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Found 18 results

  1. !!!MAP IS IN OFFICIAL MAP LIST NOW, SO NO DOWNLOAD LINK!!! Hey guys, here is new update made by Extragamer and me. Old post: Extragamer and Drunk_Steep are busy now in real life, so I'll post their map here Screenshots : http://imgur.com/a/zP7rc Changelog: a10 a11 - Fixed bugs v1
  2. I took some time during the pandemic lockdown working on an objective map for a game about pandemic. Thus far it’s been fully layout and has most of the objectives implemented. The next stage is to put props and details. Different from my past maps, this map is also to experiment different mapping technique by not focusing too much on small stuffs and hopefully in later stage I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by stress to wrap up a map. Meanwhile I am also implementing the same technique on nmo_dimension, so that will be wrapped up and get polished too. This celestial map will average plays like 30 minutes and probably 50 if you are the first time or being the check-every-corner type players. There are secret rooms at different places. They reward you with special items that I prototyped recently with intricate entities wiring (no they won’t make the game explode, entdata 30% and edicts about 200+/2000 so far, trynna be as vanilla as possible) Just wanna share something here. If any one is still around. Stay tuned and stay healthy.
  3. Scream Woods - Escape Mission "Nobody in the room could believe that an incoming message came from that old creepy forest, those desperate survivors needs an immediate extraction before zombies wipe them out. This is our duty, our people needs us, i just hope that it's not too late..." >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1669256333 Features: - Medium difficulty - Outdoors open areas - Dark & creepy forest decoration - Unexplored caves - Ruined buildings - Hidden items and weapons - Ending cinematic ----------------------------------------------------------- Version 2 - 25/07/2019 + Added more obstacles & fences + Added missing clips + Improved zombie spawn system + Changed pathways to each objective + Fixed max health of doors + Fixed house godspots + Fixed nav issues + Fixed minor bugs + Optimized edicts count * Map created by Ulreth * Special thanks to (Escuadron Batata ARG) server for beta testing
  4. Oil Rig - Escape Mission The Devil Tower is a deep-water spar platform for oil/gas production located in the Gulf of Mexico 1,710 m above the seabed and named after Devils Tower National Monument, it was also an important and fully operational engineering project that provided a large amount of this key natural resource to the US. At first it may look secure and free from infection but the truth is that lots of infected people entered desperately to this platform long time ago searching for a safe spot or a cure and only found death. Infection spread too quickly among crew members and some of them are still trapped inside with no food or clean water remaining, can you help them escape? Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1598950835 Features: - Medium difficulty - Open areas outdoor - Oil platform decoration - Small rooms and narrow corridors indoor - Hidden items and weapons - Amazing view of the sea - Different types of extractions - Ending cinematics Version 7 - 23/12/2018 + Workshop publish + Added more anti-objectives + Added missing soundscapes + Increased amount of explosive gas cans + Changed vent first objective + Removed some player clips + Fixed objective glow for extinguishers & welders + Fixed barricade bug + Fixed boat extraction skip + Fixed minor nav issues Version 6 - 16/5/2018 - Added new objective for boat escape - Added missing glow sprites for some lights - Added rain soundscape - Changed some minor details - Reduced annoying sounds volume - Fixed runners exploit - Fixed ending chopper exploit - Fixed boat stucking bug - Fixed npc bug after cinematics - Fixed wall clips * Map created by Ulreth * Tested on: Escuadrón Batata ARG Porkchops Dedicated Private Servers Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Dysphie Wabein Porkchops Atheist Billionlioe
  5. [WiP] nmo_decay A group of test participants taking part in a classified project known as LIMB which aims to develop human-robot connection system. As a side product, neuro-interface is developed so that a chip computer can form a GUI in a person's perception and interact with I/O from his/her brain. After the testing phase goes wrong the participants tries to find a way out after the whole place melts down. In order to survive they will need to fight the infected staff and scientists along with the infection thats growing inside them. -full details coming soon- GameBanana : https://gamebanana.com/wips/48862 We're having a hard time finding playtesters and players who can provide feedback. if that is something you would be interested in then add us on steam lazrdisc | Merz Screenshots
  6. This is my first project with source. The project currently has around 60-80hrs invested into it. Custom Textures by Ress Currently available on Porkchops Dedicated (!store) Server Now available on yomox9 Servers Now available on The ??? Server Manual Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/m8lmiy 1.0 Update Screenshots 0.9.7 Update Screenshots 0.9.3 Update Screenshots Alternate link to pictures: 0.9.3 http://imgur.com/a/zUdEh 0.9.7 http://imgur.com/a/y79Fq 1.0 http://imgur.com/a/csB7E
