'm not normally the type to enjoy those terrible "cabin" maps that are just kill boxes full of ammo, let alone make one, but decided I couldn't resist making one if it was a familiar environment. I'll presume we've all played Resident Evil 4, or at least know of it. Remember that part where you hold up in the cabin with Luis against waves of ganados? Yep, I made that for our enjoyment in NMRiH! Additionally, I couldn't resist making a simple challenge, because while short, this map is pretty tough yo. 1 wave, 225 zombies, 1 zone, very limited ammo Upstairs is not considered part of the zone because it would be too easy to defend, but they come in up the ladders to eat your face anyway. Massive thanks to Dr. Hammer for setting up the navigation on this map! You should go check out his maps too. I only put weapons that were RE4-ish on this map. - M92fs - Sako85 - Chainsaw - Mossberg 500a - Shovel - etc Known Bugs - the shelves need to be cleared of all items before you can barricade the windows - zombies sometimes get stuck while going in through windows, but they get unstuck eventually - if you die, you'll likely never respawn due to the sheer number of zombies right downstairs Download Here SCREENSHOTS
  10. UPDATE: With the redesign of the map, I figured a new description was in order. The survivors hoped to find an active safezone with fresh food, walls or, at the very least, a place to sleep for a night without worrying about the undead. Instead, they found the safezone abandoned, its former inhabitants slaughtered by the undead. Now, with the horde that was drawn by the sound of their vehicles bearing down on them, the only thing to do is to hold out and hope the National Guard will evac them somewhere safer. V 0.1: - Initial version - Random Spawners Added Screenshots: V 0.5:
  11. I thought it would be neat if you could find and pick up utility items that you can set down and use somewhere, perhaps with their own special functions and for some they are able to be toggled and such, and what they are depends on where you find them. Perhaps maybe even able to be crafted somehow. A few examples: Floodlights (Probably would be placed similarly to L4D2's ammo types, but entirely in first person, can be toggled on or off. Probably could be used as zombie bait.) Bear traps (Placed down the same way, turns zombie into a crawler in addition to doing some damage. Only can be used once until reset manually, which would take a while.) Shotgun traps (Can be placed like a barricade. Could probably only be achieved by some sort of crafting, using a shotgun, and atleast one round, and other stuf. Probably should be expensive so you can't just have them at every door.)
  12. Hi guys, it's been long. I'm this avid new fan of NMRiH, but I can't stop noticing that the maps don't have daylight cycle (obviously the outdoor ones). If we saw the lighting slowly dimming at dusk and going real dark at night, it'd make the game a little more difficult with a bit of a style. For example, in nms_flooded, wave 1 and 2 will be dusk with sufficient lighting. The later waves, with more zombies and their dangerous variants, will be in the evening. Near the end of the match, it will be real hard and also real dark. (Maglites will suddenly be more valuable.) In another view, a night-time map (i.e. nms_silence, nms_isolated etc.) can be started near midnight (peak time for the zombies to get peckish ) and evacuation can arrive at dawn. Not complaining about the gameplay. Love it as it is now. Please don't tarnish the fun.
  13. Evil Dead Cabin Here it is, the first map ive ever released for a Source based game. It basically a simple survival map which feature, as you guessed it, the Evil Dead cabin. I took heavy inspiration from the cabin featured in Evil Dead 2 and the atmosphere of the first Evil Dead. The map is still in beta and is subject to minor or major changes in the future. Barricading every entrance is strongly recommanded. Pictures : I would like to thanks Durkhaz for being so helpful and supportive during the making of this map, without him i probably wouldnt release it for a while. Frank (Steam User Name) for being also very supportive during the early beta test that i ran. Version 1.0 is on it way to celebrate the upcoming new show Ash vs Evil Dead. I will finally bring the final touch it needed and it will be closer to my initial vision of the map. Expect a more spooky encounter, a new terrorizing entity that will hunt the players outside the cabin in the later waves. Download : Official Version: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/download/179197 Changelog: 31 october 2015 1.1 -Removed the safezone in the cellar. No more camping -Replaced the func_rotating brush due to a bug. -Now the saw only work when a log is getting sawn. 29 october 2015 1.0 -Added an Evil Spirits entity that will start spawning at wave 5. -Added more Evil Spirits at wave 7. -Added Smoke effect during the Evil Spirits waves. -Added more spawns to the fruit cellar and main floor. -Added a lock to the shed, need a welder now to access. -Added a welder that have 45 % chance to spawn -A more detailed and spooky fruit cellar. -A real rotating saw. -Real porch beam outside. -Removed the map in the hallway. 