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Found 2 results

  1. I've noticed something..strange..about the infected US Army personnel . They seem to have private stripes with a black background where a unit patch should be. Since he's wearing multicam, he's active duty combat deployed US Army, as only National Guard and non combat deployed active duty wear ACU pattern now. Other than that rank patch, the model is absolutely beautiful . I'm pulling this straight from US Army regulation AR 670-1 "Once Soldiers report to their first units, they wear their command's patch on their left sleeves. When deployed to a designated combat zone, Soldiers may also wear the company-level or higher patch that they serve with on their right sleeves." Getting to my suggestion, replace the rank patch with a division patch and a flag patch 10th Mountain Division 1st Infantry Division 4th Infantry Division I can completely understand the fact that they were probably set like this due to the fact that there are so many divisions that would be sent to fight the hordes of the undead and that picking one would just be lore breaking. This is just a suggestion. As a side note, I enjoy this game quite a lot, I love how quickly new updates come out and how much work is put into this game which is entirely FREE and is amazing when some games that cost an arm and a leg can't even stand up to a 4th of the quality this game.
  2. I decided to show my zombie game. W.I.P.! Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...s/?id=93172136 DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2/downloads/night-of-the-zombie-2-demo DEMO SURVEY: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DK79N9R Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2 Finally the sequel to Night of the Zombie is coming. New scenery, new zombies, new guns, new era. -New zombies variety of 9 -Zombies have hit detections (will drop dead from headshot and shooting leg causes them to crawl -New weapons (Going to be seven total) -New era (Taking place on a new planet that is almost exactly like Earth I) -Has a storyline (read intro) -20 (estimated) levels of guns blazing, zombie slaying, puzzle sovling madness -Good Deal: Only going to attempt a price of $4.99! -Adventure: Explore the base and planet to find a way out of the base and off the planet -Action: Go in guns a blazing if you can spare the ammo Intro A viral outbreak has happened upon our base on the newly discovered planet Earth II. There were groups of scientists, military, and civilians. We were here to try and form a new Earth. So the planet was called Earth II. This planet was bigger than Earth I. At least two times it's size. There were more species, even ones we lost on our Earth. It was a strange new world, but also dangerous. That's why we were sent here. We are Earth II's Defense Force. A average size unit of soldiers given the assignment to keep the civlians and scientists safe while also keeping Earth II safe as well. But when this virus came upon us we were forced to quarantine the base and everyone in it. No one escaped, no one made it back to Earth I. For if they did the rest of the human race could be put into jeopardy. Sadly that is what is. I lost contact with my superior officer and the rest of the soldiers a few hours ago. Seeing that I was still fine gave me hope of immunity. A cure. A chance to save the others. But everytime I find someone it's too late and their the mindless rage filled monsters this virus turns them into. They are still somewhat human, a shot to the head takes them down instantly and a few rounds in the chest will put em down as well. Sadly I lost all my equipment when I tried to escape a horde of them. Now I got my fists. It is time for me to escape...somehow.