  7. Made by Khalecsi. Modified by yomox9. Download : https://gamebanana.com/maps/199418
  8. Nmo_facility [beta 5.0] Survivors start in an small underground bunker and are foced to flee as the integrity of bunker gets compromised. Navigate the water treatment facility which has been swarmed by walkers and plot a scheme for the survival of your group and yourself. Map also features a bonus objective which requires you to collect 10 hula dolls randomly scattered around the map V5.0 Latest DL : https://gamebanana.com/maps/198341 Map Scale : Large (15-20 mins) Diffculty : medium Lighting, CC + HDR - [Merz] Further Optimization - [Atheist] Testing - [Sam] HDR Screenshots
  9. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mqaa4hx0d128qs5/nmo_miner_detour_v3.zip CURRENT VERSION: The current version is the v3. To the server owners: Please always have the latest version of the map as i will fix every bug as they get discovered, so having the latest version means having a full working map CHANGELOG FROM V2 TO V3: nmo_miner_detour_v3: Added 2 new special zombies of the armored type (the toilet man and the vase kid), fixed a sound bug where the train would become silent after the map restart, added another special weapon (the tesla gun), general detailing and restyle, added more hidden and secret stuff, fixed many bugs, removed many god-spots, the finale now has 2x runners, the town shop doors can now be barricaded with planks, added medikit, pills, a chainsaw in the shop, added bows, added more text hints, fixed some troll things, added more melee weapons in the train. DESCRIPTION: nmo_miner_detour is a long objective map with almost every possible scenario, from very hard puzzles to fighting endless hordes of zombies. You start on a moving train, in the last coach, everybody turned into a zombie and you have to fight your way to the locomotive to stop it and get out, this won't be easy, you will find many problems to solve on your way to the locomotive, from coaches set on fire to fixing the train brake system and more. As the train stops you will find yourself infront of a mine entrance, you got to make your way throught it solving VERY hard puzzles and fighting loads of zombies, also very "special" ones, i will talk about them down in the screenshots part. Once into the mine you will need to go down into the caves, full of glowing crystals, more puzzles, jumps, hordes to fight down there. As you finally get out of the mine you will find yourself in a village where you got to find a radio and call for help, more puzzles and more zombies to fight in the town, of course. When you call for help they will ask you to signal you position, you will do that by launching a firework wich will show them your position but it will also attract ALL the zombies of the town. As they see your position the chopper will take 5 minutes to reach you so you have to fight ENDLESS hordes of zombies until it arrives, is a good idea to bunker up into some building but if you're brave enough nothing stops you from fighting them in the streets. This map got A LOT of hidden stuff, exploring and trying to interact with stuff will be rewarding. SCREENSHOTS AND DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS: TRAIN: MINES: Flooding rooms to reach the other side: Your exit from the mine: THE CRYSTAL CAVES: PUZZLES: Combination doors: Breaking open doors with minecarts: And many many more SPECIAL ZOMBIES: Chainsaw and abrasive saw barrel zombies: This zombies are kids into barrels upside down with a chainsaw or abrasive saw attached on top, the barrel is bulletproof to almost all weapons but the high caliber ones, so the only way to kill them is by using such weapons or by shooting at the feet/setting them on fire. Upon death they will drop their saw. Explosive barrel zombie: This barrel zombie instead of having a saw attached on top is filled with tnt, if he gets close to you he will explode, so you better kill him from distance, he will explode upon death too. Flamethrower barrel zombie: This barrel zombie has a flamethrower attached on top, upon death the flamethrower gets dropped and you can pick it up, the fuel will last 2 minutes and it cannot be dropped/turned off, so you better not waste it, leave it on the ground until you really need it. Armored zombies: The armored zombies got a cooking pot/watering can on the head and they will take very small damage on the body, this means you will need to shoot the pot/can until you break it so you're able of hitting the head or just set them on fire with a flare gun/molotov. (warning: if they grab you is gonna be very hard to shove them away like you would do with other zombies, chances are they wont let you go. Meet the chef and the spatula kid The chef and the spatula kid are best friends, what more to say? One is good at cooking and the other has a big headache. THE TOWN: Many buildings to explore: There's also a bakery where you can find bread (eating it will give you back full HP but won't fix your bleeding/infection) The firework: A SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THE BETATESTERS WICH DID PLAY ENDLESS TESTS DURING THE CLOSED BETA PHASE OF THE MAP <3 Atheist Yomox Mr 47 Fusion Xray JohnCharlan Porkchops4lunch Mr Halt Der Vampir GM127 ke-shi Merzarime Scrake U+24C2 I hope i didn't forget anyone, if i did please tell me.