02 July 2014 Beta 6 -Fixed the extraction, now it will expire at 60 seconds with a custom text. -Added a text to indicate the real purpose of the portal. -The forest is now more dense. -Optimised the kitchen area. -Removed details on the wall. -Added more details in the main room. -Molotov are back and replace the grenades. -Added a few more molotov with 75% of chance to spawn. -Replaced the ground texture in the basement for something more suitable. -Changed the Initial Spawn from 20 to 30 -Changed Zombie Increment from 8 to 10 -Zombies now spawn on the back on Wave 2 -Zombies now spawn on the side on Wave 4 -Added glowsticks to guide the players to the supply drop zones. -Converted the wood logs from physbox to prop_physics to get proper lightning. 08 February 2014 Beta 5.1: -Replaced the Molotovs with Grenades due to too many crashes 08 February 2014 Beta 5: -Added a woodchipping system, now you will need to find wood logs outside to make boards. -Removed some boards to keep the balance. -Added func_occluders to boost performance. -Removed some fog particle effects to boost performance. -Replaced the mirror by a simple glass texture to boost performance. -Added a moving camera event for the extraction. 03 February 2014 Ez : -Added Tips at the starting wave to help newcomers. -Added wooden planks to three windows, two in the living room and the one in the piano chamber, don't need to barricade them anymore -Removed some fog particle to increase performance and reduce crash. -Reduced the Far Z plane of the fog controller to increase performance. -Removed the mirror and replaced it with breakable glass to increase performance. -Changed the Initial Spawn from 20 to 15 -Changed Zombie Increment from 8 to 7 -Removed the Childs -Changed first Runner wave from 5 to 9 02 February 2014 Beta 4 : -Added a map in the corridor near the bathroom -Added an MkII pistol in the kitchen -Added a Fire Axe in the cellar -Added a Fubar in the cellar -Pistols ammobox now give more munitions. -The Mossberg and Sks in the cellar got one more ammobox. -Added Ash "Groovy" line at resupply waves. -Move the light above the table in the cellar so we can see the shelve. 02 February 2014 Beta 3 : -Added Warning Texts on important Waves. -Added the Evil Dead Demonic Roar at each start of waves. -Zeds will now only spawn on the front of the cabin until Wave 3. -Now Zeds will spawn on the back on Wave 3 -Now Zeds will spawn on the sides on wave 6 -Fixed some exploits in the living room and in the shed. -Added a red light_spot on the raping tree. 28 January 2014 Beta 2 : -Changed the Initial Spawn from 25 to 20 -Changed Zombie Increment from 12 to 8 -Changed First Runner wave from 4 to 5 -Fixed some exploits in the bathroom. -Added Mossberg Shotgun on the table in the fruit cellar -Added a Machete on the ground beside the piano -Added 5 gas can in the cellar -Added more boards near the working desk in the main room. -Added a light_spot on the stairs leading to the cellar. -Rotated the health box in the shed for easier transportation
  14. Now some might not even know what i'm talking about, but some patches ago favela had +/- 16 waves and the last wave was 356 zombies. I know a lot will come with the mindset that the game would often crash and that it was very noobfriendly, but it was challenging and fun for veterans. Now Survival has just become the weapons trainingground of newbies and trolls. My solutions are: - limiting the resources of official maps (less weapons early and more focus on the supply drop) - making the waves go higher on a different mode, but on the otherhand letting the game not crash by putting a max on the zombie rate. - Putting the zombie spawns closer to the survivor so that it won't take a shitton of time to come to you (extreme example: Notld <=> ransack) And as last point i don't want to say that i think that the current survival is bad or the maps but that they need a different approach cause most of the maps feel boring and easy even with nightmare on So what do you guys think about this ?
  15. First off, This may be my first map, but I want you guys to be rude if necessary! INFORMATION Simple House survival is what it is... A house on a hill with zombies crawling up, now the weather may get in the way a little But overall, the strategy is to keep the house clean of any zombies by any means possible! DOWNLOAD GAMEBANANA CURRENT VERSION: A2 Tell me if you have ANY issues at deadondev@gmail.com! I also need testers, email me or PM! Question: What would you guys like to see in this map?
