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Found 41 results

  1. I've got my own dedicated server up and running, it's smooth and works 100% good so far. I have sourcemod installed and everything else I need. But I want to host and play custom NMRIH maps on my server. I've got a 3rd party redirect link, I uploaded the files straight to the host from their website (x10 hosting) I don't know if that may be a problem. I've followed about 10+ tutorials and can't seem to get it right. I compress the map files, put them in my host, and then put the direct url into the server.cfg. And to to test it as if someone new was joining, I join and it downloads all 3 parts of the map really quickly then it disconnects me and gives me the Map Missing error. I would really appreciate any help with getting my custom maps working. I've tried all types of different things and fixes for hours and am just tired of it. I just really need some expert advice. Any help at all is extremely appreciated. Thanks.
  2. --Edited at 20170814 1323 Hello, I was collecting maps for the past few months, and made those files as an try-to never lose good maps, which lots are only at server HTTPs, not easily found. So, as an NMRIH server owner, I am here to present some Community Map Packs, for server owners. Game version ****Thanks to Yomox9, because if isn't for him, this pack wouldn't be here. The official download link is follow: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxFQ19JuGfrjQmp4TUMxNzgwU2c It has 188 maps, includes the default maps for that version, 2344 MB into Peazip 7z ultra, which turns to 6.8 GB. The full map list is Anyway, if you don't want 188 maps, there is my own server packs, It has 71 maps, with total 927 MB compacted into Peazip 7z ultra: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxFQ19JuGfrjdkkzTUFYZ3FZX00 Download those: "Advanced Packs/NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 1 - 41 maps ALL, FOR OWNERS.7z" "Advanced Packs/NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.0 - 22 maps SMALL.7z" "NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.1 - 6 maps ONLY TOO-BIG.7z" "NMRIH BRMateus2 Map Pack 2.2 - 2 maps ONLY TOO-BIG.7z" Auxiliary Mirror, ONLY if needed: (Yomox9) https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9Zk_0HKMKNsdlAteHJxa3JiVW8
  3. hello i am playing with friends nmrih i always create listen server when we play and i wonder if i can download some mods for the server, something like command !ammo to get full ammo with cooldown etc, i don't know how to download them and where to put them, if it doesn't work for listen server i can create dedicated server throught steam library
  4. why on most dedicated servers (and my too), no background sounds (ambient) - wind, sounds animals, rain, horror cries and others, but on other rare servers (yet official Dallas), this sounds there its good audible, you can still hear these sounds by creating your own local server, but if you create your dedicated server on VDS (VPS), then no ambient-sound. At first I thought that it SourceMod fault, but even clean server without SM not reproduce ambient sounds. I play in nmrih without music and i need these sounds for the atmosfear, i want my server have ambient sounds
  5. Hi everyone. I have a survival server with unlimited waves and I need help to improving the !guns plugin on this server. Can someone make this plugin to spend respawn tokens for some items like a currency points? With fixing values if it's possible? Thanks!
  6. Hello NMRIH fans, BlueFangSolutions.com is now offering No More Room In Hell server hosting at only $1.25/slot for 8 slots ($10.00/month). In business now for almost 2 years and hosting a multitude of gaming communities in a long list of supported games, BFS knows what it takes to be a top server hosting provider. Our goal is a custom hosting solution fitted to the customers' needs. Need something special? Just ask. We'll most likely do it. Server Features: Overseer Panel™ (our custom in-house built panel for your hosting needs) Full FTP Access 7 world-wide datacenter locations 24/7/365 customer support (live chat, ts3, steam, tickets) Fast Download available (only $9.99/month) Default Port 27015 available (only $4.99/month) Server Specs: E3-1230v2 3.3GHz 8-core processors / E5-2620 2.0GHz 24-core processors From 16GB to 64GB of RAM per node SATA + SSD drives (optimal performance) 1,000mbps uplink connection speeds Over 150TB of unmetered bandwidth across our entire network Ready to order? http://www.bluefangsolutions.com/shop/nmrih/'>Click Here Not sure yet? http://www.bluefangsolutions.com/contact-us'>Contact us Check out some of our reviews at http://www.ghreviews.com/bluefangsolutions'>Game Host Reviews where we are the #1 provider on the http://www.ghreviews.com/category/top-20/'>Top 20 list
