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Found 37 results

  1. Sup i'm Daniel Rodrigues da Cunha,Brazzilian i'm 13 year old i'm just a intermediray difficulty skinner,and Betaimporter. My skins,well they are at Gamebanana https://gamebanana.com/skins/games/124 Contact info: Gamebanana:https://gamebanana.com/members/1589308 Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198399800731/ or http://steamcommunity.com/id/danielrodriguesdacunha6614/ And just a final note here,im really want to get him in the NMRIH DEV team,No More Room In Hell is my favorite game,played that game,god 234 hours in that account i'm learned Skinning and Betaimporter by viewing tutorials in the internet,some skins im do at Gamebanana is just for train my skill,have a Good Day :). Extra things about me: Damm im extremely fan of zombie games and films like Night of Living Dead,and Contagion ,Other zombies games im played: Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 and,Zombie Panic! Source,eeh and a bit of Brainbread2,don't liked much because eh,is a quite horrible.
  2. Hey Let's talk about problems and things you should fix it before i begin i love this game and programmers and i'm sorry for bad english ... let's go Ok let's begin with main Every shooter game has Main For health and Ammo Guys even half life has its own main [/img] BUT , Nmrih make you guess your health and the ammo you will die while you are trying to see it Problem (2) Well its not problem but this matter should be better Switch to other weaopns is traditional and has 1 method to i suggest add another switch method PROBLEM (3) is Hand Yup hand you can't swtich to hand easily And i suggest to add graphics for tree and weather and make it more brightness PrObLeM (4) when you added VAC i got problems casue i'm pen tester and have some tools in my device and i don't use it and its something like portable terminal and procces hacker and injector i programmed it , Not for Nmrih for another things and finally problem (5) ammo is not enough ... And thank's for read all this with my bad english \n Good Luck.
  3. Introduction: All that Time that I was playing No More Room In Hell,I saw that Baseball Bat...And Everyone picked a Good Melee Weapon Like a,Sledgehammer,Machete and Even Fireaxe,I had Two Choices,Pick the Baseball Bat,or Go with the Bare Hands trying you luck to not get the Flu/Virus,I choose the First Option,Picking that Bat. But on the Time I Saw that...Texture,and Model,And even the Damage,The Damage is Like: Quick Attack= 2 or 3 Hits on the Head,Heavy/Powered/Charged Attack= 1/2,Depends of the time that You I'll maintain you Bat charged. So Imagine you "The Player" Only You,On a map,let's do a Supposition,Nmo_suzho,You are at the Final,You have the Baseball Bat,And there's a Lot of Runners and Kids,Comin' for you (Veridical),And them You get Nervous because You have Only a Bat,That isn't Big Thing,And You kill 2/3 Runners and 2 kids,But them the Runners do a Huge Group and Kill you. The Delay when you attack with Baseball Bat,Is kinda High,The Damage,Is low,Even if you try to do Charged Attack,And Sometimes the Hint Doesn't Count. My Idea: Well It's Simple,I suggest for the "Last Update" For No More Room In Hell,New Baseball Bat Variants,Wood Bat,with Metal Bat,By the way (I think that already have a Metal Bat,I guess it's default,Ugh,I don't know,Doesn't look's like it's metal or something",And a Survival Bat ones,With Barbed Wire for Example,Here are Some Stats about this: Wood Bat (Common),Can be Found Easily on the Start of the Map: On the Head of the Zonbie: Medium Damage,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only on the Head,*Depends of the Zombie and Time that you Gonna charge the Bat"... Spawn Rate: 54% Metal Bat (Not So Common *Uncommon) On the Head of the Zombie: Above Average,1/2 Hits,That's the Quick Attack,Power Attack,1 Hit only the head,*depends of the zombie and time that you gonna charge the Bat".Spawn rate: 32% Modified Bat (With Barbed Wire or Something): High Damage,1 Hit,That's the Power attack,2 Hits on the head,Quick Attack. Spawn Rate: 12 (just like the Chainsaw spawn rate). Gallery: Wood Baseball Bat: (Random Wood Bat Taken from the Google) Metal Bat: Modified Baseball Bat (Yeah,That's Lucille)
  4. Hey all, I've been working on a map for NMRIH for quite some time now, and I am proud to say that I have finally decided to release nms_petrol! You can DOWNLOAD the map here via Gamebanana: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/maps/188970 VIEW THE VIDEO HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdRtPmLokII I appreciate any feedback and suggestions. So please leave your comments either below, on the video or on Gamebanana and I will get back to you! Basic Info: Waves = 10 Difficulty = Medium/Hard Supply Drop = Yes Safe Zones = 2
  5. Hi there! Here is a my first map i'm a newbiе in mapping. So if you have any idea how to make the map better or w plz say me about that. Screenshots Here is a video about map: http://youtu.be/MVpmmIHmmWQ Features: Regular survival map 13 waves 2 supply drops Code locked door with different unlock combinations Designed for 8 players(i mean its difficult to beat it with less players) Download link: nms_house_of_forester_v_1_6
  6. Hello, I have a server through LowLatencyServers. I am simply looking for someone reliable who can help me set it up and maintain it. I am willing to pay or purchase you a game in exchange for your knowledge. My server is laid back, and has many very good players frequent it. I just have no clue how to create an FTP or add custom maps, as well as set up other aspects of my server. I have many, many questions and need an expert. You may write me @ dig.ophelia.dig@gmail.com, or find me at THE lengend, Dina Diesel as my Steam ID. Thank you, -Ophie.