  16. DEAD ROCK (zombies go pic-nic) MAP INFO: A small survival map set in mountains/forest. Featuring custom textures! Waves: 10 Zombies start: 20 Zombies increment: 5 Kids start: wave 3 Runners start: wave 5 Resupply frequency: 3 waves DOWNLOAD: http://www.pinzdesign.com/nms_deadrock.zip MEDIA:
  17. nms_hershels_farm_v6 - [1.07 VERSION] v6 Fixed error modelsv5 Fixed loading screen not showing Removed some unused assets from bsp Added hud text to tell barn campers to hold zones v4 Fixed npc animations for the motorbike rider Added crate to help noobs get on top the trucks v3 Fixed missing models and texture caused by 1.07 Changed lots of dynamic props to static Fixed some known god spots Fixed zombies not spawning for the finale Added Molotov spawn locations Added a few new item locations Updated nav file Changed skybox and ground texture Reduced bsp size REMOVED BY MODERATOR ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits Map Created by thegregster101 Custom Models: Weather cock - Cpt Ukulele Certains/Dead Cows/Scarecrow/Field Crops/Curtains - pedroleum Field Crops Modification - DormantLemon House Railings - fisheye/retextured by me Pillar/Book Shelves - css Valve Alyx Reskin - Major Dinoz Motor Bike - GTA4 porting by Ace00731 Chicken - RoadMaster/Jihad/MOZONE porting by L. Duke John Deer Tractor - TractorSource/Templaer Female Model - Gearbox Software/Cabbie/JorisCeoen -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. EDIT: Changed the placing of the E-tool from C+ to S Whats up yall, I've played this game a ton and I've wanted to make a tier list for the melee weapons for the longest time, to help out those who are trying to figure out what melee weapons they should be looking for to get through the game easier, and to figure out what the veteran players of this game think about the melee weapons in general. Its also based on survival because that's the mode I've played the most, but I'm sure some of the general principals can be applied to objective as well. I've called this guide a "living" tier list because it can constantly be changing, and I would like input from you, the players on a specific placings. So if you can provide reasonable explanation (roughly 2 sentences or more) to dispute a ranking on this list, feel free to provide your reasoning in the comments section below, and I will credit you next to a tier placement based on your reasons. I have also tried to create this tier list based on weapon properties AS WELL as the comparative performance of what your team should be doing/trying to do as well (in Survival mode). Here's what I mean: For example, recently I was grinding to finally complete Flooded with different people. Through this journey, I discovered that the Lead Pipe can be an insanely useful weapon for taking on what I consider to be the absolute worst times that you can have in the Survival mode of this game. And by worst times I mean multiple runners, children, and the rest of the entire zombie hoard coming at you when all your teammates are dead, worst. However, in every situation where your team is competent enough to hold their own, other weapons that kill much more efficiently such as the Fire Axe and the Machete will always be better, and you shouldnt HAVE to be dealing with ridiculous bs because your teammates are either dead or nowhere to be found. So for those reasons, the lead pipe is still a ridiculous weapon, but the Fire Axe and the Machete will be better all around for defending a base due to how much better they are at just purely killing zombies, in the ideal situation of you working closely with your teammates. All in all though, in my honest opinion, if you are using any of the weapons B tier and lower, you're always going to have a much harder time than someone using one of the higher tier weapons. The beautiful thing about these weapons though, is that the high-tier weapons are usually quite plentiful, in that even if you are stuck with a lower tier weapon for a few waves in Survival, another one of the high tier weapons will almost always come up through another area, supply drop, etc. Anyway, on to the tier list: S+ Fire Axe, Machete These weapons have an exceptional all around balance of range, damage, inventory space, and stamina usage for the capabilities of what they do. If you get your hands on one of these weapons, you're pretty much set. Fire Axe Guaranteed one hit kill to the head on charge attack, knockback, great range, good stamina usage for its damage, and may have a sliiightly faster charge attack startup time than its baby brother the Sledgehammer. Walking zombies in Survival are still a big threat just like runners and children, and I would argue that this is the best melee weapon for making sure your zone doesnt get clogged up with the undead with its guaranteed one hit charge kill to the head. Machete Capable of quick one hit charge attack kills, incredibly fast, great range, one handed so it can be equipped with the maglite, still an amazing weapon even after the "nerfs" from the other patches. Also takes up very little inventory space. S Lead Pipe, Hatchet, E-Tool These weapons are particularly unique in their purpose, and are wonderful all around weapons, but they juuuuuust barely can't compete with the S+ tier weapons in general situations. However, there are some situations in which these weapons may even excel beyond what the S+ tier weapons can do. Also, proper spacing between you and zombies, and being aware of your surroundings is key to being able to use these weapons to their maximum potential. Lead Pipe The decent range, low stamina usage on regular swings, high knockback chance and wide swinging arc make this weapon an amazing tool for defending zones. This