  7. Hey, guys. I am searching for a default NMRiH config(.cfg) for dedicated server. Where I can get it? Regards.
  8. How do i install plugins on my LAN server
  9. Hey guys! First off, i'd like to apologise for if this issue has already been addressed elsewhere, but I could not find any topic related to this issue. So If I missed it, I'm an idiot. The Issue I am having is this: I have tried to install a dedicated server for NMRIH twice now and had the same errors. I am fairly competent when it comes to managing a Linux enviroment but this just has me stumped. The server is running Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit), and I have successfully been able to install SteamCMD, and through that the 2013 multiplayer base and nmrih files as directed on the nmrih wiki page for setting up a dedicated server w/ Linux. This is where stuff gets freaky: Issuing the command "./srcds_run -game nmrih +map nms_deadend" gives me this: Auto detecting CPU Using default binary: ./srcds_linux Server will auto-restart if there is a crash. Using breakpad minidump system Using breakpad crash handler Console initialized. Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 224260 Forcing breakpad minidump interfaces to load dlopen failed trying to load: /root/.steam/sdk32/steamclient.so with error: /root/.steam/sdk32/steamclient.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Looking up breakpad interfaces from steamclient Calling BreakpadMiniDumpSystemInit Loaded 52 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2mp/hl2mp_pak.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 52 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2mp/hl2mp_pak.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 1222 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2/hl2_textures.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 574 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2/hl2_sound_vo_english.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 383 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2/hl2_sound_misc.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 432 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/hl2/hl2_misc.vpk for pure server operation. Loaded 5 VPK file hashes from /root/steamcmd/nmrih_ds/platform/platform_misc.vpk for pure server operation. Game_srv.so loaded for "NMRIH" AppFramework : Unable to load module soundemittersystem.so! Unable to load interface VSoundEmitter002 from soundemittersystem.so Shutdown function Sys_ShutdownAuthentication() not in list!!! Shutdown function Host_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Decal_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function modelloader->Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function ShutdownStudioRender() not in list!!! Shutdown function StaticPropMgr()->Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function ShutdownMaterialSystem() not in list!!! Shutdown function HLTV_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function g_Log.Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function g_GameEventManager.Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function sv.Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function NET_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Filter_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function COM_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function g_pCVar->Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Cmd_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Cbuf_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Con_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Memory_Shutdown() not in list!!! Shutdown function Sys_ShutdownMemory() not in list!!! Shutdown function Sys_Shutdown() not in list!!! Tue Oct 22 19:52:32 UTC 2013: Server Quit I have never encountered this issue before while hosting other games using SteamCMD. Any suggestions from you guys would be really appreciated. If you need any more info I can throw it your way.
  10. Hello everyone, i recently downloaded NMRiH, and as "newbie" i went into some servers that had neat mods, such as skins/hats/pets and all, of course i found no problem on playing at certain servers with and without !guns/infinite ammo. so i somewhat decided to build a server but i'm having issues finding plugins, i've already had some experience from AMXModX (cs1.6), thing is that many plugins don't seem to be "found" on alliedmodders, some that makes you explode after saying something (not sm_timebomb), and some plugins of pets that for sure were incredibly neat, unlike SourcePets. so i wonder, and ask where do people find that? they pay people to code and keep private? only alliedmodders seems to have some plugins but some don't work for NMRiH, only plugin i tried was Glow, and... incompatible. so another question is there IF the NMRiH folks could do a "main area" for plugins (or thread) where many plugins compatible with NMRiH would have their links avaliable, that way some dedicated server folks would build nice servers, i do posses some plugins that work on nmrih that had compatiblity, but some don't seem to work at all, i even tried to compile the store plugin but i got error telling me that the main store requirement was missing haha (noob on SrPnw). and some plugins i could not find, such as a updated version of store pets and plugins to cause explosion on players after saying something, i found a "workaround" with triggers but, problems as well.
  11. Hello, I have a server through LowLatencyServers. I am simply looking for someone reliable who can help me set it up and maintain it. I am willing to pay or purchase you a game in exchange for your knowledge. My server is laid back, and has many very good players frequent it. I just have no clue how to create an FTP or add custom maps, as well as set up other aspects of my server. I have many, many questions and need an expert. You may write me @ dig.ophelia.dig@gmail.com, or find me at THE lengend, Dina Diesel as my Steam ID. Thank you, -Ophie.
