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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I wish to inform you about a content pack I have been working on this month, and was just finished up yesterday. It is an arguably realistic sound pack, which in my humble opinion, makes the weapons sound a little better. Adds some boom and extra grittiness to go in line with the absolutely beautiful animation. I mixed and matched, and eventually found things working correctly. As a lover of this game for so long, it was about time I contributed. Disclaimer: These are not by any means labelled "100% Realistic omg real life sounds" No. I just tried to find some high quality sources, and mix and match them to the appropriate gun. Some gun sounds aren't from the gun it is matched to. For example, the Beretta92 has sounds from a Sig P228. I threw together a preview video, as it was made at 2 in the morning, i apologize for the overall meh-ness, and some frame drops. Please enjoy, and any feedback is welcomed openly. Download Here (Instructions on how to install and Changelog included)
  2. Just a few ideas for possible inclusions of realistic zombie types that could feature in some form in NMRiH. Sleeper - Just an idea regarding the ability of "Sleeping" Zombies, like how some Zombies in HL2 behave, often times you can find a zombie slumped against a wall and it wont wake until someone passes it or they activate something where it will creep out from behind the shadows. Closet Sleeper - An idea revolving around a Zombie who hides in a closet and bursts out when a player crosses their path, this zombie would normally be a runner instead of the standard shambler. Grabber - Revolving around the idea of an unused HL2 animation where a sleeper zombie actually swipes the player that attempts to cross their path or attempts to grab them while in their "Sleeper" position, effectively holding them in place for a bit. In addition this also works with Crawlers (which are slated in the next patch) which would grab an unsuspecting foe. Bruisers - Basically revolves around Zombies with melee weapons (primarily basic melee weapons like the pipe wrench or lead pipe) which inflict greater melee damage up close. Jihad - An idea of a Soldier Zombie which is still carrying a live hand grenade in his hands which he drops on death.