  7. Hi guys! Always loved NMRIH since early beta, but not so long ago noticed how plain sounds weapons... This was sad, but anyway i re-created them! Each weapon now fells like weapon, not that "Poof" which was before. So what i've done? Each firearms sounds EXACTLY like a real one (mag out, mag in, etc) Some sounds were mixed with the original NMRIH sounds, i think it's not criminal I think the comparisons betwen old and new are not needed. You all know old sounds. So, here's the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh8p6g97D28 Enjoy the new weapon sounds! What do you think? Download link later!
  8. Hey, can someone please help me why is it every time I join a new map/ or server my rank resets? Example: I will be and always have been every time it resets... 994 of 8899 tracked players w/ 57 points Then I will eventually get some points for killing zombies or doing objectives. After completing the map and disconnecting, I check "rank" and it goes back to me having 57 points again. Anyone can explain or help me solve the problem to why it does this? I am a competitive person and wish to become number 1 haha!
  9. Please hear me out on this before commenting "butt dis isnt moynkraft m8". Thanks. Also if you think this is stupid then go ahead and think that. c: Anyways, here's the idea/suggestion: I think what would be neat is the ability to find several scrap items, such as rags, duct tape, and such, and use them in combination with certain items to craft new items such as weapon attachments. Similar to the crafting system in recent games such as Alien: Isolation, The Last Of Us, or Fallout 3+New Vegas. I know NMRIH is a slight bit too fast paced for it, but I still think it'd be neat nonetheless. Here are a few examples I came up with (MIGHT ADD MORE): So yeah, this is the little suggestion/idea/thing I came up with. Take of it what you will.
  10. What would be neat for the next version of NMRIH is the ability to use the corpses of deceased players (if they don't re-animate, and were killed in other ways besides by a zombie, such as suicide) as zombie bait. Perhaps you can carry their bodies then set them down somewhere else, and if possible, it could be like how it works in Dishonored or how bags work in Payday 2. If zombies notice the body (regardless of whether it was picked up or not), they'll swarm over to it and eat at it for a minute or two before going off to do other things such as attacking other survivors, leaving a heavily mutilated corpse that is unable to be picked up.
  11. Does anyone else use the kitchen knife? I use it a lot. You can even throw it at zombie's heads to finish them off. If you're any good at melee it's fun to use. I thought about what it would be like attacking zombies with 2 kitchen knives.. instaid of just 1.. A lot of players say it sucks and they never use it. Everyone underestimates the kitchen knife. Why not add dual kitchen knives? "Not asking for Dual Machetes"
  12. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7N7_II_bqbUVVBwZzhXMllhX2M Install Location: OS 32 bit - C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\nmrih\resource OS 64 bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\nmrih\nmrih\resource Team Members: Mr.Halt (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198135546655/) AngelHarp (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057662837/) Known Issues: 루거 10/22 확탄 (Ruger 10/22 w/ 25rnd) doesn't fully show up on supply crate. ('탄' was cutted off.) %s1 초 안에 라운드가 시작 됩니다 (Round Starting in %s1) also doesn't fully show up. (It showed to you '%s1 초 안에 라운드가 시작...')
