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Found 19 results

  1. Hi there! Here is a my first map i'm a newbiе in mapping. So if you have any idea how to make the map better or w plz say me about that. Screenshots Here is a video about map: http://youtu.be/MVpmmIHmmWQ Features: Regular survival map 13 waves 2 supply drops Code locked door with different unlock combinations Designed for 8 players(i mean its difficult to beat it with less players) Download link: nms_house_of_forester_v_1_6
  2. Old post: I wanted to improve my low skill with displacements and terrain stuff, so I decided to update my friend's map. It is not exactly what I wanted to do, but atleast I got some experience. Also I added experimental feature for this map - generator. Players need to find fuel to start up the generator so they can turn lights on and use keypad. After some time generator will be out of fuel, so survivors need to find another canister. 8 canisters, 1 canister is enough for 11-15 minutes. Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/sUtEd Changelog: v2: Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr9qy68ujz63mq6/nms_house_of_forester_v2.rar?dl=0
  3. Download V3 (OLD) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/n13d96gjjdisn0q/nms_unhealthy_v3.zip?dl=0 Download V3.1 (CURRENT) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/fdd1lghyf29pm2e/nms_unhealthy_v3.1.zip?dl=0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map Info: Mapper(s) - Maybe & Coolz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update Notes: v3.1 - Removed tables that were blocking zombies, Fixed library doors to lock open, Minor Fixes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nms_unhealthy_v3 was a map that was originally meant to be for a mess around map with me and a few of my friends but then it turned into a lot more and I got more involved in the map. I had a few issues in the making as I am fairly new to mapping but people assisted me and I fixed the issues that I encountered. It is a survival map so you will need to survive the 10 rounds and protect the Restaurant. v3 is not the final release as I will always be fixing bugs that are found and will be building on feedback. There are screenshots below if you'd like to take a look. I also made some of the textures that are in the map; but I did add the textures to the .bsp so you should not get any missing errors, if you do please let me know and I will fix it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. nms_medication is my most favourite map so far, currently holds a secret room (which is where the supply drop is - good luck finding it). Also has a random gun spawner ( the creepy room with the doll). A safezone that requires you to keep it intact or you'll lose the power to the lights. (They are regain-able). Overall this is my most fun map to make. I was considering using this map as a objective map, but i ended up just having fun with it. Won't be a while till i make an objective map, untill i get a good idea of one. (currently thinking something around an evil character - i.e the weird creature in this map). Maybe i'll go on something with that idea for an objective map, but for now... I'm going to make a ton of survival maps for fun. Stay tuned! ^-^ Anyway I hope you like! - Love feedback too! If anyone is going to use/modify/edit/use my map on a server, please MSG me, I would love to see the version, as well as the server. DOWNLOAD: http://www82.zippyshare.com/v/61IsEArn/file.html IMAGES:
  5. So, I'm not normally the type to enjoy those terrible "cabin" maps that are just kill boxes full of ammo, let alone make one, but decided I couldn't resist making one if it was a familiar environment. I'll presume we've all played Resident Evil 4, or at least know of it. Remember that part where you hold up in the cabin with Luis against waves of ganados? Yep, I made that for our enjoyment in NMRiH! Additionally, I couldn't resist making a simple challenge, because while short, this map is pretty tough yo. 1 wave, 225 zombies, 1 zone, very limited ammo Upstairs is not considered part of the zone because it would be too easy to defend, but they come in up the ladders to eat your face anyway. Massive thanks to Dr. Hammer for setting up the navigation on this map! You should go check out his maps too. I only put weapons that were RE4-ish on this map. - M92fs - Sako85 - Chainsaw - Mossberg 500a - Shovel - etc Known Bugs - the shelves need to be cleared of all items before you can barricade the windows - zombies sometimes get stuck while going in through windows, but they get unstuck eventually - if you die, you'll likely never respawn due to the sheer number of zombies right downstairs Download Here SCREENSHOTS
  6. UPDATE: With the redesign of the map, I figured a new description was in order. The survivors hoped to find an active safezone with fresh food, walls or, at the very least, a place to sleep for a night without worrying about the undead. Instead, they found the safezone abandoned, its former inhabitants slaughtered by the undead. Now, with the horde that was drawn by the sound of their vehicles bearing down on them, the only thing to do is to hold out and hope the National Guard will evac them somewhere safer. V 0.1: - Initial version - Random Spawners Added Screenshots: V 0.5:
  7. Hi guys, it's been long. I'm this avid new fan of NMRiH, but I can't stop noticing that the maps don't have daylight cycle (obviously the outdoor ones). If we saw the lighting slowly dimming at dusk and going real dark at night, it'd make the game a little more difficult with a bit of a style. For example, in nms_flooded, wave 1 and 2 will be dusk with sufficient lighting. The later waves, with more zombies and their dangerous variants, will be in the evening. Near the end of the match, it will be real hard and also real dark. (Maglites will suddenly be more valuable.) In another view, a night-time map (i.e. nms_silence, nms_isolated etc.) can be started near midnight (peak time for the zombies to get peckish ) and evacuation can arrive at dawn. Not complaining about the gameplay. Love it as it is now. Please don't tarnish the fun.
