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Found 2 results

  1. When player out of stamina, and can't make a swing he have to wait to regenerate it, and it is perfectly balanced, but there is a problem. If player crouch (+duck) stamina regenetares x2 or x3 times faster, this cause such over power, for example if you get heavy weapon like fubar or pickaxe or sledgehammer, and hit alot of zombies, you can crouch and regenerate stamina so fast, so you become unstoppable zombie-killing machine! Firearms, tactics, get space behind back for retreatment, who need that when you can just crouch for few seconds and kill another 5 zombies with 1 swing... I wanna know, is there any way to disable it, maybe some sourcemod plugin, any how? There is sm_stamina plugin for nmrih that can make stamina infinite, and if admin set stamina of player less then 5, player can't do a swing or run. Maybe someone can make a plugin for my server that if player use +duck {sm_stamina !self 10} if player use -duck {sm_stamina !self -1} (disable stamina plugin on player) Or maybe there is a console cvar that does not need sv_cheats 1 Any advice? EDIT: Looks like there is no solution for that, but that's ok, since 90% of players on my server is friends, who wont abuse it
  2. I can't count how many times I've went up to a zombie and try to slash them only to find out I couldn't because I had no stamina. I think this is why there should be a stamina bar to show players how much they have left so they won't run into situations unprepared.