  13. Hi I have recently learned how to recompile player models to No More Room In Hell. I can recompile every css, hl2 player model please post a link to the model and im gonna upload the player model to everyone on www.nmrih.gamebanana.com and this forum. If you think im stupid and this was a dumb thread please say so. Right now I have been recompiling the models Tesla Power Armor Original Link Made By S-LOW: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9&sid=e0d03d88fe6138ba687eca4175e4c078 My Recompiled Model To Nmrih: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/131300 Dante Original Link Made By S-LOW: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=916&sid=e0d03d88fe6138ba687eca4175e4c078 My Recompiled Model To Nmrih: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/131316 50 Cent Original Link Made By S-LOW: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=887&sid=03c2059a924d8e29cfe10b367eb162e9 My Recompiled Model To Nmrih: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/131746 Bloods Vs. Crips Package People are mad at me for posting it at gamebanana posting a extra DL link incase it goes down. Original Link Made By S-LOW: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=29&sid=ad9dfddcded78e4d8540a480d2fb8cae My Recompiled Model To Nmrih: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/132098 DL Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b650ifyr0e1z2e6/nmrih.zip Warhammer (3 Models); My Recompiled Model To NMRIH: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/132100 Please Post Links To Models That I Can Download And I Will Upload Them Later When I Have The Time Thank You! [TUTORIAL] I finally figured out how to add skins to the server. This method is only for adding skins, not editing them. Also this is for a server with Metamod/SourceMod, because there is a plugin I use for skins. Software Needed: - SourceMod/MetaMod installed on server (Download Link: http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10614) - Sm_Skinchooser_hl2dm 2.3 (Download Link: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=780243) 1. Pick a skin you want to put on your server. Make sure it is nmrih related skin. 2. When You Have Downloaded It You Need To Go Into Your Server Directory, I Have Mine located at (C:\SRCDS\SteamCMD\#1Server\nmrih). 3. Now Go Into The Zip And Go Into The Gameserver folder (The DownloadServer Map Is if you have a Fast DL Look at this on how to set up a Fast DL http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11185#entry165772) Now Extract The Materials And Models Folder Into Your nmrih folder and replace the maps if they exists. 4. Now When We Have Installed The Model, We Need To Configure (sm_skinchooser_hl2dm 2.3) because you have installed it right? 5. Locate To The sm_skinchooser_hl2dm 2.3 Folder Mine Is In (C:\SRCDS\SteamCMD\#1Server\nmrih\addons\sourcemod\configs\sm_skinchooser_hl2dm) 6. Now We Have 5 text documents first open up skinchooserdownloads as you see there is nothing in it now you need to get into the zip file again and find a text document open it up and copy it and paste it in skinchooserdownloads. It will look something like this now. //Model Files (Download and Precache) models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.dx80.vtx models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.dx90.vtx models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.phy models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.sw.vtx models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.vvd materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1_bump.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_2.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_2.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_2_bump.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_3.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_3.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_3_bump.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_mask.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_mask.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_mask_bump.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_2.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_2.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_bump.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_logo.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_logo.vtf materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_logo_2.vmt materials/models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_soldierx_logo_bump.vtf 7. open up forceskinplayer_team2 and put in the path to the model like this: models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.mdl. 8. My forceskinplayer_team2 Looks Likes This I have 6 models installed. models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_1.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_2.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/bloodz/slow_3.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/cripz/slow_1.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/cripz/slow_3.mdl models/player/slow/jknies/cripz/slow_2.mdl 9. You Can Configure The Menu By Editing The skins_dm and skins_tdm but If you followed this steps the model should work. Why u mad?
