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Found 4 results

  1. hello i am playing with friends nmrih i always create listen server when we play and i wonder if i can download some mods for the server, something like command !ammo to get full ammo with cooldown etc, i don't know how to download them and where to put them, if it doesn't work for listen server i can create dedicated server throught steam library
  2. ok just got this game and started it up, im using my hdtv which supports 1080 (what i play on) But native is 720, so on 1080p the in game menu is too small and hard for me to read is there away to make the menu bigger like in dayz sa ( hope i haven't crossed a line by mentioning this game on here) also i have tried joining servers, i get in for a few seconds and from what i can make out it says disconnecting in top right hand corner, or auto disconnecting in so many seconds, any ideas?
  3. I had a fit of inspiration or twelve reading through the forums last night...and the posts of a certain mad canine with links to all sorts of tutorials and thought it was worth a shot. So apologies for the file sizes....and the size of the paper...apparently sketchbook paper is larger than standard paper. Picture 1 Picture 2 The basic synopsis and ideas are as follows: After escaping the hellish nightmare in New York, the survivor's head deep into the wilderness to a supposed evacuation point near the Handy. Co. lumberyard and sawmill. The last reports before the radio station was lost to the van's radio was that they were still evacuating people from a Forestry Service helipad intended for medical evacuations of injured campers and workmen. For a time the Forest Rangers, Police stragglers, National Guard and other emergency services were able to keep the zombies at bay...but had fallen mere hours before, the last helicopter out caught on the ground and the crew overwhelmed. Arriving at the site your out of gas, out of ammo, and out of options. With nothing but death behind, and certain death if you don't move forward, take control and fight your way out! Objectives: At least one will be to refuel the helicopter before you can escape. This will take the place of the usual 'wait for extraction' phase like you see in Chinatown. Afterwards escape is possible but be careful of the helicopter blades! There will be many other objectives along the way, but they have yet to be thought up. (Ideas are welcome of course) Map layout: This is a rather large map with several open areas and many with views obstructed by trees and the like. Along with a few indoor areas to help convey the feeling of the back-story and a sense of a hasty and ultimately doomed evacuation for those that had come before. There will be several buildings including a sawmill, ranger station, aid station and a gas station (I know there's a theme here). each with various items and supplies available to make use of in your bid to escape the hellish forest and the zombies within. I am still learning how to make Hammer work out..but I am open to thoughts, questions etc etc if someone likes this idea. Current version: 0.2 (rough picture made of map) Version 0.1 (thought of, not written)
  4. ofcourse the game was a little offset for me as is every new game i try out i think i remember how i found the game i was just surfing through youtube and came up on a video of nmrih . what i really want to know is how to use every item in the levels provided . must keep training right. the only other game i beta tested was warframe . i usally play blacklight retribution , apb, swtor, D&D, battlefield, and ghost recon online. ofcourse one game at a time to keep up switch them out every now and then etc etc. well these some of my thoughts look forward to killing more zombies in nmrih