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Found 2 results

  1. Sorry for bad English. But, I want to inform to you guys. Reason of why I writing this, MurderCron who is Xblivious servers' owner deleted his own posts. (Like a information of scripts) Casual: Infinite Respawns (Have tokens: on 5 seconds | No tokens: on 30 seconds) Can get melee weapons or guns when round starts Can get tokens when players killed 10 zombies on every maps. (Includes NMO, NMS maps) *Token: When you killed a lot of zombies, you can get tokens which are when you died by zombies, you can respawn on 5 seconds. Or if RespawnAllowed is enabled (If you want to know this thing, scroll down!), you can respawn even you have no tokens. --- Classic: No Infinite Respawns Token systems only enabled on NMS maps. Can't get token when playing on NMO maps. Can get tokens when players killed 40 zombies on NMS maps. --- Nightmare: No Infinite Respawns Token systems disabled on every maps. (Includes NMO, NMS maps) Infection change is 86%. (Casual, Classic: 2.5%) - Devs said nightmare difficulty's infection chance is 85%. Zombies spawn change on OBJECTIVE (NMO) maps is 150% (Casual, Classic: 100%) Can't see players name --- THIS IS HOW TO MODIFY DIFFICULTY SCRIPTS 1. You need to get .bat files decompile .ctx scripts or see 'this topic'. If you want to get .bat files, see this. Original .bat file from https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=198004 I modified .bat file and also added new .bat file which is compile .txt to .ctx - DOWNLOAD .BAT FILES - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7N7_II_bqbUNmhuTnA3UWlBSTA 1. Go to Server folder\nmrih\scripts\difficulty, and put .bat, .exe things on that folder. 2. and drag & drop .ctx files on .bat 3. Type 7 and Press Enter... It will create .txt (Decompile) or .ctx (Compile). If you decompiled difficulty scripts and want to modify these scripts, scroll down! --- TokensEnabledObjective - If this thing is enabled (1), token system will be enabled on server which current map is NMO maps. If this thing is disabled (0), token system will be disabled on server. KillsPerTokenObjective - If this thing's value is 10, you can get tokens when you killed 10 zombies on NMO maps. TokensEnabledSurvival - If this thing is enabled (1), token system will be enabled on server which current map is NMS maps. If this thing is disabled (0), token system will be disabled on server. KillsPerTokenSurvival - If this thing's value is 10, you can get tokens when you killed 10 zombies on NMS maps. RespawnAllowed - Enable/Disable Infinite Respawn (1/0) RespawnWithWeapon - Allow get weapons when players spawn/respawn NearbySpawningEnabled - Allow players respawn near the players (Oops. Bad English warning!) SpawnGrace - Currently, I don't know about details of this. SpawnGraceWavePercent - Currently, I don't know about details of this. ResetTokensOnNewWave - Like a old versions, when players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this removes players tokens. RemoveInflictionsOnNewWave - When players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this removes infection of players. HealAmountOnNewWave - When players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this will heal the players (Increase current HP | If players' health is max, this dosen't heal the players) InitialTokenCountObjective - If this thing's value is 3, in NMO maps, you can get 3 tokens on round start. InitialTokenCountSurvival - If this thing's value is 3, in NMS maps, you can get 3 tokens on round start. ZombieHealth - Set zombies' health ZombieSpawnDensity - Spawn chance of zombies when players playing on NMO maps. BrainStemMode - On 1.09.4, Devs added 'Brain penetrate mode'. It is when bullets penetrate zombies' head between eyes and nose, any firearms can killed zombies by one shot. InfectionChanceModifier - Chance of Infection (Sometimes, It seems like stucked on 2.5%. But... I don't know about details of that.) FriendlyFireModifier - Damage percentage between me and another team-mates (If you Increase this thing, if mp_friendlyfire is enabled, this will cause hardcore or PvP) RunnerSpawnerChance - Runners' spawn Change (If you increase this thing, It will be hard) ChildSpawnerChance - Kids' spawn Change (If you increase this thing, It will be 'Children's Day'. LOL DisplayPlayerHealth - Show players health (You can see other players' health which colored like a green, orange and red.) Difficulty: Casual Difficulty: Classic Difficulty: Nightmare When you finished to modify difficulty scripts, compile .txt and overwrite original difficulty scripts! (If you want to back up original scripts, back up that then.)
  2. I was bored and decided to adapt my personal Left 4 Dead 2 autoexec to No More Room in Hell, only keeping things that work in both games and adding some more. There's a huge advantage in NMRiH being a Source game, because that means scripts from other games like HL2, CSS, L4D2 and TF2 work on it, usually without needing to be tweaked. So now I decided to release my config for my fellow gamers to freely use, but please: do not redistribute (if you want to share this with friends, link them to this thread). You are free to edit the config to suit your personal tastes, but once again, do not share that config saying you are the author of it. I will be updating this thread once I modify and add new stuff to the config. Also, I urge everyone reading this to share suggestions for this config, such as scripts, your own values, etc.. This is not only *my* config, it's *our*, the NMRiH players', config - so lets build it together. Features Lerp toggler (by Don) Netcode and GFX tweaks Toggleable compass (by Alex_Lee) - the compass now doesn't fade out of the screen unless you press C again. Useful for survival to always keep track of the zones. Anti-idlekick Null-cancelling movement (by povohat.au) - prevents you from pressing two opposing directions, which causes you to stop moving. Demo playback gun viewmodel & HUD toggle (by Don) - highly useful while watching already recorded demos. More coming soon! (feel free to share more scripts!) autoexec.cfg Check it out! @ http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=QjRtsKiT Steam guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=396498090 F.A.Q. ▬ Do I really need this? No, unless you're a perfectionist like me or you're bored. ▬ Where to put this config? Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\nmrih\nmrih\cfg and open autoexec.cfg. If you don't have that file, create it. Changelog ▬ 1.0 (2014) • Public release. ▬ 2.0 (February 2015) • New intro (through echo). • The lerp now is set to 0 instead of 16.7. • Removed unneeded rate commands since they are already set in the lerp aliases. • Added more commands to the netcode and GFX sections. • Changed snd_mixahead's value from 0.7 to 0.05. • Changed the toggleconsole's value from F12 to F10, since many people use F12 as their Steam screenshot key (I do the opposite ). Obviously, this can be changed to fit one's preference. Launch options Change these launch options to suit your system's specs. -refresh is the refresh rate of your monitor so if your monitor only has a refresh rate of 60 Hz then set it to 60. -heapsize is based off of the amount of RAM you have; it's best set to half the total amount. It's measured in kilobytes. • 2 GB -heapsize 1048576 • 4 GB -heapsize 2097152 • 6 GB -heapsize 3145728 • 8 GB -heapsize 4194304