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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I wish to inform you about a content pack I have been working on this month, and was just finished up yesterday. It is an arguably realistic sound pack, which in my humble opinion, makes the weapons sound a little better. Adds some boom and extra grittiness to go in line with the absolutely beautiful animation. I mixed and matched, and eventually found things working correctly. As a lover of this game for so long, it was about time I contributed. Disclaimer: These are not by any means labelled "100% Realistic omg real life sounds" No. I just tried to find some high quality sources, and mix and match them to the appropriate gun. Some gun sounds aren't from the gun it is matched to. For example, the Beretta92 has sounds from a Sig P228. I threw together a preview video, as it was made at 2 in the morning, i apologize for the overall meh-ness, and some frame drops. Please enjoy, and any feedback is welcomed openly. Download Here (Instructions on how to install and Changelog included)
  2. Primary difference between an animal's behavior and an animal being zombified: No fear of death by hunger or death at all. Stalking time is reduced by the will to eat and kill. Depending on virus strand (advocating depopulation), the given animal fears killing, but bites, scratches, and throws up willingly. The shit spray from Tiger's gun hole also infects you from the depopulation zombie virus. So a zombie tiger may pounce and spray out its arse to try to infect someone behind it. To the tiger, the virus tells it to say, "fuck you," instead of being full of rage. This gives an alien fear since raging impulses are present, but still barren. Gorillas no longer tear you apart, as basic zombie strands do. Instead, they favor throwing you around with a desire to kill or feed. The virus makes it ignore deficiency of food, ignore the living human's life, and care; and increases playfulness. This causes it to throw, push, slap, or a jumping on one survivor, then jumping onto the next. In other words, with or without modified zombie strands, animals would be superior deadly since they all are highly muscular if infected. A great indicator of the difference could be a game, or Gran-Theft Auto, where you visit zoos, or that you can, but the animals are normal. Later in the game, they are zombified. Then again, the game is better off taken place in Africa, since Eastern European/Asian countries should rarely have a tiger appear. That causes a lot of writing technique for a necessary entrance of a zombie tiger. Perhaps, they all would know not to be infected, unless the smell is simply delicious.
  3. Right now the zombies look kinda blah. Sure they are fictional characters and all of that, but I think there should be more animations for them in a way, since they are the main point of the game. Such as, when you shoot a zombie, it should wiggle in a way, like if you shoot it's stomach it flinches, and if its idle, such as no one is around it and it's not going after anybody, it should stay in one spot and just move around that one spot, such as from Left 4 dead, where the idle zombies just walk around a spot oddly. Make them more creepy and scary, more interactive with the enviorment and reactions. I don't like how when I hit a zombie and it doesn't die, it just keeps on moving without any effect, and only sometimes does it get pushed back. Also, the runners, They should actually be able to catch up to you if your walking. Right now you can just keep walking away from them and they don't do anything, maybe add a maul attack for them for when they attack you from behind, they push you to the ground and start biting you. Another thing, I think you should really add something like, when a player dies, the zombies stop down at the player and start eating him, a good way to use the saying or whatever "You don't have to be faster than the zombies, just faster than your friend" or whatever that was. Basically what I am saying is tweak the zombies a bit. Yes, I know animation man power is a bit weak right now but atleast do something that will make them more interactive in a way Also, imagine seeing this in no more room in hell, looking at your buddy, or imagine you being in first person awhile this is happening to you.
  4. Zombie Survival is how this group plays, point of serious SURVIVAL! -------------------------------------------------------------- Hello if your viewing this page, you've probably notice that NMRIH is not L4D by any stretch of the word, and requires full teamwork to complete the objectives and hopefully get to the end. That is why this Steam Group was made. Now keep in mind Communication is key to survival, and what I mean by that is Communicate as if your were surviving under these conditions. express the emotion of those conditions. Be real in a Possible yet Unlikly Event. Let me Know on how to improve on this concept, and hopefully make it an experience unlike any other. Who knows..... who knows... Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NMRIHReaiSurv PM Me if you want the TeamSpeak Server Info See You On The Steam Streets!