  10. Hey, this is my first map, hope u will enjoy it! Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/N6ue8 Map has 3 different places where u can extract, so be carefull! v2 Changelog: v4 Where is version 3? I gave v3 to my friend to test it, and he accidentally uploaded it on his own server, so some people could have third version. Changelog: v5 Changelog: Big thanks to all, who helped me!!! Map is available in NMRiH workshop
  11. I'll come back to work on this but for now I think it's in a pretty good place. This map is loosely inspired by The Shawshank Redemption. Players find themselves locked in a cell when an explosion can be heard simultaneously releasing them. The idea here is that players are following closely behind some unknown persons jail break and players will have to traverse an overrun prison located on an island location. Players will navigate through storm drains make their escape via a player controlled boat along a canal leading to open waters. I had hopes of this map eventually becoming an official submission to the NMRiH but I can't see it fitting into the standard universe. I can't justify why players are wearing civilian clothes locked in a old prison and/or why it would be overrun with civilian zombies.
  12. RIGOR MORTIS Rigor mortis - (Latin: rigor "stiffness", mortis "of death") is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate. In humans, it commences after about three to four hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates from approximately 24 hours after death. MAP INFO: Trapped in a local store, a group of survivors knows (somehow) there is a boat deep in the sewers, with exit to a river. Survivors must team up to scavenge enough fuel, while bearing a gruesome thought that there's only one seat on a boat... A medium sized objective map with scavenge elements. Objectives: 4 Zombie Spawn: up to 50 Runners Frequency: normal Kids Frequency: normal Weapons, Ammo: scarse COMING SOON: - alternative way - more objectives - custom textures - color correction - more gore and drama DOWNLOAD: http://www.pinzdesign.com/nmo_rigormortis.zip MEDIA:
  13. Title: nmo_smb Type: Objective Genre: Toon Release Date: This month Players: 4 (recommended) 8 (max) Plot: The survivors find themselves in an old school looking game and have to complete the level in order to make it out. Too bad the dead have also came into the game devouring all the poor Goombas and Toads. So your new enemy in the level is a generic zombie instead of a fungus that will make you trip like a poor fat Italian plumber bastard. Music: Super Mario Bros./Nintendo Textures: SMB/Nintendo Screenshots: Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZaBatfk2CI&feature=youtu.be Download: NOTE: This is early work, everything is subject to change. NOTE: I have no ****ing clue what I'm doing. If you want to make this see the light of day, do something. NOTE: I don't know if I smoked/consumed/injected/snorted/breathed something or what, don't ask why I'm making a map like this.
  14. Title: Darkeningdemise Chapter-1 Genre: Puzzle Type: Objective Release Date: Players: 1-5 recommended Plot: Survivors find themselves in an old mansion within a city of undead. When they took shelter in the mansion a massive horde followed. The high brick fence and iron gate won't hold them off for long and they must find a way out. But surrounded they are and no doubt this place is infested with them as well. Download: Screenshots: Videos: Been months since I mapped, taking too long of a break really does affect you.
