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Found 2 results

  1. I'll come back to work on this but for now I think it's in a pretty good place. This map is loosely inspired by The Shawshank Redemption. Players find themselves locked in a cell when an explosion can be heard simultaneously releasing them. The idea here is that players are following closely behind some unknown persons jail break and players will have to traverse an overrun prison located on an island location. Players will navigate through storm drains make their escape via a player controlled boat along a canal leading to open waters. I had hopes of this map eventually becoming an official submission to the NMRiH but I can't see it fitting into the standard universe. I can't justify why players are wearing civilian clothes locked in a old prison and/or why it would be overrun with civilian zombies.
  2. Here's my attempt at recreating the prison from the Walking Dead TV series. It's not perfect I know, but it's damn hard to keep 100% considering the show is shot on multiple disconnected sets. Please let me know what you think I'm always open to ideas and suggestions. DOWNLOAD: (1.07) http://www.mediafire.com/download/fh5slazbhqluc9k/nms_wd_prison_v8.zip VERSION: nms_WD_prison_v8 EDIT: v1 fixed zombies, added barricading and increased weapons + ammo. v2 added lighting, zombies spawn in the back cells, zombies can get most places, increased items + weapons again and clipped some areas. v3 slight overlay increase, added objectives (code for armory / blowtorch for storage) additional clipping, reduced wave length and added minor detailing. v4 custom extraction (thanks to thegregster101), more detail, lots of decals and minor fixes. v5 fixed what v4 broke and slightly expanded the playable area. v6 fixed a bunch of stuff for steam release and added all the new weapons. v7 whole bunch of optimization as well as another detail pass. Added a new secret area for shits 'n' giggles. Added loading screen and music. v8 fixed the .nav for the hundredth time, added a couple props and compiled some physics props into static and fixed the safe zones not being able to be healed. INFO 'N' STUFF: Waves - 10 Objectives - armory code 9247 (code is in the guard tower), blowtorch is in the farthest cell for the storage room. Custom extraction No resupply chopper (I intended for the armory to be the source of weapons) No power inside the prison to encourage use of the flashlight potentially increasing difficulty SPECIAL THANKS: thegregster101 - for advice, optimization and setting up the custom extraction. grasn - for making my custom skyboxes and helping me not be an idiot with propper + pakrat. jamfilled - for providing a server to test on. everyone else - for your help and support.