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Found 4 results

  1. Screenshots and downloads at the bottom. I can't seem to upload screenshots on this website. ====================================================================== While looting the Everett Family Drugstore in Macon, some survivors found a working military radio. It would seem that the army tried to establish a safezone inside the drugstore, but got overrun. Abandoned by the National Guard, the survivors decide to hole up in the drugstore and make a final stand with the supplies the military left behind. After using the radio, they are informed the National Guard is on the way to save them, but they have countless hordes of the undead to slaughter in the meantime... ====================================================================== The map is based on a location in Georgia, Macon from The Walking Dead Game, Season 1. This survival map's difficulty is medium-hard. Strongly recommend 3-4+ players. Recommended settings: Classic Mode, Realism setting is up to the player. ====================================================================== Tips: Use the whiteboard in the Drugstore's Office to locate game important objectives. Use the few minutes you have before the horde arrives to loot the city. There are plenty of useful items to gather. You can use Mr Everett's cane to block the front door. This can keep the zombies out ! Defend the safezones. The barricade hammer is VITAL. There are plenty of barricades around the map, so MAINTAIN YOUR ZONES! Defend all the drugstore entry points and await evac. ====================================================================== Despite this being my first map, I've had an astonishing amount of help "from the shadows". This credit section is dedicated to the people who helped me during this project: Credits: Acrilyk - all Hammer work, optimization, building concepts and more Addasu, Ebon, TAWER and many more kind people for helping with testing, bugfixing and suggestions; The NMRiH discord server for answering numerous questions I had; Andra Parasca, for helping with numerous custom textures and assets; The devs of HL2 and NMRiH, for creating such brilliant games with useful preset content; And, at last, Telltale Games, for creating not only this excellent location, but also for creating The legendary Walking Dead Game. ====================================================================== I take no credit for the original concept of the Everett Drugstore. I only take credit for porting the building and the known environments to NMRiH;I also take credit for the game mechanics I came up with myself, the buildings I had to design from scratch and the custom assets created/remade. Download link (place archive contents in nmrih/nmrih/maps): https://www.mediafire.com/file/qcne23cjpfiks6b/nms_drugstore_v1.rar/file Workshop (download+screenshots): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2320567640 Thank you for playing!
  2. Scream Woods - Escape Mission "Nobody in the room could believe that an incoming message came from that old creepy forest, those desperate survivors needs an immediate extraction before zombies wipe them out. This is our duty, our people needs us, i just hope that it's not too late..." >>> Subscribing automatically update & place this map in: ...\steam\steamapps\workshop\content\... https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1669256333 Features: - Medium difficulty - Outdoors open areas - Dark & creepy forest decoration - Unexplored caves - Ruined buildings - Hidden items and weapons - Ending cinematic ----------------------------------------------------------- Version 2 - 25/07/2019 + Added more obstacles & fences + Added missing clips + Improved zombie spawn system + Changed pathways to each objective + Fixed max health of doors + Fixed house godspots + Fixed nav issues + Fixed minor bugs + Optimized edicts count * Map created by Ulreth * Special thanks to (Escuadron Batata ARG) server for beta testing
  3. A old movie I made with a friend last year and no longer able to stand it. But figure I'd get it out there. Though somethings are true in it and it is all random doo doo. For those who do not know it's made in The Movies a game by the creators of Fable. The plot revolves around a bunch of people but mainly two good friends who have some 'weird situation'. Will they lose their bond in it or shall they stay strong and solve it some other way? Only one way to find out.... Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IW8WQMy8wQ Also a quick apology if this is bad but um just delete this topic if you wish.
  4. I decided to show my zombie game. W.I.P.! Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...s/?id=93172136 DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2/downloads/night-of-the-zombie-2-demo DEMO SURVEY: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DK79N9R Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/games/night-of-the-zombie-2 Finally the sequel to Night of the Zombie is coming. New scenery, new zombies, new guns, new era. -New zombies variety of 9 -Zombies have hit detections (will drop dead from headshot and shooting leg causes them to crawl -New weapons (Going to be seven total) -New era (Taking place on a new planet that is almost exactly like Earth I) -Has a storyline (read intro) -20 (estimated) levels of guns blazing, zombie slaying, puzzle sovling madness -Good Deal: Only going to attempt a price of $4.99! -Adventure: Explore the base and planet to find a way out of the base and off the planet -Action: Go in guns a blazing if you can spare the ammo Intro A viral outbreak has happened upon our base on the newly discovered planet Earth II. There were groups of scientists, military, and civilians. We were here to try and form a new Earth. So the planet was called Earth II. This planet was bigger than Earth I. At least two times it's size. There were more species, even ones we lost on our Earth. It was a strange new world, but also dangerous. That's why we were sent here. We are Earth II's Defense Force. A average size unit of soldiers given the assignment to keep the civlians and scientists safe while also keeping Earth II safe as well. But when this virus came upon us we were forced to quarantine the base and everyone in it. No one escaped, no one made it back to Earth I. For if they did the rest of the human race could be put into jeopardy. Sadly that is what is. I lost contact with my superior officer and the rest of the soldiers a few hours ago. Seeing that I was still fine gave me hope of immunity. A cure. A chance to save the others. But everytime I find someone it's too late and their the mindless rage filled monsters this virus turns them into. They are still somewhat human, a shot to the head takes them down instantly and a few rounds in the chest will put em down as well. Sadly I lost all my equipment when I tried to escape a horde of them. Now I got my fists. It is time for me to escape...somehow.