is the only weapon I have used that can reastically and consistently setup for multiple kill regular swings (I think my record for kills in one swing with this thing is like, 4:P). This is also the best weapon for dealing with multiple runners and children as well, due to the knockback chance, IMO. Hatchet Got a buff in a recent patch, this weapon uses a very low amount of stamina, hits quick on regular swings, has a fast overhead animation charge attack, and has decent damage on top of all of this. These benefits tend to override the fact that it has almost no knockback chance, so you have to stay mobile with this thing in order to take on large groups. I try to judge this weapon in fairness compared to the other melee weapons, but this just happens to be my favourite melee weapon in the game. One more small bonus to this weapon, when equipped with a flashlight, will not angle towards the left when you charge up for a melee swing. Entrenching Tool (E-Tool) -billionlioe A+ Crowbar Crowbar I've always had an odd feeling about this weapon as its one of the one handed melees that swings horizontal as opposed to vertical for charge attacks. This has always been weird for me as I feel its just not as fast or as consistently accurate for me as the vertical one handed charge melee weapons. This game is very much about personal preference, so yours may be different from mine with regards to this, but I would recommend that you find a lead pipe as opposed to this weapon. Also, this doesnt seem to have as a high a knockback chance, or as great of regular swing range as the lead pipe due to the lack of an arc. Apparently this thing got nerfed in a recent patch, with a nerf to the damage, and a slight gain on its inventory space. B Spade Spade Decent weapon due to its own knockback chance, as well as its level 1 charge attack seems to be a canned knockback. Very consistent weapon for clearing out the latter parts of a stage, but it also has enough range to deal knockback and kill fast runners as well as 1-hitting children. B- Sledgehammer, Fubar Sledgehammer People will rave about this weapon, I feel like its the crappy version of the Fire Axe. Of course you can clear through hoards with this thing as it is one of the consistent 1-hit kill melee weapons, especially with the "no stamina used" charge attack glitch, but if you accidentally charge up longer, or EVER DO MORE THAN ONE REGULAR SWING AT A TIME WITH THIS WEAPON you will find that your character might as well have diabetes for the amount of stamina you just used. However, one of the main bonuses with this weapon is its ability to chain together a ton of one hit multi kills, which are kind of cool, but still leave you at a disadvantage due to the colossal stamnia usage. Do whatever floats your boat when you select this weapon, but IMO there are much better alternatives out there (The fire ax for its lower stamina usage, the lead pipe for its wide arc, speed, low stamina usage regular swings, and possibility of multi kills). Fubar Bleh. Sledgehammer with a slower charge attack startup. I was pretty excited when this weapon was announced, but the slight change in animation doesnt make up for the fact that it only seems to be unique in its appearance. C Baseball Bat Baseball Bat This weapon is very much "meh". Kind of like a bad alternative to the lead pipe and shovel. Swings in a wide arc, but it can take up to 3 headshots to kill. Slow charge attack time. Just barely considered to be an ok choice of a melee weapon that doesnt have any other utility uses. C- Welder, Extinguisher, Claw Hammer, Maglite I dont want to talk too much about the weapons listed in the C and D tiers, however, the weapons listed here are only slightly higher than the D tier weapons as they are also the utility items used in the game, and are pretty much self explanatory as to why they are useful. However, they are not entirely useful for melee combat. I guess the main characteristic of these weapons is that they all have pretty low stamina usage, and you can use these to knockback and potentially kill a few zombies, but thats only to get towards what you actually want to be doing with these weapons, and that is open up item storages, finding your way through certain areas, etc. D Pipe Wrench, Kitchen Knife These weapons are bad and you should feel bad if you are using them! Lol jk but seriously, don't touch these. Someone might advise you to use these on the high that they think they've discovered some ground breaking properties with these weapons, but they will NEVER be as good as the other weapons listed from B--S+, and the B-S+ tier weapons are plentiful enough that an 8 man team should have an equal chance at playing with all of them. So unless you're achievement grinding, try to stay away from these weapons. D- Fists So in Conclusion: S+ Top of the line. Can't go wrong. Fire Axe Machete S Pretty damn awesome, very minor drawbacks Lead Pipe Hatchet A+ All around great. May have to be more aware of your spacing and surroundings with these weapons, but all in all you should be happy picking one of these up. Crowbar B Will get the job done, you just have to put in a little more work Spade B- There are better options, I feel that experience with these weapons will convince you of their tier placing over personal preference Sledgehammer Fubar C+ You have to work way too hard with these, they just barely do something. Baseball Bat Entrenching Tool C- Have another use, but not for combat Extinguisher Claw Hammer Maglite D These are bad, don't use them Pipe Wrench Kitchen Knife D- Good luck on your achievement grinding Fists Thanks for reading, and again, please feel free to dispute any placing on this list with a reasonable explanation.
