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Found 6 results

  1. I just want to say something before my post, can you ask the following question? How do you like this game? Do you like to rate it as 5? 1? If so, what reasons do you have behind your decisions? What kind of fixes that you want for the devs to complete? Maybe suggestions too? Active feedbacks and answers will be appreciated:)
  2. I was talking to the maker of oblivious on the steam group and I asked him if he could add playable national guard soldiers here is our conversation. me- hey I was playing the penitentiary map and found a dead national guard soldier is there anyway you can add them to your gamemode for us to play as? Murdercronn(xblivious dev)-I did some testing on that a long time ago, but it would require reworking of the model to be used as a player model (Since it is coded as a NPC, not a player) which it will mean every player will have to doanload the skin adding extra doanload time. It would be good to contact the devs and see if they will add the playable national guard skin to the game instead of me trying to mod it in and requiring players to doanload it. So game devs if you see this could you add playable National guard skins to the game?
  3. Yeah so I have played this awesome game for a while now but It feels like it is missing something, maybe because I have played other FPS games with Zombies, like Left For Dead 2, Mods in Garry's mod, etc. IMPORTANT I know that game is not fully developed and finished. I am providing ideas/ suggestions, as the forum topic suggests. I would also like to receive feedback from developers/team. I AM NOT COMPLAINING about LAG, GLITCHES, ETC! Vanilla things about the game! The main things that REALISTIC Zombie games have is (WHAT I suggestion/idea for this game. Also stating vanilla problems) (I assume The team wants to make it realistic by the looks of this game already) 1. Larger maps This is very crucial here. For example, In many maps like The one where the survivors are basically stuck in a house with a second floor, I forgot the name. Players want to move around, not be stuck inside a house and maybe a little outside!. HOWEVER, I am NOT saying that it should be like Left for dead 2, where the players ALWAYS have to move around to win. I think players would enjoy the game more if they had more space. Some maps do have adequate space, like the map with the mall and the outside. 2. zombie counts in survival and "zombie number limits" per wave are boring It is sort of difficult to explain what I mean here, but basically in survival mode there is a number of left top corner of game screen showing how many zombies are left. Although it is useful to players, It removes suspense and not very fun, BECAUSE players use flare gun to spawn in more helicopters and loot crate, call for more, etc when they see that there are only about 6-7 zombies left. It will be more fun if team removes it because obviously, it will "force' the players to ACTUALLY MOVE around to find zombies, instead of camping somewhere. Also, zombie count is basically unrealistic, something I hope that the Team is not trying to achieve. [sub topic- Adding a timer for each wave (ex. 10 min to kill all zombies in wave 1).? Forces players to actually move and speeds up process, builds INTENSITY and suspense, which is like the whole purpose of zombie games- to provide players with deadly zeds and make them survive through it. 3. Camping spots Read above. Now before you complain/say something about it, I know that not all maps have camping spots, but I have been in a couple games where the players are above in the roof where there is a good drop point for FEMA helicopters to drop supply crates. You need to go up a ladder, and there are only 2 entrances.No zombies can reach there. WTF! Like I stated in Number 2, it sort of makes the game more boring because the players know that they are safe. DEVELOPERS need to remove these camping spots, EVEN THOUGH they might be "realistic", drives the game very slow. Zombie games should not be like this! For now, these are my current problems for the game. I hope that the developers/team will take these ideas/suggestions, as they are very crucial and important factors of this realistic zombie game. [i will revise this thread as time passes by and updates are placed in steam client. Adding bumps into first reply. Also just might start a new thread if needed. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! Any hate/good replies are important! support the game!
  4. I can't count how many times I've went up to a zombie and try to slash them only to find out I couldn't because I had no stamina. I think this is why there should be a stamina bar to show players how much they have left so they won't run into situations unprepared.
  5. Hey fellas. I can't create maps, it's just something I can't do, but I do have a pretty neat suggestion for a map, for all you Map Makers out there. Check it out, Alcatraz. I'm sure most of you have heard about this prison, and it's a pretty awesome map to have in a video game, especially one that revolves around smashing zombies. There has to be some Map Makers out there that are looking for something to make, so take a look at some of these pictures, and let me know if you would like to take this suggestion and make it real. Want to learn more about Alcatraz? http://geography.about.com/od/unitedstatesofamerica/a/Alcatraz-Prison-Facts.htm Any takers?
  6. Recently i have played quite a lot of NMRIH and come to the conclusion that the game kicks ass but ive also noticed one major flaw and that is that there isnt enough gamemodes! Fourtantly i have thought long and hard about it and come up with an idea which isnt too similair to the other gamemodes and shouldnt be to hard for the developers to make (for once). My idea is a gamemode which involes two teams of players which must scavange for supplys in a reasonably large area. All good so far but the catch is that there isnt enough supplys for both groups. To add to the survivors dilema zombies roam the map in ever increasing numbers as time slips away. Both groups of survivors must fend for there own as they scavange for much needed supplys and fend off the growing hordes of the undead. Each group of survivors must bring back there supplys to their van which they have to load up. whichever group loads up there van first wins. To achieve this goal survivors will have to be faced with the proposition of killing other survivors in order to save there own as well as killing numerous zombies. As you can guess the survivors with ethics wont last long. Here is a more specific summary of the gamemode: *Objective. Collect a set amount of supplys and load them into your teams van. *The Challange. The supplys are scatered throughout the map and there is not enough to allow both teams to win. The undead hordes also keep increasing in numbers. *Rules/Fetures. .If you are killed you respawn within 1:30 minutes OR when another supply crate is bought to the van. .There is an exclusion zone around each groups van to stop camping (and the zombies make camping next to impossible anyway). .Zombies are constantly spawning every 3 minutes. .No points are given for killing other players (in other words only do it when you gotta). .Guns and ammo are scarce (are you really sure you want to waste it on other survivors so soon?). .Zombie spawn points are near center to deter people from rushing the supplys that are futherest from the van. .If the whole team is killed then they will all respawn (so no advantage to just killing the whole enemy team). *Before you comment please consider these: Q.Wont PvP ruin NMRIHs style? A.PvP is not a focus of this gamemode and there is no emphisis on it. Killing the enemey does not reward you and mostly wastes ammo and time, it is only worthwhile when it will secure supplys for your group or/and negate the enemy of their supplys. Zombies will also become more of a threat as time passes and there numbers grow so fighting other players will come at a big cost to whoever does it needlessly. Q.But how much supply boxes do you need to win and how many are there avalible? A.Your team needs about 20 supply boxes to win and there is 39 avalible. Only 5 supply boxes are avalible at once to create compitition between the two groups. once all 5 boxes are taken another group spawns. Q.Wont finding the supply boxes be next to impossible with the size of the map and all the zombies around? A.The map isnt meant to be HUGE its supposed to be half way in size between maps like NMO Broadway and NMS Northway. Also much of the challange is meant to be in finding the supply boxes to draw people away from just hunting each other or killing zombies. The supply boxes will be retextured health boxes so they wont be the hardest thing to find anyway. Q.You said it wont be too hard for the DEVs to make this gamemode sounds like a bit of work too me! A.There will be a little work required but not that much to be honest. All the resources for the gamemode are avalible and an extended version of a map like northway or even better that new map nms_suburbia looks perfect for this gamemode. I think the only work needed will be a bit of coding and Retexturing the health box nothing beyond the abilitys of this mods excellent devs. Q. I dont think the idea of survivors even having a chance of fighting each other is realistic in the context of a zombie attack! A. Fuck you watch a half decent zombie movie before commenting!!