  14. I am trying to get my dedicated server running. I am on Debian 7, 32 bit. I was following the instructions over at- http://wiki.nomoreroominhell.com/wiki/Dedicated_Server_Setup And I was able to trouble shoot some errors which occured first hand. Now I am stuck at the error- ./srcds_run: line 324: 26181 Segmentation fault sleep $TIMEOUT ./srcds_run: line 324: 26182 Segmentation fault $HL_CMD Add "-debug" to the ./srcds_run command line to generate a debug.log to help with solving this problem : Server restart in 10 seconds I tried looking around and found a few threads. But, wherever I found this error, it was accompanied by "version `GLIBC_2.15' not found" error as well. And the discussion in those threads are on fixing the GLIBC_2.15 error and not the segmentation fault one. Edit: Also, I tried using the 'nmrihserver Linux Server Manager'. But with that the script said that Game was started and alive. But I couldnt find it in the server list. I checked around about it and then found that the nmrih-server.cfg file did not have the legacy and heartbeat cvars set in it. So, I added them and tried again, but it did not work. I tried checking with Steam API to see if my server was up and visible to it and this is what I got, { "response": { "success": true, "servers": [ ] } } I believe, I am supposed to get some server details after the "servers": tag, unfortunately I don't. So, I gave up on that, since it was all too automated and I did not know what was going wrong. I started all over and am currently stuck at "line 324: Segmentation fault" as explained above. I have spent the entire day looking around to understand what the problem is, to no avail. So, I felt I might give it a shot asking it over here. Any advice would be helpful.
  15. Hello, I am Leo Sardonyx Kliesen... I want to be a NMRIH concept artist... So, here are my submissions... Hope you like them. SURVIVOR CONCEPTS: #1 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/41 #2 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/55 INFECTED CONCEPTS: #1 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/42 #2 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/54 #3 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/57 #4 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/58 #5 - http://gamebanana.com/concepts/63
  16. I got my friend into this game and he has been loving it, recently his computer broke so I'm giving him my old laptop to use, it works great except it doesn't take nmrih too well. When I first launched it at default settings I was getting 2-3 fps, I lowered the graphics to minimum and kicked down the resolution and that brought the fps to 5-7, after that I did some googling and enabled dx 8.1 and mat_picmip 10 (texture quality) and that got the fps to 8-12. This is on the verge of being playable for him but it would be nice if I could get 3 or 4 more frames somehow ( he doesn't give a crap about gfx). Cpu:t2300 2@1.67 Gpu: gma 950 (945gm express chipset) Ram:2gb Ps: I did some research and I found that the gma 950 only has pixel shaders and vertex shaders are done in software(cpu). The cpu during the game is maxed out at 100 so is there some way to reduce the cpu load in order to give the vertex shaders more priority to make the game get higher fps, or another thought is to reduce vertex shader load. If anyone knows how to do this please tell me. P.s.s: idk if this helps people figure out what is wrong but fire makes the fps go down to like 1 fps
  17. Ok, so I have played this game for a long time on my computer, and I introduced my friend to this game recently and he has been playing it a lot at my house, He tried to run it on his netbook but it wouldn't (big suprise) so he has been only able to play at my house. Recently, his netbook stopped working so i decided to give him my old laptop. He has gotten his hopes up about being able to play NMRIH on it so I decided to test it for him. Long story short, it didn't go too well. I averaged between 2 and 8 fps on low graphics at the lowest resolution. I really want to get this working for him so if anyone can suggest console edits or something like that I will be forever grateful. I don't care about graphics at all so ANYTHING would be helpful. Specs: CPU: Intel T2300 2@1.67Ghz GPU: Intel 945GM express chipset (or intel gma 950, same thing)- and yes i know this is the bottleneck but there really isn't anything i can do about it, unless someone here knows how to overclock an igpu. RAM: 2GB PS: please, PLEASE spare the comments about buying a desktop and or a new computer. I/he can't afford that at the time so this really doesn't help anyone, no matter how cheap the components are.