  8. First off, This may be my first map, but I want you guys to be rude if necessary! INFORMATION Simple House survival is what it is... A house on a hill with zombies crawling up, now the weather may get in the way a little But overall, the strategy is to keep the house clean of any zombies by any means possible! DOWNLOAD GAMEBANANA CURRENT VERSION: A2 Tell me if you have ANY issues at deadondev@gmail.com! I also need testers, email me or PM! Question: What would you guys like to see in this map?
  9. This is my first map I have ever finished to a point of sharing, so I hope you guys like it. There are a few things I still want to work on, but right now they are little petty things. Story As the final survivors of the Ravenwood Survival Compound, it is your job to protect your last good radio from the zombies in order to contact the outside world. Info Initial Spawn Count: 20 (goes up by 10) Rounds: 12 Resupply Waves: Once every 3 waves Runners: 8 Children: 15 (or currently none) Map Link https://www.mediafire.com/folder/0zxcu6126qr5b/nms_ravenwood_v_1 Picture Link http://imgur.com/a/opBIK If something doesn't work, let me know. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Optimization/map design/etc. Like I said, it's my first map Thanks for taking a look!!! Edit: I am aware that is a general, probably boring survival map. I don't want to make those kinds, but for this one I just wanted to make something to try out the process
  10. Title: Mall of Decay Type: Survival Players: 8 Plot: The survivors take shelter in a small shopping center in the hopes of using the mass building with the variety of supplies to fend off the dead. Little did they know that the mall wasn't safe, nor was it fully unlocked. They must work together to clean up the place and unlock the sections of the mall while fending off incoming hordes from outside. With the building's size, can the small group really defend it? Difficulty: 1-3 players HARD 5-8 players EASY Waves: 12 Supply: 2 NG: 8 Runner: 2 Child: 3 Start Zombie: 11 Increase Zombie: 31 Max Zombie: 98 Video: Beta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPUs0Mhy4h4&feature=youtu.be Final: n/a Download: Beta: n/a Final: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wmu7pygingxx390/nms_mallofdecay_final.zip or http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/179057 Q&A
  11. In order to get back into the swing of things, and practice mapping real locations, I decided to map out this apartment building in the town I live in. It's actually not to bad of a place, but I always thought it was pretty creepy when my dad lived there. Anyway, pictures: This is an extreme WIP A few notes on the actual map: Will feature a barricade system to reinforce your base Close quarters action Many optional things to do, ALA Cleoplas Some zombie spawns can be disabled through certain actions The corpses with black shirts and pants are police officers Anyway, input is always appreciated. Please let me know what you think
  12. released on SourceMod forum. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=245878 Ambient Sound Mute in nms map. Like police car alarm.My Other NMRiH plugins : http://www.sourcemod.net/plugins.php?cat=0&mod=24&title=&author=bhunji&description=&search=1
  13. Hi everyone!! I'm a new mapper and I hope you like my first job is a map of survival based on a large mansion in northern Spain became a court has guaranteed scares and new elements as a complex fully functional elevator made to give an alternative way of escape. Remember that it is a first version and ire gradually improving and updating, and will correct the bugs you may have. I hope you enjoy ... Saludos a la comunidad Española y de habla hispana de este magnífico mod que entre todos auparemos a lo más alto... os traigo un mapa terrorífico basado en un pueblo de Asturias con una gran mansión que hace las veces de juzgado y que he incorporado sustos de mi cosecha a cambio de recompensas, ya sabeis ;-), también tiene elementos avanzados como un ascensor que es una alternativa ante acorralamientos sobretodo en la planta superior. Suerte y espero que os guste ya lo iré actualizando... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/550tekacs3t8ip2/AACW5pHsfyZGfsR2tAgpToF_a by nerofonte
  14. Title: Filthy Hope Type: Survival Players: 8 Plot: Survivors hold up underground with the filth in the hopes of escaping what walked upon the upper world that was once ruled by the living. Little did they know that they just cornered themselves in a filthy hope that shall soon be shattered. Difficulty: Easy Waves: 10 Supply: N/A NG: N/A Runner: 5 Child: 5 Start Zombie: 20 Increase Zombie: 10 Max Zombie: 80 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5csXMlYxkrw&feature=youtu.be Screenshots: Download: TBD Note: I need a mod or something to move my old thread NMS_MallofDecay to the finished map section as it's done please, thank you. Note: This current map is still Work In Progress! Note: This map has lack of firearms and ammo as well as no supply drops due to being underground. The dead walk and rule the Earth now, mankind is struggling to find new places in an attempt to carry on their existence. Note: Avoid the edge with a huge opening, you'll be pushed by a current and then pulled underwater to drown!
