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Found 2 results

  1. I often have problems with the current pickup system, the glowing is a good addition, but it doesn't change that you often need to aim directly(and then if there are 2 items laying around in near proximity it makes you go nuts by fucking trying to select the wrong one no matter where you look at) at an item/weapon to pick it up. so i thought about how you could improve that while not overdoing it math and performance wise, i would really like to hear a programmers opinion on this one SOFT PICKUP: How it works/What it does: Step one: A list of objects that are within the players maximum pickup distance gets created Step two: A Ray is sent out from the viewcenter and in view direction of the player to test for intersection with the world and props to get an intersection point within the maximum pickup distance (longest blue ray). Step three: The intersection point from step two gets lifted an half inch or so in the surface-normals direction(to prevent fail collision with the world/props)(dark-blue/purple ray) Step four: Rays get sent out from the intersection point to the objects from step one to test if sth is in the way that prevents picking up the individual items (safe-door, etc)(short blue rays) Step five: The distances between the objects(that aren't excluded because of step four) real center(black circle) and the intersection point from step three are getting fetched.(in the image these are |A| and |B|(short blue rays)) Step six: Sort the Objects by the distances from step five (smallest first, largest last). So, now: -the glow effect is getting rendered in the brightest green for the first object in the list and least bright for the last object in the list, too heavy/doubled items get rendered red. -on pressing e you pick up the object that is the first one in the list effects: -the player gets an impression of how he needs to adjust his camera to pick up his desired item, this isn't given with the current system, cause the jumps are immediate and sometimes unreasonable. -its much more reliable(more likely to suggest an item to pick up) and it will probably not be that bad performance wise so tell me what you think about this!
  2. Dear NMRIH development team, At first should I present myself, my name is Marc-Antoine Lortie, 20 years old, and I am here because I would like to apply as a programmer. Having worked with Valve's award winning Source Engine for quite a while in terms of programming, I do believe I could make good use of my programming skills for the purpose of this modification. I am about to go study in field related to programming, after having already completed college once ( three years ago ). I currently have what I would be able to enumerate, very good programming capabilities in c++ ( Own person opinion ). I have started programming at the age of 17 and spent most of these moments on the Source Engine. Regardless of these skills, I do believe I have a decent amount of mathematics in Vectors and linear algebra, ( at least for vectors ). Experience: 2.5+ years C++ 1+ years C# 1+ years Java (Short knowledge Javascript) As of the time being, here are a few videos showcasing what I recently achieved with my programming skills. (Source engine related.) AI Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSGgTKKxRVg Vehicle Programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMkDYeUdhMQ General programming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sg1bmNAQbQ In addition to this, I am also part of an other team. Possibly a certain ( tripmine studios ) which are working on several greenlit games such as Operation Black Mesa / Guard Duty. I am the main AI Programmer and responsible implementing advanced behavior on enemies that were both in original games. To resume everything, I am interested in taking part of the development team and help with programming skills related to weapons, vehicles, AI, and possibly game modes. ( Of course, if the team is still looking for programmers. ) I can be contacted at malortie@outlook.com Steam profile page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/interglyph?l=english Thank you for your time, and I look forward to our next conversation. Sincerely, interglyph.