  12. Hello! Since last night I have been working on a custom map for NMRiH. I have the game installed on Steam, and whenever I use Hammer World Editor, I run it through Steam. Anyway, I recently decided it was time to test the map. At first I went ahead and tried hitting the F9 key, to then find out it won't work for this game, as it is "Already running" when using Hammer somehow counts as playing the game itself. I then tried closing the Hammer World Editor after a succesful compile, to then open the game itself followingly. Then I opened the Developer Console and said: "map (MyMaps'Name)" to find the message: "yers set to 2 CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/nmrih.bsp' map load failed: nmrih not found or invalid yers set to 2" I then realized that my entity for the player was called: "info_player_start" and changed it to "info_player_nmrih", then I saved and compiled etc. to get the following message upon attempted launch: "CModelLoader::Map_IsValid: No such map 'maps/nmrih.bsp' map load failed: nmrih not found or invalid" -I also tried saying: "Create Server" and running the map like so, but the excact same happened. I am quite new to mapping, so I hoped perhaps I have missed something. Thanks for reading!
  13. Ok, first at all (sry for my bad English). I just wanted to ask you guys, do NMRiH have a Steam Workshop? Because I searched and searched around but didnt found anything. Just one guys that sayd that it will come soon. Can somebody tell me? Thank you guys! PS: I love this game! I can't belive that this is actually Free!
  14. So, I make a Local Server via "Create Server" with my friends, but there's a very annoying problem that, although it's not too "dangerous" so to say, it's still so goddamn annoying. That is... Whatever I do, the settings on "Game" won't save. The name gets back to default, players to default...Everything is set back to default. If pictures are needed, here you go; http://imgur.com/MKeJqR1,rmoqdY0,KV7GNoo Like I said, whatever I do, that is...Start the server then quit, try making a server but then cancel and so on. Is there a quick fix for this? I heavily depend on this.
  15. (My English is really bad. Sorry.) Hi. I'm came for tell about servers crash when patched 1.09.3 to 1.09.4. 1. I usually open the servers about three servers. Infinite Ammo, Classic (Original), and Nightmare (Hardcore). 2. When this game patched 1.09.3 to 1.09.4, I updated my servers. But, suddenly servers crashed every after 15 ~ 30 minutes. Should I show to you about dump files? Because when servers owners usually upload dump files when they have the problems. (By the way, I don't have dump files.) P.S: SourceMod Version - 1.7.0 MetaMod Version - 1.10.4
  16. Hello, So recently I decided to use the server box I have in my house to set up a dedicated server for me and my friends to play on, rather then have one of them creating a listen server (and also due to his computer not handling over 4 people at once). So I downloaded everything needed and wanted (latest versions of meta-mod and source-mod), did the updates and everything. The server works 100% when I connect to it. (Although you'd expect that due to being connected to the machine via LAN network) But for some reason it won't show up in the server browser for them. They're also unable to directly connect to it. And the same issue if I send them an invite to join it. What I've done is appropriately port forwarded the port UDP 27015 on both the computers FIREWALL (Inbound and Outbound) and the ROUTER. I have also completely disabled the servers firewall and still no luck with that. I am also running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. Although, we're able to run the following games on the server box with no problems with others online connecting and finding it. ARMA 3 Terraria Project Zombiod Red Orchestra 2 Also note, this server was set up in the exact process with port forwarding as these needed. And that we were playing on a listen server a friend set up through Hamachi. We are also able to find and join any game on the server browser with no issue. (The main reason is we want to be able to play together without any randoms joining in) And at the moment, both me and my brother are completely out on ideas on why it won't work as we even triple checked everything. So I was wondering if anybody has an idea on what I should try to do next? Thank you, -Waddlesticks
