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Found 8 results

  1. hello i am playing with friends nmrih i always create listen server when we play and i wonder if i can download some mods for the server, something like command !ammo to get full ammo with cooldown etc, i don't know how to download them and where to put them, if it doesn't work for listen server i can create dedicated server throught steam library
  2. Hello everyone, i recently downloaded NMRiH, and as "newbie" i went into some servers that had neat mods, such as skins/hats/pets and all, of course i found no problem on playing at certain servers with and without !guns/infinite ammo. so i somewhat decided to build a server but i'm having issues finding plugins, i've already had some experience from AMXModX (cs1.6), thing is that many plugins don't seem to be "found" on alliedmodders, some that makes you explode after saying something (not sm_timebomb), and some plugins of pets that for sure were incredibly neat, unlike SourcePets. so i wonder, and ask where do people find that? they pay people to code and keep private? only alliedmodders seems to have some plugins but some don't work for NMRiH, only plugin i tried was Glow, and... incompatible. so another question is there IF the NMRiH folks could do a "main area" for plugins (or thread) where many plugins compatible with NMRiH would have their links avaliable, that way some dedicated server folks would build nice servers, i do posses some plugins that work on nmrih that had compatiblity, but some don't seem to work at all, i even tried to compile the store plugin but i got error telling me that the main store requirement was missing haha (noob on SrPnw). and some plugins i could not find, such as a updated version of store pets and plugins to cause explosion on players after saying something, i found a "workaround" with triggers but, problems as well.
  3. Currently I didn't make 'Create Fire on Lightning' and 'Lightning Screen Effect (Glow)'. and I planned 'When Wave is done, storm also ended. But, when wave is starting, storm also starting.' I think that will be hard, but... I will try it anyway. Anyway, it was fun when I succeed to make this. P.S: FPS dropped when storm was came. Damn...
  4. I added 'Store' plugin which included 'Tracer' - Tracer creates effects on your feet. and I added 'Explosive Effects' - This plugin adds effects when explosives are flying. (Like a Tracer) also... many plugins on my servers. (RPG server's plugins count: 110) When somone played with 'flare gun', and when flare was exploded, all objects were invisible. See this screenshots. and... when I used 'Tracer', specfic players' game crashed. I don't know why but I think it associated with overflow. Anyway, are you guys know these things? I mean CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range)
  5. Hello everyone, this is my first thread here and got a really stupid question, thanks to the tutorials guides and such on the site with the wikis, forums etc... I was able to setup a NMRIH Server on CentOS, but I'm not familiar with the server console commands, I have a list with the default Cvars and commands, but I can't seem to find a command to display the connected players on the server console, showing at least name, STEAM ID, Ping Details etc, I'm administrating the server remotely and I always have access to the console, and would like to know if its possible with the default modules on the server, or is there any plugin for that? I have installed Sourcemod, Metamod correctly, I have checked the default plugins that came with the package, but wasn't lucky to find something like that, checked Allied Modders, but I think I'm just too newbish to search in that forum hahaha, on Approved Plugins, can't seem to find a plugin of some sort, correct me if i'm wrong. I have only installed the default ones that came with the Sourcemod and the UMC package plugins. Regards.
  6. I don't know who would be interested in this, but I thought I would post it in-case some people were. This plugin is simply there to eliminate the need for a client to click the "Join Game" button when he connects or loads into a new map. That is all it does. Link to plugin: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2069806#post2069806 As always, if you have any questions regarding the plugin you can post here, on AlliedModders, or PM me on either site. I will try to get back to your or address them as quickly as I can. Thanks!
  7. i need use custom player model (using the command) from TF2 (for sniper) in NMRiH. I am try use a "Skin Chooser", but the model list is empty. What else can you advise me? sry for my English
  8. Can anyone confirm this for me one more? And help me?