  15. I had a fit of inspiration or twelve reading through the forums last night...and the posts of a certain mad canine with links to all sorts of tutorials and thought it was worth a shot. So apologies for the file sizes....and the size of the paper...apparently sketchbook paper is larger than standard paper. Picture 1 Picture 2 The basic synopsis and ideas are as follows: After escaping the hellish nightmare in New York, the survivor's head deep into the wilderness to a supposed evacuation point near the Handy. Co. lumberyard and sawmill. The last reports before the radio station was lost to the van's radio was that they were still evacuating people from a Forestry Service helipad intended for medical evacuations of injured campers and workmen. For a time the Forest Rangers, Police stragglers, National Guard and other emergency services were able to keep the zombies at bay...but had fallen mere hours before, the last helicopter out caught on the ground and the crew overwhelmed. Arriving at the site your out of gas, out of ammo, and out of options. With nothing but death behind, and certain death if you don't move forward, take control and fight your way out! Objectives: At least one will be to refuel the helicopter before you can escape. This will take the place of the usual 'wait for extraction' phase like you see in Chinatown. Afterwards escape is possible but be careful of the helicopter blades! There will be many other objectives along the way, but they have yet to be thought up. (Ideas are welcome of course) Map layout: This is a rather large map with several open areas and many with views obstructed by trees and the like. Along with a few indoor areas to help convey the feeling of the back-story and a sense of a hasty and ultimately doomed evacuation for those that had come before. There will be several buildings including a sawmill, ranger station, aid station and a gas station (I know there's a theme here). each with various items and supplies available to make use of in your bid to escape the hellish forest and the zombies within. I am still learning how to make Hammer work out..but I am open to thoughts, questions etc etc if someone likes this idea. Current version: 0.2 (rough picture made of map) Version 0.1 (thought of, not written)
  16. Name: nmo_darkeningdemise Players: 8 (Recommended 3 to 5) Difficulty: Normal Size: Medium Time: 7 to 14 minutes to complete (estimate) National Guard: (If they were in game and possible) friendly trying to keep back undead for you to escape Objectives: 1. Find way out of apartments 2. Get through the backalley 3. Escape the Dead Walk 4. Find way around streets of debris 5. Locate shelter 6. Find way to get through gate 7. Run for your lives Supplies: Uncommon Weapons: Uncommon (Guns) common (Melee) Ammo: Uncommon Description: This is a short objective style map (might make a nms version after.) Players will be put into part of a city where survival will become difficult. Supplies and weapons will be rare and hordes will swarm around every corner. The goal is simple, survive and find a way out of the city. But with low supplies and many undead roaming about the streets, alleyways, and buildings. Their demise seems close in these dark times. Download: Click Here! Oh wait you can't. Videos: OLD VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=163mJobv21s&feature=youtu.be UPDATE 8/9/13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etFQtcflzb0&feature=youtu.be Screenshots: OLD SCREENS Update 8/9/13
  17. Post your abandoned projects here, with screenshots, videos, details, and the reason why you abandoned the project. Map: nmo_labofdecay Type: Objective Players: 8 (suggested 4 to 5) Objectives: Locate the Shadow, Eliminate the Shadow, Escape lab before self destruct system goes off. Size: Small Time: 5 to 10 minutes estimated Description: Reason For Abandonment: Scaling issues, nav issues, objective problems, lack of interest, felt was a waste of time. Screenshots: Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12Jvt4upg2w&feature=youtu.be -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. Good evening everyone. I recently started playing NMRiH again due the new update. Not bad at all, I'd say I'm happy to see the game being updated and improved. Still, one thing makes this game not challenging for me - difficulty of game. While some suggest to make several difficulties, such as real realism, I fully agree, but what if most of servers would stick with normal diffuculty? Or if I wanted to play with my friends and the game wasn't challenging while playing with them? I have a bit strange, but in my oppinion effective solution: making personal difficulties. The personal difficulties could make the game more challenging for advanced players while playing with unexpierenced players at the same server. The difficulty, as character voice and appearance, could be changed in character selection menu, while setting two options for difficulty: each for survival and objective maps with a reason if player is better on objecive maps and worse on survival and vice versa. I'd suggest at least 3 difficulties: -Normal - the default difficutly, no changes; -Advanced - less health, less stamina, less inventory space, but too much; -Expert - less health, less stamina and less inventory space, less than Advanced. While checking ammo, the ammount of bullets/shells loaded into a gun aren't shown as usual. So that's my idea, feel free to comment!