  18. Hi my name is johnathan -i am applaying for to be a beta/tester -i have plenty of experiance in playing games and finding improvements ,bugs or things that are wrong with the game such a floating object. -I am an idea person who can come with lots of ideas an example being the maglite not being in the hand but being on the chest and not in the same shape though so when u use a gun like the shotgun or sniper rifle in dark areas u can turn the light on without switching to the hand flashlight to see. -u can contact me at johnro19933@gmail.com
  19. In a remote park of my area there are two fields divided by what they called a crevice in the ground, leading to the creek. This all is located behind the woods in front of the park and baseball area. It is all where we played paintball years ago, and I still obsess with its future. Not just a future of buying a machete and making the woods the once-beautiful place it was before the hurricanes hit, but an organization of paint ball with zombies, hidden audio-ware for all means of horror, BBQ, food, and simply the ultimate paintball getaway. If that ever ends up not being fun to me, it should provide fun to anyone in my city. A lonely walk through that park helped me cook up one story on how it will go without it being stupid... "OMFgosh this sounds a little retarded: paintball with zombies? Who's going to be the zombies?" "I know I'm not going to be a zombie. What do you have to do; try to tag players out while being shot all over your mask?" "Whatever dude, it's going to have food. Plus, I have work at 6. So I can't stay long anyways." The group of boys driving in the vehicle are just miles away from Cedar Park, a baron place recently rennovated after years of people having to look at the old playground; the largest place missing the largest slide. It is their first time heading this way to a place long loved by Joe Mendoza. For what they see in the park is among far more of what Joe once saw there in a period of 20 years of well-adjusting memory. They are friends of friends of Joe. He'd be intrigued, but truly indifferent with new players, as they all come and go with their own fucking important likes and dislikes. There were many times Joe has seen people leave and never come back to such a great place for paintballing. This time, his exposition will get your time's worth whether you hate the guy or not. Give a dog a stick to chew, hate him, take away the stick, but the dog loves to growl. All for now. Ideas to come and clarify what is to be posted. Jeez, I really wish I had shit my way for a good long while now. People hate me, as they still think I should learn to hate, but I provide. I provide, because I know what hatred is. It takes perfection to appeal to haters. Therefore, a perfectionist feeeds from hatred. *Sigh* So many haters, but no money. I'm totally worth that money... I really hope to make that money. It's all about ideas, not doubt; it's sniffing around!
  20. We Got This! Complete the following maps with AT LEAST 6 players without losing a single safe zone or incurring any casualties: Favela, Northway, Flooded, Isolated, NotLD, Ransack Contact Information Steam: Petroy Skype: acgstudmuffin
  21. So, I thought today as I was streaming NMRiH to my tablet, "Huh. This game looks great on here. But... What if I made it to support Android?" So, I came on here to ask if it was fine to make a FREE port? And, even if I did, I would have to think about RAM, and video Cards, and things like that. So, I would make the options to change the details, like in the PC edition. My question is, Could I make the port? Thanks for reading. Update: Because of issues with UDK not working with me, I have switched over to Unity.
  22. All credits goes to S-low I have just recompiled the skin to work in NMRiH. Original Game; Fallout 3 Original Authors; S-low, Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft Notes; All the light effects are animated This is dedicated server only skin what you will need is sourcemod, metamod and sm_skinchooser_hl2dm. I will later make a tutorial how to set up sm_skinchooser_hl2dm. Download Link: http://nmrih.gamebanana.com/skins/131300 Original Link For CSS: http://s-low.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9&sid=a340d927a63882d73ace5749eeb03c04 Let Me Know If You Would Like To See Some More Skins That Would Motivate Me To Recompile More!
  23. Hello i have a huge problem. my friend and I recently played NMRiH on his server and it ran smoothly. we decided to take a little break and play later. when we started the game again (3 hours later) and i tried to connect to his server, the loading would stop at 2 bars and then give me the message "connection failed after 4 retries". It doesn't matter who's making the server, it's the same message. we have tried to use "static IP", "port forward" and literally everything, but nothing seems to work. please help
  24. I've been getting this error every time I startup NMRIH and it took me a week to download it since I have bad internet it really disappointed me! This is the error: "Failed to create GL context; Could not create GL Context" I've been trying to fix it for a week please help.
  25. i'm having trouble with the latency on my dedicated server, when there is more than 1 or 2 players or alot of zombies spawn the ping gets to +999ms the same happens on my listen server. this is my server.cfg : hostname "The Jillux Gaming Server" rcon_password "51234" sv_cheats 0 sv_contact "jillux58@gmail.com" sv_region 2 sv_lan 0 sv_practice_transtime 45 sv_preround_freezetime 0 sv_spawn_grace 9000 sv_spawn_grace_objectivecount 10 sv_kills_per_token 20 mp_friendlyfire 1 mp_footsteps 1 mp_flashlight 1 mp_forcecamera 0 sv_alltalk 1 sv_pausable 0 sv_idle_autokick_enabled 0 sv_voiceenable 1 mp_allowspectators 1 sv_minrate 0 sv_maxrate 0 decalfrequency 10 sv_maxupdaterate 60 sv_minupdaterate 10 rate 60000 I have port 27015 UDP forwarded and players can join my server, any ideas?