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Found 2 results

  1. Vertigo - Escape Mission We all think that big skyscrapers are secure and have everything necessary to survive a zombie apocalypse. The problem is that this huge building is now surrounded by dead hordes aproaching to your location, so you will have to carefully rise to the top of it in order to be rescued if you want to live. Be careful, watch your steps as you can fall to death in this old skyscraper, sounds simple but it is not. Can you escape from this vertigo nightmare? Download & Screenshots: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1592215635 Features: - Hard difficulty - Large and tall building - Only 1 respawn after round start - Logical objectives - Broken areas that need parkour basic skills - Lighting effects - Different types of rooms, hallways, ladders, sewers and more. - Dark areas and secret rooms to explore - Useful items and weapons available - Ending scene including a rescue chopper --------------------------------------------- Version 13 - (8/04/2020) - Hotfix I + Added ending music + Added an optional way to help others in parkour (tool_barricade) + Increased elevator button cooldown to avoid trolling + Fixed end godspot + Fixed parkour fall damage + Fixed some prop bad collisions *** Map created by Ulreth *** --------------------------------------------- Special thanks to testers: Holy Crap Dani Fantasma FeRcHaLa Gizmo Juan Mr.Cat Ruso Wabein Xnauta - Feel free to comment any bugs, suggestions or anything related to the map in order to fix and improve for future versions --------------------------------------------- Some of you might know that my map titled "Vertigo" was selected to be part of the official update for this game, but without any warning i found out that this wasn't truth and DEV team decided to remove this map without considering the time that i spent on it, the effort i put to it, the changes i made to it (and was willing to keep doing if necessary), so probably everyone would feel betrayed like me at this point. In a certain way i felt that their decision was correct because of the lack of organization and empathy with their custom mappers, so i concluded that i do not deserve a treatment like this. Clearly, if i could go back in time, i would never create a map for this game again, but that is not possible and players that loved my maps were very grateful with me from the beginning so it would be unfair if i remove them completely from any website. Now that this topic is cleared and explained i will return my maps in workshop update to be grateful with those that supported me, my friends, my beta testers and especially Holy Crap. I won't be the last case of injustice in this kind of work, it is easy to criticize mappers like me and their mistakes, but even knowing this i encourage you to create something different, something that makes you feel proud of, a map to cheer other users and collect their feedback to improve the game from your position. I will always be open to any feedback, feel free to insult me, erase my message or joke with this but try to be comprehensive with mappers cause their work is for free and for everyone.
  2. Sorry for bad English. But, I want to inform to you guys. Reason of why I writing this, MurderCron who is Xblivious servers' owner deleted his own posts. (Like a information of scripts) Casual: Infinite Respawns (Have tokens: on 5 seconds | No tokens: on 30 seconds) Can get melee weapons or guns when round starts Can get tokens when players killed 10 zombies on every maps. (Includes NMO, NMS maps) *Token: When you killed a lot of zombies, you can get tokens which are when you died by zombies, you can respawn on 5 seconds. Or if RespawnAllowed is enabled (If you want to know this thing, scroll down!), you can respawn even you have no tokens. --- Classic: No Infinite Respawns Token systems only enabled on NMS maps. Can't get token when playing on NMO maps. Can get tokens when players killed 40 zombies on NMS maps. --- Nightmare: No Infinite Respawns Token systems disabled on every maps. (Includes NMO, NMS maps) Infection change is 86%. (Casual, Classic: 2.5%) - Devs said nightmare difficulty's infection chance is 85%. Zombies spawn change on OBJECTIVE (NMO) maps is 150% (Casual, Classic: 100%) Can't see players name --- THIS IS HOW TO MODIFY DIFFICULTY SCRIPTS 1. You need to get .bat files decompile .ctx scripts or see 'this topic'. If you want to get .bat files, see this. Original .bat file from https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=198004 I modified .bat file and also added new .bat file which is compile .txt to .ctx - DOWNLOAD .BAT FILES - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7N7_II_bqbUNmhuTnA3UWlBSTA 1. Go to Server folder\nmrih\scripts\difficulty, and put .bat, .exe things on that folder. 2. and drag & drop .ctx files on .bat 3. Type 7 and Press Enter... It will create .txt (Decompile) or .ctx (Compile). If you decompiled difficulty scripts and want to modify these scripts, scroll down! --- TokensEnabledObjective - If this thing is enabled (1), token system will be enabled on server which current map is NMO maps. If this thing is disabled (0), token system will be disabled on server. KillsPerTokenObjective - If this thing's value is 10, you can get tokens when you killed 10 zombies on NMO maps. TokensEnabledSurvival - If this thing is enabled (1), token system will be enabled on server which current map is NMS maps. If this thing is disabled (0), token system will be disabled on server. KillsPerTokenSurvival - If this thing's value is 10, you can get tokens when you killed 10 zombies on NMS maps. RespawnAllowed - Enable/Disable Infinite Respawn (1/0) RespawnWithWeapon - Allow get weapons when players spawn/respawn NearbySpawningEnabled - Allow players respawn near the players (Oops. Bad English warning!) SpawnGrace - Currently, I don't know about details of this. SpawnGraceWavePercent - Currently, I don't know about details of this. ResetTokensOnNewWave - Like a old versions, when players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this removes players tokens. RemoveInflictionsOnNewWave - When players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this removes infection of players. HealAmountOnNewWave - When players survived on wave 2 or whatever, this will heal the players (Increase current HP | If players' health is max, this dosen't heal the players) InitialTokenCountObjective - If this thing's value is 3, in NMO maps, you can get 3 tokens on round start. InitialTokenCountSurvival - If this thing's value is 3, in NMS maps, you can get 3 tokens on round start. ZombieHealth - Set zombies' health ZombieSpawnDensity - Spawn chance of zombies when players playing on NMO maps. BrainStemMode - On 1.09.4, Devs added 'Brain penetrate mode'. It is when bullets penetrate zombies' head between eyes and nose, any firearms can killed zombies by one shot. InfectionChanceModifier - Chance of Infection (Sometimes, It seems like stucked on 2.5%. But... I don't know about details of that.) FriendlyFireModifier - Damage percentage between me and another team-mates (If you Increase this thing, if mp_friendlyfire is enabled, this will cause hardcore or PvP) RunnerSpawnerChance - Runners' spawn Change (If you increase this thing, It will be hard) ChildSpawnerChance - Kids' spawn Change (If you increase this thing, It will be 'Children's Day'. LOL DisplayPlayerHealth - Show players health (You can see other players' health which colored like a green, orange and red.) Difficulty: Casual Difficulty: Classic Difficulty: Nightmare When you finished to modify difficulty scripts, compile .txt and overwrite original difficulty scripts! (If you want to back up original scripts, back up that then.)