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Found 4 results

  1. Hey zombie lovers, ========================================================================================================= Here is a remade of Pork's nmo_verruckt to fit in some of the major Call-of-duty features: Money, wall-buy, perks and zombies! Enjoy it while you are still safe from zombie infection. =========================================================================================== Total waves: 25 Features: - Regenerative health. - Barricade points across the map. - Mystery box. - Electric Traps. - Separate player spawns. - A set of weapons different from galleria. - More perk machines. Download: https://gamebanana.com/maps/199010 Credits: Porkchop4lunch: Author of the original map: "nmo_verruckt" RhymeOfRime: Lighting, redesign, color correction, ending cinematic vfx
  2. Hello, Here is my map made with love Download now https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bw7cgMEqvaiWbEp4ZHRkWjVON0k?usp=sharing Available in English or French The house is interactive, you can turn on or off the lights, for the rest it's up to you to discover it. Feature: Type: survival Total area defend: 1 Play time: 40 minutes Difficulty: 15 zombies + 15 per waves during 10 waves. Surroundings: night Number of zombies to kill: 825 Developement: finish tag: map, house, vending machine, money, interactive Good game mrblagues
  3. Hey NMRIH team, Others may have asked this question in the past, but my search-fu turned up nothing. Feel free to scold me and link me to a thread that answers my question The burning question I have: how do you guys monetize this free to play game to balance out the development cost? I recall seeing in reddit in the past that youtube screwed you guys over in rejecting original content monetization. If that was the original business model, what are you guys using now? I ask this because, this game is WAY TOO GOOD OF A QUALITY to be a 'weekend project' for a group of people. And inadvertently, I have seen many high quality projects that were 'weekend projects' (*cough*...open source quake based shooter games...*cough*) that just die over time once the original development team have other priorities in their life that takes time away from the project, as they were doing it out of their free time with no obligations. So TL;DR: of my questions: 1) Is NMRIH a side project (i.e., open source maybe?), where the development team is donating free time to make this great thing happen 2) If NMRIH is NOT a side project, what was the past, current, and future monetization strategy? I am making an assumption that a good 'business model' would likely keep the game alive and more content flowing through consistently over time. Thanks guys! Fantastic work so far. Thank you for making it free to play on Steam.
  4. Though this idea was sparked by a desire of honesty, it will also model for what keeps you from trying harder. Every time I want to finish one of 3 of my stories in the Story section of these forums, my mind goes into "willing" mode, without the action. I have now realized it's going nowhere without some true compromise. This is where you come in. Tell me what you think needs to be accomplished in my life in order to actually finish maps I may start, stories I idolize, and objectives in real-life I must satiate in order to move on from. This can be anything you want to tell me. To be brave and make things simpler, I've provided a poll of general ideas that shows us how strong different things in life will help us. Such ideas include: Knowledge, sadness, an arse-whooping, giving an arse-beating, joining the military, joining the police force, getting more sleep, being sure, or doing exactly what I want and how I want to. So have at me and elaborate your feelings. You may also bring yourself into this discussion. You can always keep it simple like in the following way: "I agree it takes a lot to stand up for yourself and be motivated. You will definitely need to make the right choices, which may end up being the easiest ones of them all. IF they end you up into mapping or finishing stories, that would be great. However, finishing a story may take many more simpler choices. Then maybe one day, every part of your stories would represent diferent experiences in yoru life."