  19. This is my first map I have ever finished to a point of sharing, so I hope you guys like it. There are a few things I still want to work on, but right now they are little petty things. Story As the final survivors of the Ravenwood Survival Compound, it is your job to protect your last good radio from the zombies in order to contact the outside world. Info Initial Spawn Count: 20 (goes up by 10) Rounds: 12 Resupply Waves: Once every 3 waves Runners: 8 Children: 15 (or currently none) Map Link https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0zxcu6126qr5b/nms_ravenwood_v_1 Picture Link http://imgur.com/a/opBIK If something doesn't work, let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Optimization/map design/etc. Like I said, it's my first map Thanks for taking a look!!! Edit: I am aware that is a general, probably boring survival map. I don't want to make those kinds, but for this one I just wanted to make something to try out the process
  20. This isn't a suggestion for new .22 weapons as covered by the weapons thread, but rather some discussion regarding their current utility and potential tweaks to them. I find that the 10/22 feels... well, it recoils, kicks and sounds like a .223 rifle of some kind. It's very strange. The .22 handgun less so, but both seem to hit about as hard as 9mm, maybe 5.56 for the rifle. Please correct me if I'm wrong with that. Given ammo is somewhat rare and the weapons don't hold very many rounds, I feel like they're mainly fluff, adding not much gameplay depth compared to the existing firearms while complicating ammo acquisition, the weapons themselves not being particularly common or often used. They should be a bit more utilitarian given .22 LR is one of the most common cartridges in North America and many other places. The firearms and the rounds themselves are cheap and can be found in generous qualities. You can often buy a box of 500 rounds for well under $30. My suggestion then is: Reduce .22 recoil and power by a significant amount, so they're portrayed realistically - less than a 9mm or 5.56. However, give them competitive power if you stand still and focus (maybe the 10/22 could focus fire as a unique ability as a rifle?) and make the time required to focus for a shot shorter since they are lighter and kick less. Perhaps make the ammunition available in slightly larger quantities and allow more to be carried. There's no reason a 10/22 couldn't have a 25-round magazine, and you can carry several hundred rounds of .22 in about the same space and weight as a box of shotgun shells. A .22 against slow-moving shamblers should do serious damage to the braincase, but a .22 is not generally considered a weapon to rely on for every situation. By having ammo be available in slightly larger quantities and allowing more to be carried, this offsets the low effect of the caliber and provides an interesting weapon for thinning out zombie clusters, if not entirely suited to a general spectrum of situations like a 9mm handgun, shotgun or rifle due to lacking power when not aimed with care. Rather than another generic rifle and handgun similar to the 9mm handgun and .223 rifle. What do you guys think?
  21. Here's my attempt at recreating the prison from the Walking Dead TV series. It's not perfect I know, but it's damn hard to keep 100% considering the show is shot on multiple disconnected sets. Please let me know what you think I'm always open to ideas and suggestions. DOWNLOAD: (1.07) http://www.mediafire.com/download/fh5slazbhqluc9k/nms_wd_prison_v8.zip VERSION: nms_WD_prison_v8 EDIT: v1 fixed zombies, added barricading and increased weapons + ammo. v2 added lighting, zombies spawn in the back cells, zombies can get most places, increased items + weapons again and clipped some areas. v3 slight overlay increase, added objectives (code for armory / blowtorch for storage) additional clipping, reduced wave length and added minor detailing. v4 custom extraction (thanks to thegregster101), more detail, lots of decals and minor fixes. v5 fixed what v4 broke and slightly expanded the playable area. v6 fixed a bunch of stuff for steam release and added all the new weapons. v7 whole bunch of optimization as well as another detail pass. Added a new secret area for shits 'n' giggles. Added loading screen and music. v8 fixed the .nav for the hundredth time, added a couple props and compiled some physics props into static and fixed the safe zones not being able to be healed. INFO 'N' STUFF: Waves - 10 Objectives - armory code 9247 (code is in the guard tower), blowtorch is in the farthest cell for the storage room. Custom extraction No resupply chopper (I intended for the armory to be the source of weapons) No power inside the prison to encourage use of the flashlight potentially increasing difficulty SPECIAL THANKS: thegregster101 - for advice, optimization and setting up the custom extraction. grasn - for making my custom skyboxes and helping me not be an idiot with propper + pakrat. jamfilled - for providing a server to test on. everyone else - for your help and support.