  17. Hello, we've put up as many free launch servers as we can for now for everyone to use while the community catches up to server demand. JestServers.com is offering them at a discounted rate currently to help with this. Instant Setup, the moment you pay for your order your server starts to install. Once complete you'll get an email with all information and an FAQ email on how to use your NMRIH server. Free Fast Download mirror for your custom content. You can add and remove password protection to your server along with all settings at any time. Have your own server but it's full? You could lock it, kick someone off, and join it then remove the join password if you wanted to for example. SourceMod and MetaMod available with 2 clicks under Game Mods, or upload your own addons. Anything you have trouble installing let us know and we will help you get it working. Free easy to use connect URLs available on request. Use yourname.jestservers.com for example to connect instead of an IP. Free Server Moves so you can move your server and files around as you desire. 10 Locations are available around the world. Order Here All servers run on dedicated servers using the latest hardware which we constantly keep up to date. All of your game files and executable will be running on Intel Solid State drives. Current hardware is the E3 line clocking with Turbo speeds up to 4GHz, 32GB of DDR3 ECC RAM or more, Intel SSD Array, 1Gbit dedicated connection using only the best bandwidth providers in each location. If you find a higher performing host please let us know! We have been providing hosting services since 2006. Default 27015 port for all US locations and generally available in the EU as well so no port needs to be entered when manually joining. www.gsprating.com/awards/ Pro-Rated Refunds always available. At any time, for any reason, receive a pro-rated refund for your remaining time back to your payment source or as credit for another service. Tired of the server half way through your billing period? Get 50% refunded. Locations: Dallas, Texas New York City, New York Chicago, Illinois Orlando, Florida Los Angeles, California San Jose, California Atlanta, Georgia Falkenstein, Germany Paris, France Rotterdam, Netherlands Coventry, UK
  18. I am trying to get my dedicated server running. I am on Debian 7, 32 bit. I was following the instructions over at- http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup And I was able to trouble shoot some errors which occured first hand. Now I am stuck at the error- ./srcds_run: line 324: 26181 Segmentation fault sleep $TIMEOUT ./srcds_run: line 324: 26182 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem : Server restart in 10 seconds I tried looking around and found a few threads. But, wherever I found this error, it was accompanied by "version `GLIBC_2.15' not found" error as well. And the discussion in those threads are on fixing the GLIBC_2.15 error and not the segmentation fault one. Edit: Also, I tried using the 'nmrihserver Linux Server Manager'. But with that the script said that Game was started and alive. But I couldnt find it in the server list. I checked around about it and then found that the nmrih-server.cfg file did not have the legacy and heartbeat cvars set in it. So, I added them and tried again, but it did not work. I tried checking with Steam API to see if my server was up and visible to it and this is what I got, { "response": { "success": true, "servers": [ ] } } I believe, I am supposed to get some server details after the "servers": tag, unfortunately I don't. So, I gave up on that, since it was all too automated and I did not know what was going wrong. I started all over and am currently stuck at "line 324: Segmentation fault" as explained above. I have spent the entire day looking around to understand what the problem is, to no avail. So, I felt I might give it a shot asking it over here. Any advice would be helpful.
  19. NFOServers brings the best performance at a great price with locations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Dallas, San Jose, Denver, and Frankfurt. What sets NFOservers apart from other providers? We have: The guaranteed highest performance, made possible by use of the InterNAP bandwidth and high-quality, NFO-owned hardware, custom kernel extensions, and exclusive automated systems that dynamically load-balance servers between machines to keep all running at their peak The highest quality control panel, developed in-house Industry-leading service and support, with near instant responses 24/7, directly through our control panel Extremely high reliability, backed up with a 100% SLA Free, nearly unlimited webhosting for game servers, with automatic file syncing to supported games to accelerate in-game downloads A free Mumble/Murmur server with each 8+ player game server Immediate, automatic server setups, with no setup fee No hidden fees such as for removing "co-branding" A free 2-day trial for new customers The knowledge and experience that come from being in business for over 10 years. Want to know more about NFOServers' performance guarantee and SLA? Performance guarantee: http://www.nfoservers.com/performanceguarantee.php 100% SLA: https://www.nfoservers.com/sla.php Tired of reading details and want to kill some zombies? Order now: https://www.nfoservers.com/order.php?type=nmrih Have more questions? Contact us: https://www.nfoservers.com/contactus.php
  20. I have been having this issue since the update. Dedicated server runs for a few hours then drops out. leaving this error message. I am assuming this is to do with a coding error on the actual client that causes the server to crash. I checked the log and nothing of importance or re-occurrence has happened before any of the crashes. If this is a current known issue I apologies. If anyone has any further information regarding this issue please let me know. Images below.