  15. OBS: I Did Not Create This Map I Just Share It Further By Creating A Thread Here If Its Not Allowed Delete This Thread. Map Made By: Anjion @ Gamebanana This is a reboot to the classic Counter-Strike level built to near exact dimensions with tons of weapons, 16 player spawn points(in case they increase the current maximum of 8) and zombies that exude from the walls. Be sure to stock up before each wave, and don't let yourself get cornered! To play this level: - Download the files that are in the nms_iceworld folder - Copy them to your "nmrih/maps" folder - Run it in game - Kill zombies! Download Link: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/178947
  16. Hello everyone I am working on a Evil Dead map for the survival mode. It still in a very early stage and lot of features are missing like the forest, fruit cellar and some props in the cabin. I still need to add more barricades, more weapons, fixing the A.I, working on the light and texturing the rest of the cabin. So i give you a little sneak peek of my work so far. Let me know what you think about. Update 1 : I made huge amount of progress since last time, the cabin is 90 % done and the forest is about 75 % done. Im still not sure if i will do the fruit cellar, ill keep thinking about it. I fixed the lightning to get close to the atmosphere of the first movie so moving in the forest will require a flashlight or a buddy with one. Here how the map look so far.
  17. Nms Forgotten hope is A Surivial map. Backstory of this map is that a group of 8 surivours has made it to Aboandonded Miltiary Stronghold that was over run days ago the Infected Or Well Walkers as they call them Hold the streets, The 8 Surivours Liberated 2 hummers and fought their way to this Strong hold were the Military were operateing in the area so the radios they had were talking about them, moving though the city the Military Officer on the other side said when they get there They must secure the base,But before they left they did a bombing of the area and hit the base afew times leaving some of the power lines inside damaged so the lights were bearly being powered. before they arrive so they can Turn it in to a stageing point to take the City but!, From all the things that could of happend them driveing the Hummers + the Dead nearby Were alerted to the Cars and have followed you! Fight them off!, Theirs so Many what do we do! Search the map for Hidden loot! Use The Power room to Jump start power lines to Secuitry Fences to block of zombie spawns! But becareful! doesn't all ways go right... *4 Zones or more unknown Currently* *hidden loot* *closeable Spawn zones* *Unlike any other map !* *start wave 100, Zombie incease +25* *The end is is,well ill let you find out* *Escapable+Unescapeable versions!* *diffculty Rateing Med-hard* *Children Included Yay!* Bewerry My Fellow surivours This is hard :3 It will come But not yet!,Picutures soon!, Pics Will be updated When needed. ll Ideas and Suggestions will Be looked at if commented on in the Area below! \/ Thanks for reading.
  18. Someone delete this thread.
  19. Hi Guys, its me again. After my last failure at posting on the forums, I figured I'd start drawing out my ideas for maps. Fathomless suggested I try mapping indoor maps before going to outdoor. Since then, I've been looking for a real life location to map. My friend suggested I map his house, and I wanted to get your opinions on it. What this map will contain: -Radio with fully voiced radio station -15 rounds of steadily increasing difficulty -Possible secrets -Custom extraction Basic layout of his house: Ground Floor: http://imgur.com/hSb52N4'> Basement: http://imgur.com/OuUaKZW'> Rural setting, possibly large amounts of guns, little ammo. My friend has a few