  22. Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, open hand crafted world, survival horror, first person, hardcore simulation. If you're sick of the fast 'zombies', zombies using guns, special infected, and animals getting infected, along with the kill on sight (KOS) or be killed on sight gameplay of DayZ and its clones, not to mention hackers and terrible Minecraft gameplay. Then Darkening Demise is for YOU! Darkening Demise is a singleplayer, survival horror, first person, zombie survival simulation exclusive to Windows PC. In Darkening Demise you play as yourself, five years into the outbreak. In a hand crafted open world with no invisible walls. Freely exlpore and do whatever that's possible to you. In this world where the dead rule, you have to think. Thankfully society can no longer blind you of your instincts. With the time that went by, you're prepared. Use stealth, action, strength, and smarts to survive as long as you can. No second chances, no respawns, no hints, no tutorials, no PVP KOS or be KOS. This is where YOU survive. The zombies are a major threat, they shamble as the classic horrors from our Godfather of Zombies himself Romero. These Romero zombies don't give up, they'll follow you till you are dead or they are. With many places to explore and a large ever expanding freely open world, you'll find yourself content. But...how long will you last? No saves, no respawns, just a new game each time you perish. Will you have the skills to survive as long as possible? Will you attempt what the majority of the world couldn't do? Or will you end up bringing forth your own Darkening Demise? Welcome to my game, my outbreak, my vision, and your fate. Darkening Demise is for Windows and is attempting Steam. It is in alpha right now and is looking to join Early Access. If you're looking for a hand crafted, slow zombie infested world where you have perma death and are put to the test 24/7. If you're not fond of running or special or animal infected, if you prefer to play alone, if you prefer being challenged. Then Darkening Demise is what you've been looking for. As you can clearly see, this is different from all the others in its own special little way. In which many have been demanding for years. So I am here to deliver, I'm one of those many, and this is my heart going into this project and I won't go out without a fight. You can bet on it! So follow me on Moddb, and Youtube to keep track of the game's development. I'm pouring my blood, sweat, tears, heart, and soul into this. I no longer care if you don't like my work. I do not care if you think you can do better. Moddb: Moddb.com Youtube: Youtube.com
  23. Title: Mall of Decay Type: Survival Players: 8 Plot: The survivors take shelter in a small shopping center in the hopes of using the mass building with the variety of supplies to fend off the dead. Little did they know that the mall wasn't safe, nor was it fully unlocked. They must work together to clean up the place and unlock the sections of the mall while fending off incoming hordes from outside. With the building's size, can the small group really defend it? Difficulty: 1-3 players HARD 5-8 players EASY Waves: 12 Supply: 2 NG: 8 Runner: 2 Child: 3 Start Zombie: 11 Increase Zombie: 31 Max Zombie: 98 Video: Beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPUs0Mhy4h4&feature=youtu.be Final: n/a Download: Beta: n/a Final: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wmu7pygingxx390/nms_mallofdecay_final.zip or http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/179057 Q&A
  24. http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/download/177880 My map outpost survival thanks 10. Round Final 6. Round Run Zombie 8. Round Child Zombie
  25. In order to get back into the swing of things, and practice mapping real locations, I decided to map out this apartment building in the town I live in. It's actually not to bad of a place, but I always thought it was pretty creepy when my dad lived there. Anyway, pictures: This is an extreme WIP A few notes on the actual map: Will feature a barricade system to reinforce your base Close quarters action Many optional things to do, ALA Cleoplas Some zombie spawns can be disabled through certain actions The corpses with black shirts and pants are police officers Anyway, input is always appreciated. Please let me know what you think