  21. I have put together a bunch of commands that can be used as ref after you have set up your own server. Most of this is common knowledge, but just incase those who have never really dealt with rcon before are looking for commands; here are some. You can also download this as a .txt file for your own keeping from my server. http://redlans.com.au/downloads/rcon_commands.zip That, or you can simple copy paste the below information into your own .txt file // NMRiH RCON commands rev 1.0 by RedLAN's // Here is a list of RCON commands that you can you can use either in game // by hitting your grave key (~ default) to open the console. NOTE: you can enable console in game via the settings menu @ // options>advanced>enable developer console. // (rcon_password <yourpassword> before you execute the commands via console.) or these commands can be // typed directly into RCON on your sever. rcon_password <yourpassword> // Login to rcon with your rcon password to gain access to all the RCON commands. | example: rcon_password thisismypassword changelevel <map_name> // Self explanatory -changes the map | example: changelevel nms_favela status // Lists the current players names with PlayerID, Name, Steamid and ip address. | example: status kick <name> // If you need to kick a player replace name with the players name. | example: kick douchebag // This command can be used in a number of ways. example: | kick <name>, kick <IP>, kick <steamID> banid <time> // If you need to ban a player replace time with the amount of time you would like to ban them. Enter 0 for a perma-ban. | example: banid 0 STEAM_0:0:123456 // another example that can be used in this instance is ban <ip>, ban <user> sv_password <password> // Sets the server password so only players who know the password can join the server. If this is a public server this is not recommended. | example: sv_password thisispassword mp_friendlyfire <0/1> // Toggles the map friendly fire variable on or off default is 0 (off). | example: mp_friendlyfire 1 say <text> // Sends a message from the server admin to the screen which all players can read. replace text with the message. example: | say Server restart in 5 mins quit // Self explanatory -Shuts down the server log <on/off> Records a log file. Default output location ./nmrih2/nmrih/logs | example: log on sv_cheats <0/1> // Toggles the cheats variable on or off defualt is 0 (off). example: sv_cheats 1 // NOTE: granting sv_cheats 1 to the console gives the ability for ALL players to use the following commands. give // The give command can only be executed with sv_cheats set to 1 there are MANY variables in which this command can be used. // You can type "give fa_", "give me_", "give item_", or "give tool_" fa_1911 | example: me_spade, item_maglite, tool_flare_gun are examples of each. // item ID list below: Weapon Classnames (Grouped by Category) any firearm handgun fa_1911 fa_glock17 fa_mkii fa_sw686 fa_m92fs rifle fa_1022 fa_cz858 fa_sako85 fa_jae700 fa_sks shotgun fa_500a fa_870 fa_superx3 fa_sv10 fa_winchester1892 machinegun fa_mac10 military fa_mp5a3 fa_m16a4 archery bow_deerhunter melee me_axe_fire me_bat_metal me_chainsaw me_crowbar me_etool me_fubar me_hatchet me_kitknife me_machete me_pipe_lead me_shovel me_sledge me_wrench explosive exp_grenade exp_molotov exp_tnt items tool_barricade tool_extinguisher tool_welder tool_flare_gun item_bandages item_first_aid item_maglite item_pills item_walkietalkie ammo ammobox_9mm ammobox_45acp ammobox_357 ammobox_12gauge ammobox_22lr ammobox_308 ammobox_556 ammobox_762mm ammobox_arrow ammobox_flare ammobox_board ammobox_fuel impulse 101 //give all weapons -As far as I know this still works to an extent. again sv_cheats needs to be set to 1. | example: impulse 101 noclip // Self explanatory this command can be used injunction with player names. | example: noclip | example: noclip douchebag // again sv_cheats needs to be set to 1. // If you have more you want to add leave a comment below.
  22. Hello everyone, this is my first thread here and got a really stupid question, thanks to the tutorials guides and such on the site with the wikis, forums etc... I was able to setup a NMRIH Server on CentOS, but I'm not familiar with the server console commands, I have a list with the default Cvars and commands, but I can't seem to find a command to display the connected players on the server console, showing at least name, STEAM ID, Ping Details etc, I'm administrating the server remotely and I always have access to the console, and would like to know if its possible with the default modules on the server, or is there any plugin for that? I have installed Sourcemod, Metamod correctly, I have checked the default plugins that came with the package, but wasn't lucky to find something like that, checked Allied Modders, but I think I'm just too newbish to search in that forum hahaha, on Approved Plugins, can't seem to find a plugin of some sort, correct me if i'm wrong. I have only installed the default ones that came with the Sourcemod and the UMC package plugins. Regards.
  23. Hey all, new guy here. Just wondering if anyone came across this crash before while hosting a linux server. The server could run from anywhere up to a week without a crash, but then sometimes it could crash with an hour... "*** glibc detected *** ./srcds_linux: malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted 0x0fbcc0a0" The error varies from time to time. Not sure if there was a crash dump, had alook and found none so...does anyone know where this coming from? Some info OS: Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS Plugins Sourcemod 1.6.0 hg4176 Metamod version 1.10.1-hg870 Everything else is vanilla. Any help would be great, thanks.
  24. Wir, das Team von GamerzHost.de bieten Euch mit diesem Beitrag einwandfrei laufende No More Room In Hell Server an. Anbei unsere Testserver IP`s http://www.gamerzhost.de/No-More-Room-In-Hell-Server Rechenzentrum Frankfurt Voller Zugrif auf die Gameserverfiles Innovatives Webinterface Erstklassischer Support Viel Spaß beim Testen.
  25. i cant see any servers in the internet tab and it says i have no friends online when i know they are and i cant join games help